Fear the Mind

A story from a girl who is in desperate escape. all she knows is that someone out there is looking for her, and thier intentions aren't good. She has a gift that allows her to sense danger approaching. Little does she know what other powers she holds.

     I was running, from what I didn't know, but my heart rate was thumping a mile a minute, and  sweat lay on my brow. My long braided black hair whipped about my face, like snakes striking me.  I could hear the crunch of dead leaves beneath my feet, and I could sense the danger approaching. It was the same fear that I had felt every other time I felt the warning that quickened my pace now. I knew the red gold leaves of the trees would hide me from anyone's prying eyes above, but if they were on the ground, I was afraid I would not be able to escape.

     I forced my tired limbs to move faster, towards one of the safeholds I knew existed by the edge of the lake. It wasn't that far away. If only I could make it.

    A loud thump echoed behind me, and a shiver of fear shot up my spine, a warning spike prodding my mind.

   They are coming... the familiar voice hissed. I could have screamed in my fear, but like every other time, I forced myself forward. It was only five minutes. I could run five more minutes.

   Another thump echoed, but I forced myself not to look behind. I already knew what I would see. The dark black cloud of shadow... I had seen it, and I had no desire to see it again. my entire body protested from the sheer physical exertion of my wild sprint. I ignored it. If I stopped, the voice had told me, My life would never be the same again. I was counting my paces to the hidden refuge by the lake. The cliff was near here. I had to jump had to clear the ledge two feet below the water. I knew the time was close.

    3.... 2....1...., I thought to myself, and leapt. I fell through open space, my entire body plummetting towards the icy cold i knew was to come. I hit the water and shot underneath it. I was swimming before I had time to adjust to the cold.

    A minute later, just before I knew I was going to black out from lack of air, I broke the surface. I was in the stronghold.

I had reached the catacombs.

The End

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