Father & Son: My Own PerspectiveMature

This is the story of my life and how my father helped me through to where I am now, both in life and in death. My friends and family had told me to write an autobiography of myself and that is just what I will do.

April 25, 1994 at Carroll County General Hospital is where my story begins. My mother and father had just married February 21, 1993 and now they were expecting a child who would eventually be born as me. At 9:37 in the evening of April 25, I am announced to be born. My father had rejoiced for his new baby boy and my mother had went unconscious from the horror her body just went through. Around 11:15 in the evening, my mother told my father to take me home, but the doctors told her she had to stay overnight. Two days later, my father returned to pick up my mother, but was instead confronted by a doctor...and a priest. My mother had died due to complications in the birthing process. In the blink of an eye, now a single father, he returned home. 

My father had been devastated by the death of my mother, but he was tougher than to give up from there on. He was much tougher than that. My father and his family grew up in Denmark. He was born in 1943. Him and his family consisting of his mother, brother and two sisters were homeless from the time he was 10 years old to 12 years old. It all changed when they found a farm owned a very nice couple that gave them a home and food in exchange for their services helping on the farm. However, my father had taken another path at the age of 10 years old. My father had been very interested in the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling and wanted to learn it. He saved up what little money he could a bought books about wrestling techniques and training. He starting his training and by the time he was 13 years old and his family was in good shape, he asked his mother to let him go to a wrestling gym. She said yes and he began to balance work, school and wrestling. By age 14 he was already the best in his weight class 84 kg and age division of 14 to 16 year old wrestlers. By age 18 he had amassed an impressive record of 70-3-0 and was given a chance to tryout for the Danish Olympic wrestling team. He made the team and started at their heavyweight division. He was 6"8 and around 115 kg at the time which would be roughly 260 lbs in the American system. At the age of 20 he competed in the 1964 Olympic Trials. He had advanced through each round with ease until he made his way to the semi-finals and found himself in a close match. At the beginning of the third period he tried a stand-up from the referee position and found himself in a full return to mat. He tried to roll through the move, but started the roll too early. It resulted in his neck and upper back breaking his fall. The resulting compression and sudden force collapsed his rib cage and broke five of his ribs. Three of them sliced into his lung and caused severe tissue damage and internal bleeding. He rushed into surgery and had part of his lung removed. After 10 months of recovery he tried to start his wrestling career back up again. However, he went 7-12-0 in his next six tournaments and realized that nothing would ever be the same. Now at the age of 20 years old, he decided to move to finish his schooling and move to America. He earned his four year degree in architecture design. At the age of 22, he arrived in Maryland and started to settle down. Hearing about the war in Vietnam and the communist expansion with the Vietcong and such, he decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps and offer his services to the new country he was going to call home. After completing his basic training he was deployed to Vietnam with his brothers in 1965 at the age of 22. He had trained very hard for this moment and thanks to a large diet and tons of heavy training, he now tipped the scales at 290 lbs with a height of 6 feet 9 inches. Vietnam had changed him in many ways. He had seen horrible things and tried to prevent them. At one point it almost cost him death at the hands of his own men. They had began raiding a village and attacking innocent people. My father bravely took his rifle and began butting his men in the back of their heads to stop them until he was knocked out too. They placed a revolver to his head when he woke up, but decided against the mess that would be created by shooting him dead. When he had came to America, he met another Danish woman named Sandy and the two of them settled down and married very quickly. They married just before he headed off to Vietnam and while he was stationed, they wrote. In 1973, the USMC and US Army had began pulling out of the war torn country and that meant my father had a homecoming. He returned home to find out Sandy was leaving him for a another man that she had been seeing behind his back for the past 7 months. The two filed for divorce and my father, now 30 years old, couldn't care less. He always told me how much he put into the relationship when they first met and she never really put anything back. My father finished his master degree in architecture and eventually landed a job with Perini Construction when he was around 35 years old. At the age of 41 years old, he was the head of their structural design department and managing expenses for the whole company. In the year 1992, my father met my mother. He was now 48 years old and my mother now 37 years old. The two eventually developed a strong relationship and she asked him to marry her in 1993. He agreed and then the couple married and had me.  Everything had finally settled down for my father until my mother's passing. However, after a year or two, he picked himself up and moved on from it. It seemed as though all the excitement in his life and finally subsided and he was ready to live out the last age in his life as a father. Then came September 11, 2001 and the terrorist attack on this great land of freedom. My father was in the pentagon at the time of the attack. He was a mere 200 feet away, approximately, from where the plane had hit. He was rushed out of the building with several other survivors. He saw the firemen and other heroes of that day rushing in to save people. Then the marine training kicked in. My father ran back into the building and saved 7 people from the inferno. He was honored with a medal of civilian bravery. On that day of 9/11 he told me a story that is the reason for me training to be a United States Navy SEAL right now. He told me how when he rescued the last victim he could find he looked back at the rubble and saw a little girl around 6 years old running from the building. Her body was engulfed in fire. Before anyone could get to her she fell and was burned alive. At the age of 57 years old my dad had still not lost a step. 

Back when I was 5 years old, my father and I were watching a football game together. I actually remember it quite clearly. The colts were playing the chargers and it was the 4th quarter. Peyton Manning had been lighting up the secondary all day long and I was mesmerized. I told my father how I wanted to be a football player when I grew up. Well he didn't much like the sound of that. The next day he took me to a gym called the Colosseum. It was the first gym I had every been in and it was weird. There were so many large people there and everyone there seemed so serious about their training. Only when I was older did I learn that that gym was primarily for Bodybuilders, Power Lifters and Fighters. You would be hard pressed to find the old lady or soccer mom in there. It was just a bit too intense. I had joined the wrestling club that was sponsored by the Mixed Martial Arts program at the gym. My father had also been my coach as well and he was an intense coach. There were never any rest days with him. I had progressed rather quickly and my father was to thank for that. Even though I was shaping to be on the lighter end of weight classes, my father had never been a fat heavyweight. His weight was the only thing that put him there and he remembered everything about takedowns, escapes, pinning combinations and anything else you could think of. I put in the time and saw the results. I had went 9-3-0 my first year and then 12-1-0 my next season. By the time I was 8 years old I had won a national peewee tournament. I father continued working me harder and harder as I got older and I saw the results instantly. From the age of 5 years old until I got to middle school I had put together a record of 77 wins and 9 losses. In middle school things got turned up to new level and now I had much harder school material to worry about as well. However, my father new how to handle everything and kept my grades high and losses low. Throughout middle school I amassed a record of 68 wins and 7 losses. As well, I came out with 4 national championships and 5 intrastate championships. Then came high school...

My father had a reason for living where we were living. He wanted me to have the best education I could possibly have and there were private schools for that. Glenelg Country School was the one my father and chosen in that case. However, there was no way we could afford the $23,000 per year tuition that followed. Thankfully, wrestling had helped us in that respect. I had been given a very large scholarship to wrestle at 145 lbs for the next four years (9th grade to 12th grade). We eagerly accepted and and some need based and a little merit based aid came in to leave me and my father with only about $2,500 per year to pay. I had worked on a farm in Glenelg since I was 3 years old. I was really just bringing drinks to the men back then, but it was still work. I started getting paid from a young age and I asked my father if I could pay a few hundred as well. He had told me to save my money, but was happy to see I learned from him on how to be responsible and take initiative. I came into school on my first day and I was completely out of my element. I lived around rednecks and farmers my whole life. We simple down home country folk. I thought this school would be no different since it was all of 15 minutes from my house. It was vastly different. I walked in and saw boys and girls in their uniforms and what not. I had a uniform, but what set me apart was my hat. My father had a cowboy hat from 1965 that he took with him to Vietnam. He killed 3 people wearing that hat. I wanted to have it as a good luck charm and my father was more than happy to oblige. People looked me like I was weird for wearing that hat or something. I went to put it in my locker and noticed something else. My hair. Everyone around me boasted $40 haircuts while I used a shaver and blade in the bathroom. I was a farm boy among high society people. My father and I were never really the richest people on the planet. We fell in lower middle class. Most other kids were paying around $15,000 per year to go here and just wasn't my dad and I. I felt like I had credentials to make it into this school though and be a part. I was a hardworking student and a hard worker overall. I was also a boyscout since the age of 11 and was ranked at First Class going into high school at 14 years old.

People had been pretty judgmental of me for not being wealthy and because I worked and basically grew up on a farm with blue collar rednecks. I embraced my roots, however, and I wore my hat whenever I was allowed to. My main friends were from the wrestling team, but I knew that would only last as long as I kept winning for them. My coach from the Colosseum had also tried to introduce me to a sport called Mixed Martial Arts or Cage Fighting. I decided to take a look at it. I had a vast knowledge of how to win fights on the ground, but my striking ability was very limited. I started learning a form of kickboxing called Muay Thai. Mixed Martial Arts was much different than wrestling and I saw it to be less technical and more a street fight than wrestling or boxing. I decided to stick with it though as I heard that fighters can make money very early in their careers. I went into my first fight at 145 lbs and won. I was paid $50 for the fight, plus $15 for winning and another $15 for earning the submission of the night award. I continued on with the sport and won four more fights, three by submission and one by decision. I also lost one by technical knockout. My freshman year went great aside from problems with the other kids at the school. I had finished all 7 of my classes with a 3.71 GPA and a 4.42 weight GPA. I also went 23-3-0 for my first season of wrestling and placed first in the Maryland State Wrestling Championships. I also went to a national tournament and placed 4th in my weight class. After my freshman year of high school, I thought that things were going pretty well. I had a good life just hanging out with my dad all day. Going to school and studying and doing the oldest, toughest sport in the world. Wrestling. I really didn't care that my social circle was a little thin right now.

I had no grandparents from my dad, but my mother left me my grandfather. He was joined the US Army when he was 18 years old in 1941 and served through WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was now 85 years old and living in a nursing home. My father I went to visit him every weekend and bring some food. He was a hardliner in everything. While my father was a prime example of why you should serve in the military, my grandfather was a prime example of why you shouldn't. My fathers war experience made him so happy for everything he has and he was just an overall happy and fun person to be around. The only sign of PTSD my father had was whenever he heard sprinklers he would think they were a helicopter and look to the skies. That most likely came from his time in Vietnam when his platoon and him were waiting for a helicopter and it arrived, but just as it was landing a rogue missile struck it down and everyone inside was killed. My grandfather, however, had a horrible case of PTSD. He was racist to everyone and he hated everything. He had killed over 200 men in those three wars and had been shot 5 times so it was understandable. I had told my grandfather about my dreams of joining the military and becoming a SEAL, but I was also thinking about Army Rangers or Green Berets. He said the only people who join the Navy are faggots. 

Sophomore year had come around and I was ready for another great year. I didn't care that those kids didn't like me. I would go to college and never see them again. I also knew college would have a lot more people with my kind of background and that would mean I would fit in with my own crowd. When I was 13 my father first introduced me to alcohol by giving lite beer and eventually working up. Now I was 15 and he decided to give me some of the best stuff he had. He gave me some of his Johnny Walker Scotch and Whiskey and I loved it. I went down so smooth and the taste was fantastic. So we decided that whenever the urge hit we would put some whiskey on the rocks and relax together. It was about 1 week into school and things were like they always were. Rich kids being a prejudice as possible. Apparently now Mixed Martial Arts is considered "barbaric" and "uncivilized" so that puts more ammo in their rifles. I was sitting alone at lunch one day until something happened. I didn't know it at the time, but the next few moments would set the stage for the biggest roller coaster ride of my life to date. A girl named Kaitlyn Vionna came and sat down next to me at lunch and started talking to me. We actually held a conversation and it was nice. Kaitlyn Vionna and her twin sister, Tessa Vionna, were two Iranian-American girls who went to GCS. They were both there on full scholarships for academics and athletics. They were extremely pretty, talented in every which way, rich and they were loved by everyone at our school and community. Why was this goddess talking to me? At first I thought it was a prank by the rich kids. I thought she would talk to me, and tell me to meet at so and so location and then I would be embarrassed some how so I kept my shields up. Kaitlyn and I actually grew into great friends. She invited over to her house for dinner, her family was very welcoming including her sister. It was remarkable for me to see that one of the richest, prettiest most intelligent girls at our school was humble enough to spend time with a man like me. I invited her and her family to my house and my father delighted her with all of his great stories and delighted her father with real Danish beer. 

