Locked Inside

I woke in a cold room, illuminated by a single flame flickering in a torch, mystical and blue. My arms were held down by heavy steel chains, not that I could have moved them if I wanted to. They felt like pieces of lead. The air in the room was stuffy, and I suspected some sort of drug was being administrated through a vent to my left. It took all of my energy just to move my head.

The only furniture in the room was the lamp stand and the stone table I was lying on.

So different from the warm cosy room before, I thought, grimacing as an icy dagger stabbed into my mind. I had a headache. A creaking sound signaled a door being opened somewhere in the room.

Seconds later, a woman wearing a lightweight gas mask leaned over me, a syringe in her hand. It was full of black liquid, and suddenly I was fully awake. I would have done anything to prevent her from injecting me with that needle.

I reached out with my mind instinctively, and the woman suddenly jerked away from me. In that same moment, the chains fell away with a clattering noise, and a siren went off in the building. I could feel the danger now. I needed to get out of here, as far away as possible.

But my energy was waning, and I couldn't detect a safe place. so, now confined to using my own brain and will power, I ran out the door. Foot steps thundered from my right, and I immediatly ran the other way. What they would think when they found the woman unconcious and the chains detached, I had no idea, but I most deifnitely did not want to be there when it happened.

Fear was running rampant through my veins, and I could here shouts of anger and surprise behind me. If only I could sense the safe place, the one that was always there.

But what if there isn't one? a voice in my head asked.

There has to be! I cried back. There always is!

But this time, I wasn't so sure. There was a door at the end of the hall, and I threw myself through it, locking it behind me.

I turned slowly, and danger spiked through my mind harder than it had before.

In front of me, dressed in black and with dark hair falling cooly over his face, was a man, and in his hand was a syringe.

His lips curled back in an evil smile, and as the needle went through my skin, I felt no pain, only fear.

Is this the end?... was my last thought, before I lost all sense of my surroundings.

After that, my life changed as I knew it.


I felt like I was trapped in a dark cave, except that I had no senses. I couldn't see, touch, hear, smell or taste. I could only think, and push out with my mind. But every time I reached out, I would hit solid walls on every side.

I could semi-feel my body moving without my direction, almost like a robot, and I could sense some foreign fluid (danger... my thoughts whispered) racing through my veins. I was powerless, and this time, I was not so sure I would get out of this alive.

The fear buried me deeper within myself. What would happen to me, if there really was no escape?


The End

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