Is It Possible To Battle Oneself?

I tried to cry out, to do anything that would get me out of this dark hole I was confined to. The thought of being locked within my own mind for all eternity terrified me, and I was positive that the confinement could not signal anything good.

Why did I let that woman trick me? I thought, cursing my stupidity. If I had left, said I had to go, none of this would have happened. I would have been on my way to the safe place. Another thought occured to me. Why couldn't I sense the safe place anyways?

My concious answered me, and it wasn't the answer I wanted to hear. There was no safety to flee to.

I slammed my thoughts against the confining walls. No! There has always been safety!

There's a first time for everything... My concious whispered. I viciously pushed the thought aside. There had to be another explanation. I had always had help. Why would it desert me when I needed it most?

I have to get out of here!  I thought. The liquid that had been inserted into my blood was still burning through my veins. I could sense that, if only barely. I had to stop it. if I could just get out of this mind prison I could use my life force to counteract it. It had worked before, when I had been poisoned... I slammed my thoughts against the walls again, searching for a weak point, for anything. I was suddenly aware of my body coming to a stop. A voice came from my mouth, as if my jaw had been forced open in order to do someone else's will.

"Hail, Lord Morlan," the voice hissed. I was horrified. Had they stolen my voice also, along with my ability to control my own body??? And who the heck was Lord Morlan?

I struggled against the walls once more, and I felt something give, only slightly before tightening again, but something did, and it left the tiniest gap. I heard the answer to my greeting.

"Why, hello, Katrianna," a man's voice came. It sounded like oil sliding through a metal pipe. It was enough to tell me that this man could worm his way out of any situation that didn't suit his tastes. "Come to join the dark forces at last?" He laughed, adn the laughter was mimicked by people who were probably standing in the same room as the man.

That was enough. No one is going to make me serve this slippery "Lord" fellow. I threw my thoughts at the tiny gap in my prison, and dismantled the wall with a flick of my mind. I was angry, and I had no intention of being controlled like this.

I burst through the bonds, flooding my body with power and counteracting the black liquid they had injected into me. It was harder than I thought, but I had a ton of energy, mostly fueled by anger. I through my long hair back over my shoulders and tilted my head up to look the man in the face.

"No," I said, glaring defiantly. And then my eyes found his face. I recoiled in shock. His eyes were blood red, and he had black hair that fell carelessly over his forehead. His features must have been handsome once, but he now had the appearance of one who's beauty has gone rancid. He wore a evil sneer upon his face like a badge, but his expression quickly turned sour.

"You told me she would serve me unquesitoningly," he hissed to someone standing on my right. I turned my head slightly, and saw the man who had injected me standing beside me looking extremely surprised.

"We were sure she would..." he sputtered, but he was interupted by a clear laugh, my laugh, in fact. I turned completely, placing my hands on my hips. I was surprised at my own daring.

"You thought you could hold me in with walls around my mind, did you?" I asked, smiling. My fist shot out and hit his temple with precision, just like I had practised when I was younger, in case I would ever need to defend myself. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. The "Lord" stood and yelled somehting, and I swivelled and knocked the guy on my left flat, before sprinting towards the window as fast as my fourteen year old legs could carry me. I heard rather than felt the glass smashing beneath my body, and I landed on my shoulder. I twisted to my feet again and ran. I could sense the safe place.

Now I just had to get there before any of my enemies did. I grimaced as my shoulder started throbbing. Why did I always seem to be on the run?

The End

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