Questions Without Answers

    "I...I... I didn't..." I stuttered, trying to regain my bearings.

    The woman laughed. It sounded like tinkling bells. "Well, don't just stand there like a brick wall. Sit down!" The last sentence sounded more like a command, but she patted the pouf next to her, smiling a welcoming smile.

    I stumbled forward and sat, finally coping with my sudden surprise. I immediatly checked the room for danger, wondering why my entire life seemed to revolve around avoiding traps. The only thing I could find wrong was the fact that the room felt stuffy, as if someone had put a spell on it. I pushed the thought away. I may have special powers, but I in no way believe in magic. I turned to the woman, who was gazing at me curiously. I pasted on a smile.

    'What are you doing here?" I asked.

   The woman's brow furrowed. "I've been waiting for you, of course! I'm here to help." She got up and went into a small room to my right. it was a kitchen, and she came back with a tray. Handing me a glass of iced tea, she smiled her inviting smile. "Well, I'm sure you've had quite the ordeal. Why don't you tell me about it?"

   She still hasn't told me why she's here, I thought, but I brushed the thought away as if it were a stray cobweb. She was so nice. Why would she hurt me? I took a sip of iced tea and began to tell her about my powers, about the ones I felt were important anyways. There was no need to tell a complete stranger the details of my entire life anyways.

    She sat there and listened to me drone on about what had happened to me in my recent life. But her eyes didn't seem to focus on me at all. I could not meet her gaze, no matter how hard i tried. At the end of it, or at least the end of what I told her, she smiled again, and i realized it looked fake. Suddenly she stood, and with a wide sweep of her arm, said, "Thank you."

   My world went black.

The End

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