Father Grant me This one Thing

An Angels request...

No rest for the weary. A true statement, I was weary, I was beyond that truly. Desperation invaded my being, anxieties clutched my mind, sorrow shrouded the light I was supposed to emit.

These puny beings, their minds full of devious hatreds, their hearts black, their hands stained with blood. Their mouths dripping words that were sweet as honey until they touched the tongue, causing the masses to vomit. Deeds that defy the imagination even of Beelzebub.

I was sent here to find the righteous. I was sent here to protect the meek because, they would inherit the earth. The mild mannered I would gather together. Some of the great scholars, I was to sit with them and have a meeting of the minds. What did the great men think?

I found no meek, they were not mild mannered. Where are the wise men?

Still, these pathetic creatures were loved, loved so much that a son was given. Loved so much a life was given. Loved even still when the heart of the Most High had been hurt, and His tears watered the earth 40 days and 40 nights.

I was not allowed to judge. My report had to be unbiased and objective.

"Father please forgive me... I don't want to be like the other before me, but make my heart understand, what is the thing that makes you love them so much? Father, they do not love you. They rape, murder, steal, lie, cheat. Father they kill their children. Their ambitions are only evil all the time, they conspire and lay in wait for their fellow man. Their tongues are like dull swords, carrying partial truths. They are filthy, vile and disgusting in their disrespect for you. Please Father, destroy me if you will, I will stand still in the flames if you will but allow me this one thing, their destruction."

And this is what my roaming through this place you call earth has earned me, the displeasure of the Father, the turning of His face away from me. My penance, to walk this miserable place, to learn obedience, to try to change such a hard hearted, stiff necked people. I scream out to the heavens, I shout to the empty sky. I am most to be pitied, but you, He loves you.

However, I do have my comfort... Armageddon!

The End

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