Where does fear truly come from?

It is dangerous to delve into the depths of a twisted mind. Most of it is nonsense, but that's what makes it scary. Fear doesn't have to come from something tangible or coherent. Most of what scares us is what we can't understand. The monster under the bed isn't the big bad scary thing, it's the idea of the monster under the bed. Personally, I thought all it looked like was red eyes peaking out from underneath the mattress, gazing endlessly, waiting for a foot to come into its path. For others it was probably different.

We all experience our imaginations at work. Going upstairs and seeing something lurking in a corner; that person waiting in the dark, watching you move; that thing that goes bump in the night.

The scariest place on Earth is the human mind, what it can dream up and scare the bajeezus out of us.

I can weave together images of what I've seen and what I've known into something new. I watch myself go up the stairs and come face to face with a man in a mask. Or a monster. Or nothing. And my fear builds and builds as I approach that last step, making that last turn to find nothing behind the door. No monster in the closet. Nothing lurking in the shadows.

I think that's what scares me most. The anticipation to find your worst fears in front of your face. Not facing them, because then the fear dissapates with every leap and step taken to understand that fear.The fear comes from what you still don't understand, and can't truly bring yourself to face. That's when it gets scary.

And your mind records it all like a video camera with endless film, waiting for it's chance for a replay, another chance to trick you into seeing that bump in the night. The shadow that isn't a shadow comes alive.

And your mind is the only element.

The End

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