Kaitlyn had really helped me meet new friends. However, the fact that was hanging around her as much as I was attracted attention and some people who already disliked started to straight up hate me. Kaitlyns ex-boyfriend right before me was a lacrosse player on the varsity team and was threatening me to stay away from her "or else". One day when I was running laps around the track I found out what "or else" meant. The lacrosse team was coming up from practice and some the lacrosse douchebags were patronizing me as I came down the stretch running in my sweats. I didn't care. Wrestling is the oldest and hardest sport in the world. My father always used to say other sports play with balls, wrestlers have them. If they want to run around play tap tap with their little sticks that's fine. I'll stay on the mat, hit takedowns and break faces like the men of this world still do. Just as I finished my last lap, Kaitlyns ex-boyfriend came towards me with three of his friends. They started removing their padding and and I had feeling something was about to go down. He started pushing me and telling me to back off of Kaitlyn and that she was him. He started insulting my social status and telling me to go back to the barn where I was probably born. I told that Kaitlyn talked about you and it doesn't even seem as tough she likes you. At that point he had it and threw a punch that easily caught and turned into a fireman takedown by flipping him clean over my shoulders and making sure the crown of his head broke his fall. I could tell he was dazed, but there were now three other lacrosse players to worry about. So I popped up into my stance and stated circling. This is why I considered wrestling a martial art. It had just as much real world use as any of the other ones. The only difference was, wrestling is actually a sport. The realest sport. Now he back on his feet and the fight was four lacrosse douchebags on one wrestling national champion. It was unfair, they needed some more guys on their side. I kept hitting easy takedown after takedown. These guys were huffing and puffing while I barely broke a sweat. Is this the great conditioning lacrosse players are supposed to have. It was pretty pathetic to be honest. One of them almost went unconscious, two others gave up and I ended up using a freestyle wrestling move called the supplex to final get Kaitlyns ex-boyfriend to give up. I had put one boy in a guillotine and was scared I actually might have seriously hurt him, but once I saw his limbs moving I knew he okay. The next day Kaitlyn said that her ex-boyfriend told her I attacked him and three other lacrosse guys and beat them up. As I started trying to explain what happened she stopped me and said she knew everything. She said she knew me well enough and knew him well enough to conclude it was self-defense. She also thanked me for knocking some sense into him and I was glad to do so. Even though there were always some people like him, I had always had a few people in her circle of friends who accepted me. One of the standouts to me was a super attractive and sweet girl named Karli Funk. She had been dating our one of our better wrestlers, Boris Khrushchev, since the second day of freshman year. They really were one of the greatest couples I had ever seen. They were everything a good couple should be and Boris would have been a role model boyfriend to me if didn't have my father. Boris was probably one of the freakiest men I had ever seen. He was around 5 feet 3 inches tall, but he tipped the scales at 185 lbs of rock solid muscle. His official body fat percentage was placed at 12.3% which is unheard of for those height and weight statistics. He wrestled at the 171 lb weight class people would tremble at the sight of this round ball of pure muscle walking onto the mat. Also, when he was 5 years old, he accidentally broke a heater pipe and blasted steam in his face. This resulted in the skin melting and fusing together around the left side of his face leaving him with a gruesome scar and limited use of his left eye. It was pretty intimidating though. He earned the nickname "Scarface" throughout the wrestling community. Boris was aspiring to be in the United States Army 75th Ranger Division so we had connected over our love of service and special forces of the American military.  I was a little disappointed that this school year hadn't turned out the way I wanted it to in terms of school. I earned a 3.29 GPA and a 4.14 weighted GPA. That brought my overall high school average down to a 3.50 and my weighted average down to a 4.28 for now. I was happy that I at least got into NHS as that would help with college applications and grants. Wrestling went perfect for me my Sophomore year. My dad really buckled me down and had me do some new workouts he came up with. I went 31-0-0 my sophomore year and brought my high school record to 65-4-0 with my second Maryland State Championship as well two national tournament 1st place performances including the famous Super 32 Challenge. I had started to deviate from Mixed Martial Arts slightly, but I still kept at it. I amassed a total record of 10-3-0 so far with 7 wins coming from submission and the rest from decision. I had 3 fights with 2 being from knockouts and 1 being from decision. Everything had seemed to be looking up from here on out. Little did I know, however, that very soon my life would turned upside down in every which direction good and bad. 

My uncle Povl in Denmark had heard about my success in wrestling and he had an extensive background in the sport as well. He divorced his wife 5 years earlier and asked my father if he could move to be closer to his brother and to watch me in my wrestling career. My gladly invited him. He packed up and moved down to an apartment several blocks away until he could find a job and save up enough money to get his own house. My father helped him out in whatever way he could for the first 2 to 3 months, but my uncle found his footing rather quickly. He told my father he wanted to pay him back, but my dad refused. Little did they both know that my uncle would be paying back my father very soon, one way or another. It was fast approaching. My junior year of high school was upon me and I was wondering how things would play out this year. My school began like any of the others. I studied. I wrestled. I worked. Life had fallen into sync for me and I could not have been happier. My father would even come down to the gym and now that he had to spend less time teaching me technique and more time giving me workouts to do, he spent some time getting back to wrestling himself. He would take shots on dummies, shadow wrestle and do whatever he could to feel like the 4th nationally ranked pound-for-pound Danish wrestler he once was. I couldn't believe it. At 6 feet 9 inches, 320 lbs and 66 years old, he didn't even look like he lost a single step. Some other young hot shots from the fighting program or wrestling were even asking him for tips after they learned of his past and saw that he could back it up. Then, in the blink of an eye, my life was destroyed right in front of my eyes on that rainy Friday afternoon. I was getting for practice after school and my dad was fixing the cabinets so said he would be a little late. I went out the door when I realized I forgot my ankle wrap. I went back inside to find the most horrifying sight of my life. My father lying unconscious on the kitchen floor with blood pouring from the open wound in his head. I threw my things away, screamed and sprinted towards my father. With tears streaming down my face I called 911 and yelled at them to get down here immediately. They arrived and rushed my father to the hospital. I went to the hospital to see him. I saw them bring him out in a stretcher in the hall and I thought I would be able to go talk to him. Then the doctor cover his head with the white sheet. I knew what that meant. My father was dead. The epic life of an epic man had reached its final chapter. World class athlete, US Marine and the greatest father in the history of fathers. He was my hero. People asked me who my hero was and I could never say an athlete because my father could hit a double leg on any athlete out there. I could never say a politician or celebrity because my father was a United States Marine who served this country proudly without a second thought after living here for only a few months. He two girlfriends in his entire life and both of them he ended up marrying. His office had stacks of architecture books and then stacks of wrestling books so he could train me. He woke up 6 in the morning on his day off to get me up and go running. He was an inspiration to this world and if every man were even half of he was, we would live in a truly blessed world. Dad, this is for you. Everything I ever did and ever will do is for you, my hero. You sacrificed for everyone around you and never thought of yourself in the process, in Vietnam, on September 11th and as my father. I want to be who you were. I love you dad.

Everyone had come to my father's funeral. Those who loved and hated me. Even Kaitlyns lacrosse player ex-boyfriend came to pay respects. The entire wrestling team carried his casket with me and placed it on the rack to lower it into the ground. Word had spread around the school and Kaitlyn, bless her soul, asked people to come. He was buried in his ceremonial Marine garments along with his Springfield  M-14 rifle, his compass and his old Danish national team wrestling singlet. The singlet still had the dried blood stain from after that flip that caused to cough up blood. My fathers death rocked my world and my uncle was right. He would pay my father back. He took me in to live with him and took on raising me with him as my legal guardian now. School was hard and I started losing motivation to work, study or wrestle. My uncle had tried his best to help me, but I knew there was only one man who could help me and he was resting in peace right now. I knew that I had to pick myself up, but I just couldn't. It was too hard to cope. Until I had a revelation one night. I was having a dream like no other. There I was in black space of nothingness. As I just stood there a figure appeared and came out to be my father. He was his same old self, but was clad in his Marine Corps ACUs from Vietnam. He held his hands to me almost as though he was begging. I noticed his fingers were sliced off. Some of them half way others almost completely. He said "Son, I know things hurt right now, but I will do my best to help. I'm missing some fingers, but I will use the ones that I have to help you through this. Things will get better, I promise" and then I awoke screaming and covered in sweat. I thought deeply about what my father said to me. I then knew that I had to just do it. My father wouldn't have backed down. He would have said "God just wants me to play life on hard mode" and then he would went out and played life on hard mode. My father didn't have dreams, he had fucking to do list. And there were a lot of things crossed out. I got my grades back up and worked twice as hard in the wrestling room. Kaitlyn and I had grown much closer since my father died and she came to watch me and keep me company several times. I had heavily thought about asking her out in the past, but was way to scared. Then I remembered. My fathers fucking to do list. Once junior prom came around, I ran down to the track where she was practicing and I had my fortune cookie in hand. However, I replaced the messages with "Prom? Lucky Numbers: 05 26 20 11 08 12" 05 26 20 11 was the date of Prom (May 26th 2011 and the last two numbers were from what time to what time it would last (8:00 pm to 12:00 am). Once Kaitlyn was finished I came up to her and started laying some stupid story about a Chinese place I went last night that had great fortune cookies and funny messages. I said I brought several for my friends and that I saved one for her. She opened it and just said "Aw! Of course I'll go with you!" before enveloping me in a hug. As I hugged her I looked up the sky and I swear my dad was winking me from his cloud. Such an alpha man, in life and in death. He just got me a prom date with the greatest girl in school.

Prom had arrived and I was nervous. What was I thinking asking her to prom? I am totally going to blow this. My uncle had given me reassuring words and told me some of his old tricks. My dad was a lady killer, but never wanted to have girls hanging off both arms. My uncle was kind of the opposite. He was never a player, but he always appreciated a fine woman and did enjoy spending whatever time he could with the finest. I met Kaitlyn at Karlis house where we were all meeting to take photos before going out to eat. Kaitlyn looked unbelievable in that flowing dark grey dress with a floral strap hanging over one shoulder. Then there was me in my cowboy hat and tuxedo. I decided to buy the tuxedo since it cost $100 to buy, but $70 to rent. I figured if I needed it next year, I would have to pay another $70 and that would $140 total. Why not save $40 extra? We went to a nice little Inn about 10 miles away where we had reservations. A party bus was rented to tour us around for $850 that night. Since there was around 45 students in the group, the cost was rather inexpensive coming in at around $19 per person and dinner was about $35 per person. I learned a little something about Kaitlyn. Apparently I have to trick her in order for me to be a gentleman. I had to steal the check away to pay for her dinner and make sure she couldn't get it back. She gave me the stink eye for that. We finally arrived at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore at around 7:50 pm and just as the doors opened. I did my best to ensure she have the best night of her life. After all, wasn't that my duty as her prom date? We danced all night and had one of the greatest nights I could ever imagine. I didn't think it could get any better. Then the blessed man who led me to this point proved me wrong. Kaitlyn and I swayed to a slow song, but this dance was different. She was pressing her body against mine. In the previous slow songs we were arm length apart. We looked at each other several times and giggled like the silly kids we were. Then after one of those exchanges, our expressions stiffened and became serious as well gazed into each others eyes. Then my dad punched me in the back of the head and forced me into my first kiss. It was amazing. Our lips rubbed around the others and tongues danced inside each others mouths. She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me as close as possible. I held one hand on her sexy waist and another cupping her soft face as we held that kiss for a minute at least. I heard people cheering for us, but I didn't listen. It was just her and I right now and it was beautiful. We broke the kiss and laughed as soon became the center of a dancing circle. We didn't look at each other the same after that kiss. Every look carried a certain something behind. Dad, I can not believe you. Even in death your are the alpha man I know. You are the only man who can die and then help his son kiss the girl of his dreams. And have her kiss back.

