fear of terrorMature

the fear consumed by one man is hard to watch.

Chapter 1

Doug storm is walking his dog outside his home hoping for a better day, his toned body is what he looks after, making sure he's stays at a certain wight. As he jogging with his dog a german shepard named Jason the dog barks and wimpers in fear, as doug looks up as sees a woman flying out the window. Her lifeless body being pulled down by gravity as it lands in the long dumpster used by furniture and garbage, Doug runs towards the dumpster as he climbs over and jumps in the disgusting muck of different smelly and horrorable things that you find in a dumpster. his face shows what lies in front of him,he reaches out as he grabs the woman he pulls himself towards her. Her body was pale she had the most prettiest fiqure, her skin was as smooth as a dove.

Then to his beleif her eyes opens, then she's breathes she stare at the unknown man thru her eyes was a red screen with information. She scans him to know who he is where he's from then it started to speak.

"Doug storm?" The woman said.

"That's me" Doug replied back.

"why did you come to save me there's a reason why i'm lying in this dumpster" the woman said.

"Well your pretty and no woman should be thrown away like trash" Doug replied back.

"Really? well I'm sad to tell you I'm not human" the woman said.

"Then what are you?" Doug asked

"you really want me to spill out all of my secrets, so the world can find out?" The woman said.

"Yes" Doug said

"you will have to wait like the others" She said.

The End

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