Men made her tired these days.Long gone was the time when she feasted on them,like each and everyone was her last.The older she got,the more she experienced with them.....the quicker the sensations wore off.The thrill was nearly gone.Like a drug addict it was harder and harder for her to get the next big fix.

He was pressed against her body.She could feel his breath against her shoulder.How she hated that.Most of them did that,holding on to her like little boys and she always despised them in the end for that.It seemed so ridiculous and just wrong.Hours before that,he had slapped her face and bit her nipple so hard that,for a second,she considered to bite back.But she was not allowed to,however,so she kept her mouth shut.

They had met at this posh bar and the attraction had been palpable from the very beginning.The roles were defined soon.The game began,so she laughed at his jokes and he complimented her on her taste of music and art and kept the drinks coming.He touched her and she pretended not to notice his hands.Though this was harder the later it got,cause she really liked his big and slender hands.She was sure they would feel fabulous on her throat.She wanted them there.So when it was time,the two of them left together.A wild night lay still ahead of them and everything was fresh and exciting again.

The broad daylight though did reveal it all .The crumpled clothes on the floor.His marks on her aging body.And she could still smell the whisky and the cigarettes.But there was an unusual thing.It was the first time that a man made her feel uneasy.A bit scared even.Last night she blamed it on the whisky but now....

There was something very weird about this man in general.It was not the big tattoo on his back.It supposedly was there to show off and maybe even scare people,she guessed.She wasn't scared about that.What added a pinch of uncomfortableness was the big knife he produced out of his trench,as soon as they had entered the room.He gorged on her suprised face as he lay the knife on the bediside table.What he didn't know was that she couldn't even decide what scared her more - the knife or the look on his face that very moment.This and the fact that his impeccable appearence did not with the rest of this guy...

So she still lay here - with the handcuffs on and her hands getting numb - thinking what to do next. How to proceed from here on.

The End

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