The next day I went to check on Kaitlyn and I had something to ask her. With flowers and chocolate in hand I removed my hat and placed it against my chest as I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes and I took her out to dinner to celebrate. Now I knew things were looking up for me. I was dating Kaitlyn Vionna. The star soccer player, track runner, amazing student, musician and most gorgeous girl in school. My grades were finally up as I finished my junior year with a 3.57 GPA and a 4.29 weighted GPA. My wrestling career had with my second straight undefeated run going 37-0-0 and bringing me to 102-4-0 for my career including my third Maryland State Championship and my second win at the Super 32 Challenge. Also, two more national wrestling titles and state title. I had now won 5 interstate tournaments and 6 national tournaments.

In the next few months I learned something about Kaitlyn. She was the greatest girlfriend who I could ever be blessed with. It was Halloween afternoon and I was setting up the super haunted house my father and I did every year. Except now my and I were doing it. I was going to do my Michael Myers bit like every year and have some fun. Kaitlyn was going to a Halloween party with her girlfriends and decided to stop by to see me. She said she had a surprise for me. I was setting up fog machines and sound system when I saw her get out of her car in what seemed to be a sexy sailor outfit. I went a said hello and complemented her costume only to have her correct me and tell me she wasn't a sailor. She was a marine. I asked why and if she had someone in the marines. She responded "No, but you did" and then I just lost it and started crying as I hugged her and she hugged me. She looked me in the eye and said "He's proud of you no matter what" and I just kissed her and hugged her as I sobbed. No one outside my family had ever done anything this special for me. I was so touched that I asked her to leave her party early if possible and I would shut down early so we could spend the evening together. She agreed and we went our separate ways for now. I told my uncle about what just happened. He looked as her car drove away and he told to hang onto that one.

Kaitlyn arrived at my house around 10:00 in the evening and I had prepared some little food and wine. I knew she drank alcohol for me because she really didn't like it and I could name every whiskey out there. However, I drank white wine for her. She said it actually tasted good and was the only one I saw that didn't make her cringe. We relaxed on the couch to together and I had some really country music playing in the background. Kenny Rogers the only man besides my father that I truly admired. To me he was the lord and savior Jesus Christ of the music world. His music has never been topped and I don't think it ever will be. I looked at this amazing girl. That gesture that she did for me and my father. We danced to Kenny Rogers before she motioned for us to go upstairs. I didn't know what was happening, but soon I would have a more clear idea. I sat on my bed with her on my lap as we continued to kiss. I felt her hands tracing underneath my shirt as she slowly pulled it off and began rubbing my upper body. I just had to do the chest bounce trick for her since she loved that so much. She was still wearing her amazing Halloween costume so I had to fiddle a little bit to get that off. Once I did I looked in amazement at the half naked goddess sitting on my lap right now in the sexiest black laced lingerie I ever saw. I started to trail kisses down her chest ad back up around her neck as listened to her gentle moans. I had told Kaitlyn I was virgin and she told me the same, but she had so many boyfriends before me and I knew there was a lot that couples could do that didn't involve going all the way. I was pretty nervous, but I just knew my father was with me and kept going. She applied pressure and pushed me to my back she smiled and said "Looks like you can get pinned" as she trailed her hands on my stomach and chest. She placed her toned body against mine as she began kissing all over my neck and chest. I reached around her back and felt for the hook on her bra. I undid her bra and she looked at me with an ever growing smile as her slipped off revealing her beautiful breasts. I slid down slightly began to massage on of her breasts as I caressed the other with my lips. I heard slight groans from her. She soon flipped us over so that I was on top I took of my pants and left myself there in just my boxer briefs. She smiled and sat up as to pull those off too, now revealing my erect manhood to her. She smiled as she reached down and began to stroke and play with me. I came back to the on top position I was in previously and slipped my thumbs into her panties as to slid them off. Now we were completely naked besides her stockings. I could feel myself getting completely rock hard and she was definitely done with the foreplay. She reached into her bag and handed me a condom. I slipped it on and began prodding her wet entrance. I turned my face to hers with look to ask if she okay going further. She smiled back at me and I knew she was ready. I slipped myself inside her womanhood and slowly moved in and out. She was moaning loudly now and as I looked down I could instantly tell she was a virgin alright. The blood was proof enough. She pulled me back onto her and began tracing her hands along my back. I began to thrust harder and faster and now she was really having a good time from what I could tell. It was the most incredible feeling on the planet. She was so tight around me and I could feel her start shaking with pleasure. We continued for a little while longer until I felt like I was getting close and I tried to slow down and I felt her start digging her nails into my back. It hurt, but in this case I wouldn't have it any other way. I felt something squirt against my area right above my manhood. Her legs and body started trembling and I knew that she just had an orgasm. I started thrusting as hard I as I could and finished with her. I collapsed on top of her as we rode the last few waves of our orgasm together. We were both panting, sweaty and exhausted. I just had sex with Kaitlyn Vionna. Life is one of the funniest things out there isn't it? I walked into that school not too long ago and everyone just wanted me gone since I was seen as unfit to go there. Now, the most beautiful, rich, athletic and intelligent girl at that school was lying under me with me still inside her as me had just made love to each other for the first times in our lives. Anyone can tell me my dad had nothing to do with this, but please. How could anyone deny that my blessed father wasn't watching over me and making sure that he was using what's left of those fingers to help. And help me he sure did tonight. We just looked at each and kissed as I pulled out of her. I heard her moan inside my mouth as I slid along her still tender area. We both showered and I threw on my boxer briefs while she put on her panties. We got in bed together and laid there under the covers. I knew my dad wanted this to happen because it just so happened that both of her parents were out of town this weekend on business so she could sleep over. As I laid down on my back she placed her head on my chest and we just smiled at each other with warmth in each others looks. She started crying and I just held her. I looked down at this beautiful woman and said to her what I wanted to say for a long time. "Kaitlyn, I love you". She kissed me and returned the love. We slowly started to drift off to sleep, but just before I went out I looked up and said silently to myself, "Love you too, Dad".

My life had been changed so much in the past year. I realized something about love. Love never disappears. I thought my fathers love had vanished from my life and the face of the Earth, but only after that night do I know see that love is a changing force. My fathers love is not gone. It has just been reformed into the love that Kaitlyn and I now were sharing. I had gained so many more friends since Kaitlyn and I started dating and I was enjoying it. She helped me with English since she was in an social studies and English course at our school called Humanities or "Hum" for short and I helped her and Tessa with computer science. I had been going trough some of my fathers old stuff recently. I came across a little black book and opened it. It had all sorts of wrestling stuff that my dad and I had been doing. He created my "career" book from when I was 8 years old and it stopped when I was 16 years old. He had apparently wanted me to win the Delaware Beast of the East, Reno Tournament of Champions and then the Pan-American Junior Wrestling Games. I had already won Beast of the East and got 5th in Reno. I knew that Reno was a qualifying tournament for Pan-America and I had never been there before. I had to win this tournament and do it for my dad. There were no second thought about it. However, I talked to some people about Pan-America and went to an Amateur wrestling archive to research since I found squat on the internet. I learned that the majority of wrestlers there were from the Americas, but there were some Middle Easterners, Russians, Asians and few Europeans. Asia and Europe didn't scare me, but countries like Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey were known to be monsters when it came to wrestling. I had seen what they could do on a national stage was nervous now. I knew I wasn't ready for the tournament and that I had to place 3rd or higher to get a trip to the Junior Pan-American Games. I kicked up my training regimen to almost 7 hours of training per day. My schedule was ridiculous and Kaitlyn was not too happy that I was shoving her aside to compete in this tournament. However, like the perfect girlfriend she was, she understood why I had to. She even made it a habit to come to the gym and keep me company after her practices. Basically I would wake up at 4:30 am and take my whey protein. At 4:45 am I'm running and sprinting around the neighborhood. At 5:45 am I'm in the basement practicing stance work and shooting on the wrestling dummy. At 6:45 am I'm getting ready for school and by 7:25 am school started. School would end at 2:10 pm and I would start practice at the Colosseum by 2:45 pm since it was just a 10 minute drive. I would finish up, take my post-workout creatine and go home at 7:45 pm. I would finish showering and starting eating and doing homework by 8:30 pm. Then by 10:00 or 10:30 pm at the latest I would hit the hay. Since we had half an hour for lunch and a study hall period almost everyday. Getting most of my homework done in school was pretty easy. Kaitlyn was also coming to practice to watch me and keep me company a lot more often. It was amazing. On weekends I was normally training until late at night when everyone else was out having a blast. Kaitlyn stayed in that stinky, damp, humid, dim room with me as I took shot after shot, lifted weight after weight and ran sprint after sprint. I would normally collapse to the ground after some of the cross fit workouts or the real wrestling workouts. She always kneel down next to me with a towel, a bottle of water and a big ole Kaitlyn smile.

The time had come for me to go to Reno and take on the Toughest tournament the west side of America had to offer. I wrestled 5 matches and ended up in the consolation finals after losing to a wrestler from Oregon in the quarter final bout. I knew this was it. If I didn't win this match I could kiss the Junior Pan-American Games goodbye along with my hopes and dreams of making my father proud. I took the mat and the match started. I had to mix up my moves since I didn't know who I would see at Junior Pan-America again and I didn't want to give away some of my more sacred techniques such as the sweep single and fireman. I primarily stayed with the high crotch and double leg technique. I didn't like using them, but I knew I was more than capable of using them how I would need to. By the end of the first I was in the lead 3 to 1 and I chose down for the second period. The second period was a lot tougher as I now realized he was baiting me in the first. He got up on me 5-4 and I knew the last period was it. I had to pin him or outscore him. I got the escape again and evened us at 5 a piece. I then hit a crucial double leg with 1:14 left in the match and got up 7-5 with top control. I resorted to my tilts and with 23 seconds left in the match he escaped, but it was too late. The score was now 11-6 and I just had carefully cruise on to the 3rd place stand on the podium. My uncle and my coach, Allen Marcus, were the two men sitting on the mat chairs to watch me and coach throughout the matches. Once the referee raised my hand I knew that was it and that I had gotten my qualification requirement for the Junior Pan-American Games. As we headed back home I thought to myself that I might have gotten into the Junior Pan-American Games, but just barely. I knew that once the time came to take on a Russian or an Iranian or an Azerbaijani, I was going to lose. Losing wasn't an option at this tournament. I had to win it for my father. I had to bring home that gold medal. Soon I was about to embark on the greatest thrill ride of my life that would test the relationship I had with Kaitlyn and push it to the brink.

