Fear and Defiance

Dreams were shattered, tears were shed,
In a world of anxiety, fear, and dread.
Look around you, feel and see,
Don't surrender, just fight defiantly.

Evil's lurking in all man's actions,
Clinging immorality and atrocious temptations.
Innumerable lives were tormented and suffered,
Even dignities and faiths were slowly slaughtered.

Poverty, greed, and fame pushes men to transgress law,
Doing heinous crimes and using other's fatal flaw.
Worries and discomforts served as man's shadow,
Confusions and troubles peering at our own window.

Countless calamities and cataclysms caused terror distress,
Followed by grief, sorrow, agony, misery, and sadness.
If you're bombarded with downfalls and fears,
Will you keep the pace? Or cede and shed tears.

The End

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