I asked my doctor for steroids. I had asked to start Testosterone Cypionate which was one of the most widely used performance enhancing drugs of the time. It was more for athletic enhancement not muscular enhancement and that's why I chose it so I could keep my weight gain to a minimum. My doctor had been great friends with my father and they even served together in the marines back in Vietnam. They were in the same platoon and that's how I was introduced to him. He knew why I was doing this and I why I had to win this tournament so he agreed as long as I promised to stop the regimen the second I returned from the tournament. I accepted those terms. He started me on a 25% overdose regimen in which the dosage would be spread out over 4 injections per week. We slowly built up to 35% overdose in which the dosage was spread out over 5 injections per week. He keep me in a constant supply of prepared syringes that I would pick up every Friday evening after practice. He wrote fake prescriptions for me and I couldn't have been more thankful for him putting his ass on the line like that. I stuck with the regimen and saw changes that I was not happy about. My testicles had turned into raisins. I was getting nausea and headaches often. I also starting getting short with Kaitlyn. I yelled at her and started fights between us for no reason. Then other days I cried in front of her and told her how much I loved her for no reason. She knew I was doing some crazy things to get ready for this tournament, but she was completely unaware about the doping regimen I was on. Whenever I was getting mad she would always try to console me and I would always blow a gasket at her for no reason. I had made her cry several times and once I even smashed a small table in front of her. Then probably my darkest moment ever hit. I was getting  a headache in the middle of a fight we were having and I leaned over the banister at her house as I was trying to recollect my thoughts. She came up behind me and was trying to find out what was wrong. I was yelling at her and telling her to get out of my face when she placed her hands on my back. I swung around as fast a top notch wrestler could and struck her clean across the face with a backhand. The force sent her to the ground and she was sobbing. Blood was running out the corner of her mouth and her cheek was horribly bruised. She looked up at me and looked down at her as my body filled with shame. What was my father thinking about me right now. Was thinking about what an awful person I had become. This lovely young girl had done nothing, but help me and love me throughout some of the toughest times of my life. I thought back to all the fun we had together. I remembered the day this goddess first sat in front of me. I remembered our big kiss at prom. I remembered that night when we first made love. I remembered that huge water balloon and how I kept her out past curfew so we could sit under that tree in our wet clothes and make out. I just hit her. I was abusive boyfriend ever since I started the doping regimen and I hated myself. I started tearing up and I tried to apologize, but I just choked up, grabbed my jacket and ran out of her house. I just wanted this tournament to be over.

Well the day was finally here. It's time to depart for San Juan, Puerto Rico and the host nation of the 2012 Junior Pan-American Games. I was on the plane along with several other junior competitors. I looked through the sheets of different competitors coming to the Pan-Americans and the statistics showed well over 90% of the competitors were from the Americas with a few being from Europe, Russia or the Middle East. I was seeded 6th in my weight division for Greco-Roman wrestling. I had to wrestle at 66 kg which was fairly to my high school weight class of 145 lbs which meant cutting wasn't too big of a problem. I saw the man seeded first was an Iranian named Reza Souryan-Reihanpour from Isfahan, Iran. He was truly something to behold. At just 16 years old he had been wrestling for 12 years and held a record of 113-0-0 between the ages of 14 to 16 years old. He never been defeated? There was a Russian boy seeded 3rd with a record of 114-2-0 at just 16 years old as well between the age parameter given for Reza. I was going in with a record of 109-5-0 and I was unsure if stacking up to these guys was something I could do. We had 23 wrestlers at my weight division. Reza and Sergey Veltonov were the only two competitors from a non-America country. We had 227 wrestlers in the competition and only 11 were from non-America countries. The two best were in my weight class and I just knew that was punishment for hitting Kaitlyn. In the whole Junior Pan-American Games we had 4,168 athletes from 44 nations competing. There were 169 athletes from non-America countries at the Junior Pan-American Games and many people thought it was weird to invited people from out of region to compete. Apparently it was something about welcoming other people to our sporting events and culture and social acceptance. Since I would have to wrestle to of the toughest junior wrestlers in the world I was not happy about that policy. However, the tournament was one of the last things on my mind. I hadn't left on good terms with Kaitlyn and I was scared about what she was thinking of me right now. Was she going to break up with me once I returned home? 

I had arrived at the hotel where we would be staying. I decided to go down to the gym at the hotel and take some of my mats to practice on. I was practicing and ran into several other athletes who were competing in the games. I saw gymnasts, swimmers, water polo players, volleyball players and even a badminton player from my state by the name of Kenneth Bohr. I was impressed. The games had started a while ago, but since most athletes were also students, the games council tried to get them to miss as little school as possible. We got to show up the day before our sport was suppose to be going on. I had to go get checked in a ready to go for the next day matches. Weigh-ins would start at 5:00 am the next day and I ran into a serious problem. I was 8 lbs overweight. I had no idea how this happened. I was only 4 lbs when we departed. It was 9:30 pm and I knew I would need my sleep for a long day of matches tomorrow. Cutting was not something I was ready to do, but I didn't want my run at the gold medal to be crushed before it even started. I grabbed 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of sweat pants, a track suit and a thick blanket. I went downstairs to the very large sauna room in the fitness center and started doing burpees, push-ups, box jumps and anything I could to lose weight. It was 11:45 pm and I stripped to weigh-in. I was 2 lbs over, but that was okay. I could make it up in the morning. However, coach Marcus was unhappy with my decision. He told me that if scales have different calibrations across schools, they will definitely have different calibrations across countries. He made me work until 1:15 am to cut down to 144.1 lbs before finally going to bed. At 4:15 am I was awake and packing tons of food for after the weigh-ins. My uncle, the only one to actually get sleep last night, my coach and I headed down to the arena where we saw 6 mats set up for competition. The wrestling portion of the tournament had 10 weight classes. They were 52 kg, 55 kg, 58 kg, 62 kg, 66 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 84 kg, 95 kg and 125 kg for the tournament. I was praying that Reza and Sergey didn't make weight so I wouldn't have to wrestle them. Surely enough, they were less than 1/5 kg under weight. I stepped up and my heart almost sank when the scale read out 65.8 kg / 145.1 lbs for me. I was so close to not making it and if coach Marcus hadn't made me keep cutting I wouldn't have made weight. My uncle, coach and I headed up to the stands and I grabbed a quick bite to eat. It was 6:00 am and wrestling wouldn't start until 8:00 am and I wasn't wrestling until around 11:00 am so I had time to digest. The wrestling games would be 5 days long for the Greco-Roman competition. I was missing Monday through Friday of school, but it was okay since I had gotten my homework and getting ahead. It was now and 11:52 pm in San Juan and I was warming up to take on my first wrestler of the day. A boy from Brazil named Fabio Cruz. He was seeded 17th in our weight division and came into the tournament with a record of 84-13-0 from age 14 to 17 years old. I won the match relatively easily with a 16-6 victory. I had also just earned my 110th win and brought my record up to 110-5-0 for my high school career. I was done for the day and was preparing for the preliminaries the next day. 

I went back to my hotel room with my uncle at around 8:30 pm that night. I knew sleep would be something I needed since I would have to make weight tomorrow and I just cut again. However, I had to check for any messages from my friends...and special friends. My principal sent me and an e-mail and I opened it. It was to wish me good luck in the tournament. He also told me that the tournament was being broadcast straight from San Juan and that the teachers were playing it on the televisions in classrooms. He had to order a special channel for it since it wasn't on any channel anyone would know of. I replied kindly and checked for more. Just then, I saw an e-mail from Kaitlyn. I rushed and opened it. There was nothing. Just a blank space...with an attachment I opened the attachment to find a picture she took with her webcam that looked absolutely adorable. She was wearing this cute little tube top that she knew just drove me crazy, her hair looked like she just got out of the shower, but it added a certain something to the picture and her deep blue eyes just starring at me with that gorgeous smile that lit up my life. She wrote these words on the picture using MS Paint. "I love and he's proud of you...no matter what. Good luck sweetheart. Love, Kaitlyn" written in blue cursive. I just melted upon seeing that and it has got to be my most beloved picture of her. That's it right there. I was actually ready to lose this tournament so I could prove to her wrestling wasn't more important than her. We didn't leave on a good note at all. She just said goodbye to me at school and didn't even come to see me off at the airport. It was understandable. I had been the worst boyfriend ever and she was the perfect girlfriend through and through. I hurt her and she tried comfort me and help me. She stayed with me through one of the darkest times of my life so far. Even though she could have done so much better than me. I smiled as I shut down my laptop and tucked myself in to get ready for tomorrow.

I made weight the next day except this time weighing 65.9 kg was planned down to the last tenth of a kg. I was wrestling around 1:00 pm and was happy that I could just sit back for now and laugh at everyone else who was working their asses of for that one win. The 55 kg division had some pretty interesting developments. Some boy from Azerbaijan who was seeded 8th out of 19 wrestlers, had won 2 matches straight. What was really shocking was that one ended by a second period pin at 1:19 and the other was a third period tech fall with an 18-3 score with 0:44 left in the match. The time had come for me to take on my second match of the tournament and apparently this one was actually suppose to be good. He was from Montreal, Canada, Trinn Mitchell, boasting a record of 137-14-0 from age 14 to 18 years old. I started reverting to my bread and butter moves. The sweep single and fireman takedown which were very friendly to me. I took him down 16 seconds into the match with my first sweep single of the tournament. By the end of the first period I was up 5-2 and now I was feeling comfortable. By the end of the second round I expanded my lead to 7-3 and was now thinking this match was in the books. My uncle and coach were sitting on the spectator mat chairs and mostly cheering me on as my uncle never wrestled Greco-Roman and my coach never saw a tournament of this caliber before. In the third things got funny. His sprawls were a lot crisper and he was able to hit fast counters. I tried to get up on him further, but instead the match concluded with a score of 8-6 and now I thought something might be going wrong. I put the idea out of my head and just focused on what was left to do in the rest of the tournament. Besides he was the 9th seed, of course he wasn't a scrub. 

The quarter finals were taking place today and I was more than ready. We were given an extra kg for the weigh-ins today and I felt amazing. I had chatted quickly with Kaitlyn the previous night over Skype and I could tell things would work themselves out once I got back. My good mood soon faded as I saw my opponent. Sergey Veltonov. I knew I was in for it now. This would be the toughest match of my career to date. I had to face the reality that my run for the gold might end here. I took the mat and strapped the green band on my ankle. Sergey fastened the red band and just looked at me. The referee called us to the circle, we shook hands and the wrestling commenced. He was clearly outmatching from the get go and I knew I would have to use some tricks I was hoping to save until finals. I started using dart singles and trying to catch him my own special crab technique. However, by the end of one the score was 7-2 Sergey. I knew I was in trouble and that if I didn't kick it up right here I was going down. I moved to using doubles and sweep singles, but to avail. With just 51 seconds remaining in the second period, the score was now 11-4 Sergey. Then something amazing happened. I saw he lost his footing for a brief second and his wrist went out and away from his body to help him balance himself and catch his barrings. The whole movement was less than fraction of a second, but without even thinking, I grabbed his wrist, shot and pulled an amazing fireman takedown to a Peterson. Sergey was on his back and with 9 seconds left in the second I had to stabilize the enraged Russian boy. The referee called the pin and I looked up to see just 1.7 seconds left in the second period. Way too close for comfort. I popped up and cheered as the referee raised my hand. Sergey shouted something in Russian as he walked off to his coaches corner. I knew I just barely got away with that one. I had to be much more careful if and when I faced Reza. 

It was time for the semi-final bout in the 66 kg weight division and the time was about 10:15 am in San Juan. I was preparing in the warm-up room, taking shots, sprawling, circling and whatever I could to get my mind on wrestling. One more match and I would have my shot for the gold medal. My name was called and I reported to check-in. I saw my opponent. He was from Peru. Dario Pallamero. He was seeded 5th in the 66 kg Greco-Roman division and came in with a record of 121-7-0 from age 14 years old to 18 years old. I immediately jumped the second the match started. I tried to overwhelm him from the get go and instill going into the second period so he would wrestle more conservatively and give me time to rest until the third. I underestimated him though. I saw that he had a weak offensive game for this level, but his defensive was superb. By the end of one the match was scoreless. The second round commenced and I trusted my stand-up more since I knew his offense was bad. Sure enough I was right. I got my escape with 1:38 remaining in the second and put the first point. I now went to my bread and butter once again as I set up my sweeps and firemans. At the end of two, I had the lead 3-1 going into the third period. The third period produced a shining moment for him when he took me down and evened us at three. However, with 32 seconds left I burst into a stand up and got up 4-3 before the the match ending. I did it. I made it to the finals. Sure enough, my final match tomorrow would be Reza Souryan-Reihanpour.

I woke up to that beating ring of my alarm clock. It read 4:35 am just as I had set it. I gathered my things and got my uncle and coach. We departed for the arena and got in the locker room for weigh-in by 4:57 am according to my watch. We were given another extra kg of grace for the last day of the tournament and that now I could weigh 68 kg without repercussions. I stepped on the scale and it read out 67.7 kg which meant I was on the card to take on Reza Souryan-Reihanpour. My match was scheduled for 12:30 pm and around 11:00 am is when the last semi-finals and consolation matches finished. Several wrestlers started breaking down mats except for the nicest one there provided by the real Pan-American Games. This mat was black all over except for the red line markings. There were several logos scattered across the face of mat as well. The wrestlers dragged it to the center of the arena and all the lights were turned off. All the lights except the one directly above this mat. It shined only in the middle and gave it an amazing glow. Some lady found me and led me to a back room with 19 other wrestlers. The cream of the crop. The Junior Pan-American Games Greco-Roman Finalists. I stood there in line until we were called to run out and lap the mat. They told us to lap 5 times around the mat and then find someone you would not wrestle for the finals and drill until told to stop. Once we were stopped they lined up 10 wrestlers one side and 10 on the other. We were lined up by weight standing across from the wrestler we would take on. The announcer called out each wrestler by name, country, age, record and several accomplishments. I was called out before Reza. "Logan Carr the 18 year old from the United States holding a record of 113-5-0 along with a two Super 32 Championships, three Maryland State Championships, Beast of the East Champion, Reno Tournament of Champions Champion and War on the Shore four time champion". I stood my stance and waited for my opponent. "Reza Sourian-Reihanpour the 16 year old from the Islamic Republic of Iran holding a record of 117-0-0 along with two National Championships, Tehran National Cup two time Champion, East Asia two time Champion and Asian Junior Internationals Champion". Reza had already a good arsenal of international competition. And he had won at every single one of them. He wasn't even that intimidating looking, but after hearing his stats I was a little more nervous. I just decided to sit back and enjoy the first four matches before my time of reckoning. The first four matches ended with 52 kg being taken by a Mexican, 55 kg was taken by an American, 58 kg was taken by an American and 62 kg was taken by a Cuban. The 66 kg Junior Pan-American Greco-Roman Finals. Here we go. I made blocked out everything except for wrestling. I knew what I had to. I had to make this Iranian kid sorry he ever set foot in this tournament. His undefeated streak was going to come to an end and I would be the one to do it. We secured our anklets and he decided to do a black flip before the referee called us in. We shook hands. "Wrestle!" was the command that Reza darting at me faster than I could ever imagine. He hit a double leg on me and I was taken down. Was it even five seconds in yet? He controlled from the top and tilted me all day. At the end of a harsh first period, the score was 6-0 Reza. I knew I wouldn't get lucky against Reza like I had against Sergey. I shouldn't even be here right now. Sergey just got sloppy for less than half a second and I was quick enough to catch it. Reza wouldn't make that mistake. I went into the second round with a clear head and now I had seen Rezas moves and go to offense. I tried to mix in some folkstyle adaptations to my arsenal and actually started hitting take downs and getting the match somewhat under control. The score was still 10-5 Reza, but I had come back from worse in the past. I knew I had a lot of ground to make up and Reza was now on the defensive. I tried my sweep singles and pulled off three in a rapid chain move until I stuck one and landed a takedown. Now evening the playing field a little more 10-7 I let him up slightly and quickly threw a tilt and he got caught. I held him for a five count before he got out just as I collected my last point. I just evened the score 10-10 and Reza was now back on his offensive. I was horribly exhausted as I put everything I had into that last set. I could only play defense and hope I could catch him to get a lazy takedown, but I knew that was a pretty far out there dream. With a tied score at the end of three we moved to overtime and it was conducted with a 1:30 long period. We got a one minute break and my uncle told me to pull down my singlet as he started aggressively fanning my sweat soaked body with the towel. Coach Marcus watered me up and gave some of his final points. He told me that even I didn't work it to much, try the lock set. As the overtime round started I tried to do just as I was told and it worked. I caught Reza in an over under hook and took him down to get my two and another two on top of that for holding him for around 3 seconds before he escaped. The score was now 11-14 in my favor and this was amazing, however, Reza was a better wrestler. He pulled off a set up I hadn't seen before and got a fireman takedown on me. He held me for four seconds until I escaped and now he just evened the scored at 15-15 which meant we were due for a second overtime. This overtime would be one minute long or until someone scored. If it still remained scoreless, the referee would talk to the judges and make a decision. I couldn't believe this. I feared Reza more than anything coming into this tournament and now I might beat him. Sudden death was underway and Reza wasted no time going for his takedowns. I found myself backing up and knew that I had to go quickly. There was just one problem. I was out of tricks. I gave Reza everything that he most likely would not have seen and it worked at the time. However, I was now faced a playbook of which Reza was probably using the same. I knew that I would not win this match if it went to decision. Reza controlled the match I just got lucky a few times and took him down. He was always backing me up and controlling the mat. Iranians really could wrestle, but I already knew that. Just then, Reza shot a dart single and grabbed my ankle. That was it. He had me now and it was only a matter of time. He yanked every which way across the mat and tried to reach for my opposite knee. I balanced on my one foot and desperately tried to keep my balance. Just then, Reza got what he needed and took me to the mat where I desperately tried heisting to stay out of his reach. Once I flipped for the fourth time I looked up and his face was a mere two inches from mine. Thinking as quickly as I could, I grabbed a wrist and spun around trying to catch him until I got a front headlock. My front headlock was unbeatable in America. It had won me several matches, but would Reza be able to counter it? It seemed as though he was which meant I had to act fast. I could feel about to break my lock until I spotted just what I was looking for. His knee slid inside and I pulled the cement mixer on him. I could not believe it. He went straight to his back and the referee stopped it there with 13 seconds left in the finals. I won. I beat Reza and won the gold medal. The proudest moment of my life. I exploded to my feet, flexed every throbbing muscle in my body and screamed through the blood trickling down from my nose. Tears welled up in my eyes and I fell my knees still screaming. My coach and uncle slid across the mat and tackled me and we started rolling around on the mat together. Just us men have a good time and celebrating. Reza looked at me with a smile and shook my hand. He was a really man. He acknowledged his defeat with honor and I couldn't respect him more for that. He only spoke in his native tongue s owe had a tough time making small talk, but he was really cool about losing and congratulated me on a last minute hat trick. I got my hand raised and exited the mat. After the medal ceremony and the pictures, Reza asked if he could stop by my hotel room and say goodbye before he headed back to Iran. It would be around 9:30 pm and in Maryland and that meant Kaitlyn would be done with practice and home doing work. I decided to web chat her and introduce her to Reza. Also, since she spoke fluent Persian, I thought she could translate for me and him. Reza came by as expected with his bags and donning his silver medal. Kaitlyn was right there and she a Reza really hit it off. He told where he was from and she told him about herself and translated for me as well. We had some laughs and then it was time to go. I said my farewells to Reza and some other wrestlers I enjoyed meeting and we headed our separate ways. I found Kenneth Bohr on my flight home and we sat next to each other and chatted. He apparently went to Centennial High School which wasn't to far away from Glenelg Country School. He had won a silver medal in singles badminton the previous night apparently ran into a guy in the finals like Reza had. Someone who got lucky. 

I got home around with my uncle around 8:30 am the next morning. Little did I know that the wonderful little lady I called my girlfriend had arranged a homecoming for me. She called my uncle and asked if she could set up a little get together of some people from around the neighborhood. He said yes and told her where the spare key was. When we arrived home, my uncle told me he was going around back to "put his things away first" and he would meet me upstairs. I walked to the front door and opened it and step inside. The second I hit the light switch everyone popped out and shouted their welcome come homes. I was beyond shocked, but once Kaitlyn ran out from behind the people I knew what happened. She pounced on me and kissed me as everyone awed. I was so happy to be back and see that wonderful girl again. We just smiled at each other as we stood there in each others arms. I asked to her out to dinner tonight and she agreed. Just then, Mr. Stanton, my next door neighbor, stepped up and said "Well this is all very touching, but did you win?" so I pulled out the medal and watched the light make that thing sparkle. After everyone started to enjoy the drinks my uncle brought out, Kaitlyn and I sneaked away from the crowd of around 20 people and went to the living room where laid on the couch together and just began kissing and being happy once again. However, I had a little surprise for her tonight.

I had picked the Macaroni Grill since it was such a quaint little nearby restaurant and everyone went there. Also, I had a close friend working there. He found a way to hide my guitar. So that I could come and pick up in the middle of the dinner. He got clearance from his boss to hook it up to the loud speakers and then hook a microphone to my shirt. I was going to serenade Kaitlyn publicly for the first time in our relationship. I had in front of a few of our friends before, but that was just joking. This was serious. I picked out a song by Blake Shelton, a great country love singer, called "God Gave Me You" since I felt it described our relationship in the past few months perfectly. It was really my way of apologizing for all the crap I put this poor girl through. I told her I had to use bathroom and I left to get set up. My friend just looked at me and said good luck. I started playing from inside and I saw was confused now as she recognized me singing voice. I walked outside with my guitar and the look on her face was priceless. Halfway through the song I had to get down on one knee in front of her and and play up to her. That was when the tears started. When the song was over the other patrons applauded us and she kissed me and hugged me. I was in love now I knew it. Kaitlyn and I finished our dinner and hopped back in my pick up truck. She asked if we could go spend some time at my place. I had feeling I knew what she wanted.

We finally arrived at the house and Kaitlyn and I stepped inside as I got put on Kenny Rogers and poured us some wine (I might have spiked mine with some Jack Daniels though. Redneck habit). We drank down our drinks and kissed on the couch. My uncle was asleep and I knew the couch downstairs would make much less noise so I led her downstairs. Just as we got downstairs I realized I forgot my condom and I went upstairs to go get it. As I quietly headed back downstairs I heard my uncle say "Make you sure wrap up your little buddy!" and I chuckled and replied yes. I got back down to Kaitlyn and we picked up where we left off. I started climb on top of Kaitlyn and she laid back as we kissed and she undid my tie. She began to undo each button down my shirt and open it. I ran my hands all along her gorgeous legs and body. She always such an impressive set of legs and butt. They were probably her defining feature. One of my friends (originally her friend) even wrote a song about her calves. I completely removed the shirt and we stood up as we held the kiss the whole way. I unzipped her dress and saw the little black piece of clothing hit the ground. I started to kiss her neck and chest as we lay back down on the bed. This time she took the top position. It was great to feel the weight of the world off my shoulders so that now I could focus on loving Kaitlyn. I removed her bra and began to move my face in between her exposed breasts. We had probably made love over a hundred times throughout our relationship, but in the past few months, it wasn't love anymore. It was just sex. Tonight we would change that. She tried to unbuckle my belt, but it was a bit of weird rancher belt buckle. It belonged to my father. I undid it and slipped my pants. We now both only had lower undergarments on and we flipped so I was on top now. We were kissing and we started humping each other as we just itching to finally do it again. However, I felt like we should drag out the foreplay a little longer. I slipped off her panties and decided to go down on her. I wasn't really good down there so I had tried to avoid it, but it knew it was the one sure way to get a girl fried up. I started licking her womanhood and other more sensitive areas that I could find. I tried to make all sorts of different motions and actions with my tongue. Anything to get a reaction. She started moaning louder, but I had a feeling it was just so my ego wouldn't get crushed. I stuck in two fingers and started moving around and finding all of her spots like clockwork. I knew I was good with my hands and I was hoping this would make up for a poor performance with my tongue and mouth. She was dripping wet and I knew she was finished was the foreplay. Especially since now she reached down and pulled me back by grabbing my hair. I slipped off my boxer briefs, but I knew had to one "thing" before we actually could get it on. I was slipping on my condom and she was watching in anticipation. She even told me to hurry up in whining voice. Once I was secured we both smiled and giggled as I slowly climbed back on top of her. I used my tip to caress her entrance. After teasing her for a little bit I pushed inside her. She had loosened up a little bit from all of the other times we made love, but she was still fairly tight and it was amazing. Tonight she was really different than the other nights. We normally started slow and built up, but tonight she was telling me to hit from the get go. I obliged and started moving faster and soon I was all the way inside her. She might have been on the bottom, but she was in control. I was nervous about going this hard from the beginning. I wanted to last for at the very least 10 minutes, but I felt myself getting close. I tried to switch positions to give myself a break. She was riding on top now until she pulled off. She hopped off the bed and motioned for me to come to the edge of the bed. She went in between my legs and started to caress the tip of my manhood with her lips, almost as if she were kissing it. She started running her tongue up and down me and that just did it. I was resting on my elbows now and just overcome with pleasure, before I knew it, she engulfed my manhood and started moving up and down along my length. It was amazing, she still kept eye contact with me the whole time. I learned only now that the best of this was not her sucking and licking me, but to watch her big, beautiful, blue eyes as she went up and down. I was really getting close now and knew she hadn't came yet. Since this night was a gateway into a new and deeper relationship for us, I had to make sure she would have a climax as well. I pulled her back up onto the bed and took the top position. I started using my fingers to find all the spots that I had memorized by this point until I really heard her getting close and felt her hips start bucking. She didn't fake orgasms with since she knew that I eventually I learned how to do it. She would just let me try to find the spots, but I knew that when I used my tongue, she would fake some of that pleasure. That's why I loved her. She that I knew I was not good with my tongue, but still tried to convince me otherwise. If that's not love I really don't know what is. Once I knew she was just a few thrusts away I pulled my fingers out and quickly reinserted my manhood. I didn't want to waste any time and let her start settling so I took off at full speed and seconds later I felt her hips and body start shaking violently and I felt her juices squirting against me. I felt her insides start clenching and squeezing my member inside her and that just pushed me over the edge as I released almost at the same time she did. I gave several more pumps to get everything out and then collapsed on top of her. We were both sweating like crazy from the heat in the basement and we were exhausted like always. We went upstairs and took a shower together like we had several times in the past. That just resulted in us touching each other and her sucking me one more time and getting one more climax out. It only took about minute this after what I had went through. However, that's what it was like in the past. The same also went for her as it barely took me any time at all to get her squirming on my fingers and feeling liquid that didn't come from the shower head. We got out of the shower dried off and put on some undergarments. I went downstairs to get our clothes and we went to cuddle in my bed for a little while before she to go. She looked at me and said something that probably had a million different meanings. "I'm glad your back" with that twinkle in her eyes. It was around 11:00 at night when I got her home. Her house was a 10 minute drive from mine so that always worked out well. It was amazing how the mansions were so close to the farms. Perhaps it had to do with property values.

Well things were finally back to normal. I was off my steroids, Kaitlyn and I were closer than ever and I had honored my father. I went to the cemetery to place the gold medal on his grave stone. My uncle, coaches, Kaitlyn and her family and several of my friends and wrestling teammates accompanied me. I cried as I placed that medal on his headstone. Kaitlyn was kneeling beside me with a hand on my shoulder. She smiled warmly at me and like always that look just said so much. I touched my dads headstone and told him that even though it's not the Olympic gold medal, it's the best I could do on such sort notice. I chuckled after my last statement. I asked everyone for a moment alone and that's when I asked forgiveness for everything I had done. I felt as though he had forgiven me, but I knew he would be watching me from now on. The most alpha man to ever live. In life and in death he is still guiding me and teaching me lessons that I will use forever. I couldn't believe it. My father might have been dead, but he is definitely still here. I even got the feeling that move I pulled on Sergey to pin him was not me, but my father entering my body and taking over for just a brief second. My dad was a manly man, now and forever. I whispered my last I love you and left. My uncle wanted a moment alone with his brother and after that we headed back home. 

After a few more local tournaments and some off season wrestling matches, my record improved to 153-5-0 for my career. Then I heard about Vancouver. This would a small tournament for wrestlers from North America and Canada. My uncle decided to tell me to enter a qualifying tournament, but apparently a win at the Junior Pan-American Games was good enough. I entered at my international weight class of 66 kg and the tournament was set a while from now so I started training. In addition to this tournament, our senior prom and my 1 year anniversary with Kaitlyn was right around the corner. I couldn't believe we were only together for 1 year. It felt like we were married. I remembered several nights when she cooked for me. After I found out she could cook that sealed the deal. A girl can be pretty, athletic, smart and nice and might have to think about it, but if she can cook, I will love her like a dog loves his owner. One night stood out in my mind in particular. She cooked a beautiful lasagna with a salad she tossed herself and some wine. After a great dinner, I decided to poke fun at her and say "what? no dessert?" to which she had the best come back for. She slightly rolled up her tight black skirt and revealed this gorgeous lingerie. She looked at me with a serious expression and voice and said "Oh, I've got dessert". My eyes almost popped out of my head and we just ran upstairs.

Prom proposal season had finally started and I wanted to get an early start with Kaitlyn. I figured a fun thing to do would be to make a large sign that my calculus teacher (and hers) would tape to this projector screen. It covered almost every inch of the screen and said "Kaitlyn, will you go to Prom with me, please?" along with some artful decorations around the edges. I was waiting outside of the portable classroom with roses and watching the action. The teacher waited for the class to start talking loudly and then pretended to become enraged. He then told them would be having a pop quiz for miss behaving. I saw him ringing out Kaitlyn really hard since he was in on the whole thing. The funny thing was she wasn't even talking. He pretended to set up an overhead sheet on the projector and told everyone to get out a piece of paper and write the names and so and so on it. Once they did that, he yanked down the projector screen and Kaitlyn looked up and started laughing and looking around for me. I came in with my flowers and she yes and hugged me as everyone clapped. I left and returned to class where my English teacher made fun of me like always for being a conservative. 

I had prepared to go to Vancouver and take another international title. It would be a lot harder this time since I was not on any radical performance enhancers. Then again, the tournament was a lot smaller and less well known by the wrestling community so perhaps it would even itself out. I got the seeding chart back and saw that I was seeded 1st in my weight division at 66 kg and I was thrilled. I could win another international tournament. When it came time for me to depart, me and Kaitlyn were on much better terms than when I left for San Juan. We kissed at the airport and I felt like we couldn't stop. Then coach Marcus made us stop. I boarded the plane with my uncle and coach like always and we departed for the city that never sleeps. Or is that New York? We arrived at the hotel and went to cut some weight before going to bed. The weigh-ins were at 6:30 am and that was great. Since there so many less wrestlers we would get through weigh-ins much quicker and get to wrestling by 8:00 am this time. This tournament would hold five bouts for each wrestler who makes it to the finals. The tournament was wrestled on eight mats and was scheduled for two days. My first match was bout #4 and I was in a back room holding two extra mats. I beat a wrestler from California named Darren Scott. He came into the tournament seeded last in our weight class at 17th with a record of 70-13-2 for his high school career until age 17 years old. I pinned him in the third period with 1:21 remaining. He was good, but really needed to work conditioning. My next match came at around 11:15 in the morning against a wrestler from Quebec seeded 10th in our weight class with a record of 84-11-0 up until age 18 in high school. I beat him 14-8 and advanced to the quarter finals. For my final match of the day I took on a wrestler from Otario with a seeding of 7th and coming into the tournament with a record of 92-7-0 from age 14 to 18 years old. This match was held around 6:30 in the evening and he just got out of his fourth match of the day. He was exhausted since it ended a mere 18 minutes ago and I could tell he wasn't up to wrestle right now. I thought this would be perfect. I rested up, had some food and warmed up for at least half and hour before coming out here. I was working on a big finish move that I would do from the other wrestler in a leg riding position and I was going to try it out if I could get him in the right position. The whistle blew and this was incredible. I gave him a lazy takedown and not even 10 seconds into the match he put legs in on me. I hiked myself up to a tripod stance, broke the locks and shuffled from under while applying pressure to a successful head hunt. He toppled to his back and I slammed my stomach on his face, wrapped him up and got my pin in 16 seconds. I earned the fastest pin of the tournament and it was a great way to finish out the first day of wrestling. 

I returned to my hotel room and I knew I was getting an extra kg for weigh-ins tomorrow so I decided to eat a sandwich. The next morning I made weight and cut it the closest I ever had as the scale read out 67.0 kg exactly. My first match and the 66 kg semi-final match was against a wrestler named Joey Wysocki from Texas. The match started and I could tell that he was tougher than the others. He should have been since he was seeded 2nd in our weight class. He came to Vancouver boasting a record of 133-9-1 through his senior year. I tried to stick to suing double legs and upper body throws as to not alert my final match what my real techniques were. Once I was down 9-7 by the end of the second period I knew that I needed to use my bread and butter for just one takedown and I did. I scored off a sweep single and evened the score at 9 all before I used my signature tilt and got up 12 to 9 with 1:28 left. I let him get to his stomach and tried again and with 41 seconds left I was up 15 to 9 on Joey. He escaped and went out of bounds and I went down in the center. I did a stand up and expanded my lead to 16 to 10 with 13 seconds remaining and just rode it out until the last whistle. I was so happy as I got my hand raised. That match was at 9:15 and the finals were not until 6:00 at night. I had all the time in the world to relax and eat and just be lazy until I had to start warming up. At 5:00 I got on a warm-up mat and started moving around. I saw the bout sheet and noticed my opponent would be Pierre Barillargeon. Interesting name and this wrestler hailed from Alberta. He was seeded 4th and came in with a record of 108-3-0 for his high school career. I thought he should have been higher since that was an impressive record. Then I learned it was mostly from local tournaments with a couple national ones that he didn't even win. I had done nothing, but be perfect this whole tournament. However, I have been making a critical mistake along the way. I was getting cocky and it would soon lead to some interesting developments. The introduction ceremony of the finalist was much similar to that San Juan. I also heard of a wrestler at 52 kg who going after his 207th win in this match to bring his record to 208-15-0 for his high school career. Too bad he came up short and lost 16-14 in the finals. When my weight class was called Pierre and I stepped on the single mat in the center of the gymnasium with the single light shining over top. The first round was pretty well matched as I took control with a 5-3 score. However, the second round is where things got hairy. I was up 8-3 now and decided to try some fun moves. I was in the down position and tried a stand-up. I was going to try a move that would require him to do a return to mat which is exactly what he was doing. He took much higher than I expected though. That was okay though, I thought there was no problem here. Then, he did something I never expected. He rotated at his hips and he me pick up speed. He then sprung himself into midair, rotated his body in midair and crashed my body into the ground. I had been slammed and supplexed for as long as I could remember. This time something happened. I felt a horrible pain in my side and then I felt something hot sloshing around in my stomach. The pain intensified to the point where it was just unbearable. I crawled out of bounds to stop the match without looking like a weakling. I tried to stand to return the center, but I couldn't. Then, I spat up blood. My uncle and coach rushed to my aid and stopped the match. I walked off slowly and the match was given to Pierre. My uncle took me to the hospital, but I told my coach to stay behind and take my spot on the podium to receive my silver medal. This was just perfect. I could have won and I could have had two gold medals, but instead I ended up with blood in my throat. 

I was rushed to the nearest ER still wearing my singlet. My uncle pulled it down to my waist and put a shirt. He said everyone will just have to deal with the fact that my ass and other areas were put on display pretty nicely. I was taken back after 5 minutes of waiting. After they examined me it turned out I ruptured my liver slightly and bile was leaking. The doctors took me into surgery and thought this just great. Except this surgery was minor apparently. They told me it was simple since the tear was so small. They just injected me with some pain killers and stuck three rather large needles into my stomach. On a computer, a surgeon was controlling the needles and using them to suck up spilled bile and fix the wound. They told me to take some pills and kept for two nights for observation. My coach also returned with my silver medal. After two days I was free to go, but now we had a serious problem. We missed our flight. Also, another serious problem for me, Prom was this Saturday and Saturday around 2:00 was the earliest flight we could get to Maryland. Kaitlyn wasn't going to like this. Also, face was kind of banged up too. Thankfully, I had my "prom" attire in my bags since I thought I would get to go the after tournament banquet which called for dressy attire. I got dressed up on the plane so that we could run home. My corsage was luckily in the car since I was too lazy and forgetful to take it out. Again, thanks for that Dad. We landed at around 6:00 in the afternoon and rushed around the terminal like idiots trying to collect our stuff. I really had to thank my uncle for this as we were running. He just said "no talk time, run time" and we continued. We got to the car by around 6:45 in the evening, sweaty and exhausted. It was now raining and we were really in a pickle here as my father always said. When we got in the car I realized I also had my acoustic guitar in the back and since Kaitlyn was probably worried sick since everyone was finishing dinner right about now and I was no where to be found. The ride to the Lakefront at Columbia Mall took us about half an hour from BWI Airport. It would have been faster since I was going 90 at some points, but around 7:00 is when rush hour starts dying. Kaitlyn was pissed and I knew it. We got to Lakefront, by 7:20 approximately and I knew this would be a photo finish to catch our party bus. I saw a group of prom kids heading towards the parking and made a mad dash for them. They were from Glenelg Country School, but they were the wrong group. However, a football player told me he was Kaitlyn and a whole bunch of others going to the parking lot about 2 minutes ago. I sprinted up the steps to the parking lot with my wrestling bag filled with clothing and my collapsible guitar. The bus was pulling out of the parking lot and started waving my free hand and screaming and shouting for it to stop. Then it stopped and the doors opened as the driver let me on. He said "so you're the one these kids had me wait for. You're finally here, I was just about to leave". I thanked him so much and he smiled and told me to take a seat. I turned to walk down the isle to find Kaitlyn who was steaming and giving me that death glare. I was in for it now and I'm sure everyone was ready to watch the show. She looked at me and calmly started speaking and asked where was I, why was I several days late and why had I not called or turned my cell phone on. Then it hit me like a double leg from Jordan Burroughs. I forgot to call and I had turned my cell phone off during the speaking portion of the welcoming ceremony. I hugged her and kissed her and begged for her to forgive me. I told her everything that happened and her anger subsided after my apology. Then her motherly instinct kicked in and she became worried and started feeling my stomach and asking to see if I was okay. I was of course, but that response wasn't good enough for her. Plus after the crap I just put her through on what is supposed a very special day in a young girls life, I wasn't really going to argue. We arrived at M&T Bank Stadium by around 7:50 pm and took some new pictures with me next to Kaitlyn this time. Then I had to bring out the guitar and embarrass my little lady friend in front over half of our senior and junior high school class. The other kids in our group decided to make it as awkward as possible for Kaitlyn as they cleared a large circle in the mass of students who waiting for the doors to open at 8:00 pm for prom. Kaitlyn was stuck right in the middle with me and played her a song written by Dustin Lynch (great country singer), that I felt truly summed up our relationship. It was called "Cowboys and Angels" and unlike the previous song I played at Macaroni Grill, I didn't just like this song, I was in love with it. I hit every note and chord perfectly whereas I missed a few at the Macaroni Grill. Halfway through the song I felt like Kaitlyn and I blocked off everyone else and just entered our little world. She stopped giggled and looking around and now she stood their with this beautiful soft expression in her eyes. I took one knee in front of her and matched her expression as I continued to play. People were cheering and snapping photos and I didn't even notice and I don't think she did either. It was just us and it was perfect. After the song I stood up, flung the guitar behind me, placed my hands on her face, tipped her over and just planted a big ole country kiss right on those sexy lips. The cheering went wild and again I didn't hear a thing except her heartbeat, almost in sync with mine. We walked in to the prom and I forgot to compliment her on her gorgeous dress. It was not nearly as revealing as some others I had seen, but that is what made her the most beautiful girl out that night. I was a deep black with a very low cut down to a couple inches above her bellybutton. It had black netting covering whatever exposed chest area there was that started about three inches down from her collar bone. The trimming was white and the back had white trim lines that started from the seems across the shoulders and the back of the neck and converged just above her butt. The lines formed an upside down triangle. However, then they branched out all the way down to the bottom of the dress and formed a right side up triangle that connected with the previous one at their peaks right above her butt. The back of her dress sure drew attention for how simple it was in design. And this coming from a farm boy who has nothing, but wrestling shirts and torn work shirts in his closet. We danced for at least three and a half hours out of the four. Kaitlyn loved to dance more than anyone I ever met before. She and basically all of her friends didn't like grinding and neither did I. I knew my dad would never approve of it since it was pretty degrading to women. We had a great time and hoped on the bus to head to the fitness center where the school was hosting the after party. Kaitlyn and I were sitting in a group of friends until we decided to go rock climbing. Later on around 2:00 in the morning, some of my wrestling friends told me there was a room with mats that said we could use. We didn't have wrestling shoes so we just bare foot and started horsing around for about another two hours. Kaitlyn and some other girls went to watch "Mean Girls" during the time and by 4:30 am I found her again and we waited for the raffle call before leaving. My uncle told me during the car ride there he park my dads old motorcycle (and by old I mean made in 1972) in the parking lot so I could take Kaitlyn home. I bet he thought sex would follow tonight, but we were just exhausted and I wanted to go to bed. I drove her home, gave her a big hug and kiss and said I would call tomorrow about next weekend to make plans for our anniversary dinner. 

Kaitlyn and I planned to go to the Inner Harbor restaurants for our 1 year anniversary (although now it's 1 year and a week). I took her to this great little seafood place and it was a nice dinner. Afterwards, we walked around and listened to some local bands performing on the Harbor. However, around 11:00 pm, Kaitlyns mother called and told her that she had to get home really quickly. Apparently they had to go to something the next morning and her mother made a mistake and told Kaitlyn it was the following weekend. We hurried to where I parked, but to get there we run around five blocks and we went though a deserted part of downtown that seemed pretty shady to me. I told Kaitlyn to start walking slowly so that we wouldn't attract to much attention, but two teenagers dressed nicely in the middle of gang infested streets wasn't the optimal blending in conditions. We were walking along a sidewalk and three black men started walking past us. I thought nothing of it since they were just minding their own business, until the last one past me. Before I knew it, he cracked me in the eye and  felt a huge surge of pain. He was a large man too, at least 220 lbs and I knew that there was going to be a fight. Kaitlyn was screaming and panicking now. I looked up at her and she said that I had blood streaming down my face from the cut wound above my eye. I told to just relax and hold my dads hat. She held on it and was still whimpering. One of the men told me to hand over my money and her purse. I wanted to find out if they had weapons first. There was only three of them and they seemed to be under some kind of drug influence, but I couldn't be sure. I looked back to make sure Kaitlyn was safely behind me and I told them to make me. My plan was that if they pulled a gun or knife I would hand over everything and try to escape. However, if they didn't, I would fight back. Kaitlyn was telling me to just give it to them and run. I told her to be quiet. I had over $200 of my hard earned money in my wallet and if I could keep it I would. One of the guys called Kaitlyn a cute bitch. I tried to talk them out of mugging. I was telling them to leave us alone and they didn't know who they were messing with, but just made them mad. One of them finally charged me. The big one. I yanked his left leg out from under him and he hit the ground hard. The other came and double legged one of them and slammed his body into a brick wall. I heard a thump that sounded like bone on concrete and I was happy that I think he hit his head on the brick. I was right since I saw blood running from his head. I tried a fireman takedown on the other guy who was pretty skinny. I caught him off a botched punch he threw. I got extremely lucky as landed on his spine and hit the curb on the road. He was in serious pain. The medium sized guy was still standing and I did a shoot double that resulted him hitting his head on the concrete very hard. The largest one was the last one I had to worry about now. He was clumsy and slow which was a beautiful combination for me. He was taller than me so I knew a takedown would be in order. I went for a dart single and nailed it. He went down and I returned to my MMA training and just started hitting him in the head until he basically submitted. Once they were all hurt I grabbed Kaitlyn and got out of there as fast as possible before some of their friends were to show up. If they got back up, I don't think I would have been so lucky. I know this was the wrong to think about this, but who else besides my dad would be helping me throughout that fight? I got Kaitlyn home and she was still shaking scared so stayed in the house with her for a little bit while her parents tried to comfort her. Her dad looked at me and told me to get in his car so he could take me to the hospital to get stitches. On the ride there, he told me that what I did was stupid and dangerous, but he thanked me for protecting his daughter and standing up for her. I knew my dad would have beat them easily with all his Marine training and Olympic wrestling moves. I got home form the hospital at around 12:45 at night and told my uncle what happened. He made fun of me first and then finally said he was happy that I was okay.

College was right around the corner now. After the Vancouver tournament I was now 157-6-0 for my high school career. I wrestled two more matches before my eligibility vanished and finished at 159-6-0 in the end and was ranked 11th in the nation at the 145 weight class for high schoolers. I had 8 national championships and 6 more state championships that were not sanctioned by the MPSSAA. I had committed to the University of Maryland, College Park and Kaitlyn committed to Johns Hopkins University. I finished high school with a 3.59 cumulative high school GPA, NHS Honors, a 4.27 weighted GPA and was ranked 38th out of 167 students. Kaitlyn, however, finished with a plethora of academic and track & field scholarships. She earned a 3.92 cumulative GPA and a 4.81 weighted GPA. She was ranked 4th in our class. I got a full ride to wrestle for UMCP and study Biology on a pre-med track. Kaitlyn got a partial scholarship, but still a lot of money ($49,000 / year), just to grace JHU with her presence apparently. Graduation was great especially since there only 167 students we had to got through. Graduation kind of made me realize how little I accomplished in high school outside of wrestling. Sure I had become an Eagle Scout recently thanks to my uncle and several neighbors and friends helping with my project of redoing the front a church nearby our neighborhood that had gone to crap. All I had in addition to my gown was my National Honors Society sash, but at least 50 other students had that. Kaitlyn had six honor cords, a sash and a medal in addition to the NHS ribbon as did Tessa. It was pretty impressive and I had to congratulate her on all of her hardwork. I was nice that I got called out a graduation for being the fifth wrestler from our county to win four county championships and the first wrestler from our county to win the state championships all four years in high school. I had devoted my life to this sport and it was nice to see my principal and school notice who put those wrestling trophies in our trophy case. Wrestling was not our schools best sport by any means. Boris and I really carried the team and I was happy he finally won the state championship senior year after 3 years of disappointment. The most kids I ever saw on the team for any of the four years I was here has been 19 for both JV and Varsity. It was funny because had 14 weight classes. The lowest number was my sophomore year when we had 11 kids total. Our school used to be great at wrestling when we first started. I could tell by the banners from like 1970, but then they just stopped looking for good wrestlers, coaches and eventually let the program run into the ground. Our varsity team had a total meet record of 12-41-0 just because we had to forfeit some many weight classes and JV was 19-34-0 which was sad. I hoped more kids would tryout for wrestling come next year and beyond. It really is one of the greatest sports of all time and man even used it to settle disputes instead going to war in the old days. Boris and I were given honors for our feats during our wrestling careers. Throughout our wrestling careers we amassed a combined record of 262-35-0 with 5 state championships, 10 national championships and 9 state championships not organized by the MPSSAA. I principal wrestled for this school back when he went here and he was part of the regional championship team so I know that he was upset to see the program go so far down hill and happy to see that Boris and I had brought some banners and trophies back. The graduation was amazing and my uncle had to be my uncle like always. He brought the loudest air horn I ever heard and blasted it as I walked across the stage. My several students gave amazing performances on graduation and I was happy my band and I made the cut to perform. Boris was our drummer and was actually an incredible drummer. We were a heavy country band and played a played a little patriotic tune called "Star-Spangled Love" that we wrote for graduation. It was a song about people coming together and never giving up in the great land that we called America. From the applause we think everyone liked it. Afterwards, a bunch of us gathered at Kaitlyns house and had an after graduation party. Her dad and I had some quality bonding time over the grill with two Sam Adams. Drinking a Sam Adams always reminds me of the time that I was sitting on my couch and relaxing with Kaitlyn. She went to go get herself a glass of water, but I heard her yell for me to turn off the TV and close curtains. I did as she told and came in with Sam Adams, handed it to me, put on dance music and started stripping. I was taking down my beer, watching and my jaw was dropping. I knew we would make love once she got down to her birthday suit and she was close so I had to finish that beer because it would take 20 to 30 minutes to finish and that beer would go flat. Sam Adams isn't Sam Adams if it goes flat. Of course her father didn't need to know about that little incident. We finished up that little party and most everyone left. I was about to head to gym and Mr. Vionna offered to come with me. He wrestled back in his high school days and I knew he had always been itching to kick my butt since I started dating his daughter. He came with me and I was impressed that he still had it. He wasn't fast or anything due to his 240 lbs frame, but he still had his technique and strength. I had to beat him by points or set up and crazy pinning combination since he could normally just bench press me off of him. We wrestled for around 20 minutes before he gassed out and gave up. After practice I went home and my uncle and I had some drinks and played 21 for the rest of the night. 

During the summer between high school and college, I was changing a lot. I talked to my uncle very seriously several times about my Navy SEAL hopes and aspirations. He had served in the Danish Royal Military for 7 years so he was supporting my decision. I also told him that I was considering trying for the Green Berets, Rangers or Delta Force. The SEALs was already a long shot for me so I wasn't sure about the Rangers. The Green Berets would be the next best thing for me and then Delta Force, but there certain things I wanted in the Navy that the Army wouldn't offer and vice versa. I went to a two week training camp for anyone 18 years old and up hoping to serve in special forces for the Army or Navy. There were around 300 cadets there and they really put us through some tough stuff. It was cool that Boris came since I told him about it, but he was with the Ranger trainers and I was with SEALs/SWCC trainers. We did some of the most intense training of my life and then they put us through a really combat situation. For 17 days we were pushed to our limits and the scariest part of this was how nothing was sugar coated for me. The operation was eye opening for me. A group of 18 of the SEAL/SWCC cadets climbed a helicopter that took us into a hostage rescue situation. We had to rescue 10 hostages from a compound held by 23 insurgents. We were given high powered paintball guns that would drop anyone who got hit. I got to see this when three of our team members were hit. No shots were fatal shots, but they were actually injured and one of them had to get stitches. This camp changed my outlook on what I was doing. At first I thought going into the special operations forces was going to "cool" and everything and it was fun and games for a long period of time. Now things were getting serious and I was talking to former SEALs, Green Berets and even a Ranger who just seemed dead on the outside. I asked him if Ranger school was the hardest thing he ever did and he just said yes with no emotion or expression. The realization of death was also coming over me. I was told by a few instructors that they were not sure if I have a very good chance to become a Navy SEAL, but they said I could probably make it to Green Berets or Delta Force. During high school it seemed like it would like the movies with Sylvester Stallone, Randy Couture and all the other great action heroes. I knew I couldn't have been way more off base. SEALs and any special forces conduct the most operations known to man with extremely high stakes. Many brave men go in, but not all of them will return home. It was true. I had to face that truth no matter how much everyone says to just ignore it and don't think that way. Being a member meant more to me than anything else. I wanted to serve my country and my father proud. I wanted to be a part of small elite team that could take pride in the fact that they are called in to places others would never consider venturing into. I wanted to be a special forces operative. I was training like nothing else for it. I had been doing combat oriented water training for the past year and a half and I was an Eagle Scout who knew the basic survival skills that many men will have to learn going in if they weren't scouts. Not be cocky because I saw what happens in Canada, but I was sure if I kept working like I was now and preparing for high scores on the ASVAB, I would make it into a special forces branch even if not Navy SEALs. 

I was facing many hard decisions and I had to take some time to think. Kaitlyn was the prime cause of these thoughts. I had recently thought about marrying Kaitlyn. I had lots of money saved up from farm work and I had promotions like nothing else for all the time I put in as a young kid. I had plenty of money for a decent ring and a small church wedding. My uncle was not 100% supporting me on that, but he told me I had to do what my heart was telling me to do. However, I had another feeling in my heart and it was far from marrying Kaitlyn. On August 10, 2012 at 3:45 pm I told Kaitlyn that it was over between us. I had chose a horrible time to do this. It was pouring rain outside and I took out to her driveway to do it. She was beyond devastated. I knew she would be and it hurt me greater than any ruptured liver ever could to her break down and start crying in front of me, asking me to talk about this, asking me to try to work it out. I just couldn't. I broke up with her on the pretense that going to different Universities would be too hard and we can't make it work, but later on, in college, I met a girl. Her name was Olivia, Liv, as everyone called her. She had suffered a harsh break up with a great guy too. He was going into the Marines so I had respect for him right off the bat. She still loved him, but eventually he decided that the Marines were more important and completely dumped her face down in the dirt. Liv and I talked a lot and worked out our problems with each other. I went to talk to Kaitlyn. She was more hurt than ever and I could tell. Her parents told me that she was a wreck after I dumped her. I felt like committed a crime. I tried to go to her house one weekend when we were both back from college and talk to her as friends. I first met her dad and he was not happy to see me. He confronted me about what I did to his daughter. I tried to explain, but I couldn't. August 10 has to be one of the darkest days of my life so far. I tried to talk to her, but she beyond angry. She was so angry that she just didn't have a drive to yell at me or anything. She just sounded disgusted. I left and decided to give her some space for now. One night, my roommate played a song parody. It was a song parody for "DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again" by Usher. It was the first song Kaitlyn and I danced to as a couple. It came right after the slow dance that led to our first glorious kiss. I just broke down in tears and went to Liv. I cried on her shoulder. She told me now was the time to call Kaitlyn. I had gotten rid of everything that ever reminded me of her after we broke up. I couldn't bring myself to delete her number though. I called her and she reluctantly arranged to meet me for dinner. We talked for at least 3 hours and a lot of emotion came out. We eventually agreed to stay friends and see what happens. I went back and told Liv about it. Kaitlyn and I mingled over web chatting every now and again, but I didn't want things to get too serious. I continued my training with Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Cadet Prep Program I was a part of. Then came the Florida operation. It was very similar to the operation we did at the camp except this was on a much bigger scale. We had met mainly on weekends for several hours at a time. Sometimes at odd hours of the day. Instructor O'Neil gave us the low down. He told us that we would take a Boeing CH-47 Chinook from Little Creek, VA Naval Base down to Fort Myers, FL where we would head to the beaches and find speed boats that we would swim out to about half a mile off shore. This would be conducted under the cover of night. We would speed down to an area around 1.5 miles or so off shore from the beaches near Cape Coral. From there we would surface after covering the short 1.5 miles or so with a swim. We had our ACUs under our water tight diving wet suits. We were armed with three paintball guns for the operation. However, they were jacked up and very high powered paintball guns that were as powerful, if not more powerful, than the other ones we used. We had a secondary weapon and a handgun. For this exercise our instructors could only keep score. We either passed or failed by ourselves. We had been allocated a commander. No ranks given were official. They were just given for this operation and were based solely on who the instructors thought deserved it the most. I was what they called a field leader. There were 4 field leaders, 1 commander and 14 more cadets divided into two teams of 7, then divided into two squadrons. One consisting of 3 and the other 4 cadets. We were going into another hostage situation. I recognized only one other person from the previous hostage situation rescue, but I wasn't sure if we were the only ones with experience here. There were 57 hostages and 17 insurgents with AK-47 style paintball guns of the same caliber as ours. Our instructors told us the Fort Myers had one helicopter we could use for anything we needed. After several hours of negotiation attempts and fire fights, we finally got the man leading the insurgents to come in for negotiations. We stole his radio to cut off his communication with his men and calculated the furthest spot from where we'd bring in our helicopter to escort hostages out. We got everyone, including the NSW cadets out in three trips and fooled the captain or whatever he called himself. It took us 28 hours to do the whole operation from start to finish, but we did it. After I returned I understood the true reason why I broke up with Kaitlyn.

I had been in combat situations that were as real life as they can get without the potential of seriously injuring someone. I learned a lot about what being a SEAL would be like and what I would have to do. I broke up with Kaitlyn because I was afraid of being shot dead and leaving her. I knew I would ask her to marry me at some point if we stayed together. I loved her. The thought of me doing that to a young and beautiful woman like her was unbearable. I could not hurt her like that. She thought that the break up hurt, but it would be a tea party compared to her being told I was shot and killed in the line of duty. She would be devastated beyond repair. I knew her like clockwork. She was my honey and I knew that while she was a strong young women, she could not handle that. It finally also sunk in that she was too good for me. She needed to marry a wealthy, successful man with a future. Also, I wanted her to have a man that would be there for her everyday. How could I be there for her when I'm stuck on a boat or in the middle of a war zone for 300 days a year. I can't be there for her and especially during her 20's and early 30's which are the most magical time in a young girls life. I wanted her to spend every waking moment with a man who loved her and would wake up next her everyday and tell her she's pretty. I didn't want her to have resort to having to turn on Skype and video chat with me when she wanted some romance. Then bend over backwards to fit a whole year worth of love and time together into two months before I'm sent off to be shot at again. It wasn't the life I saw for her. I came to the understanding that if a man truly loves a woman, he just wants to see her happy and sometimes that means she will not end up with you in the long run.

I continued my education in college and continued training on weekends with the Naval Special Warfare cadet training I was a part of. Then I received a letter in the mail at college on October 15 and it was pretty shocking. I had found that the training program I was a part of had stations all over the East Coast for college students who want to join special forces. It is more geared for the Navy, but I met a few Green Beret, Ranger or Delta Force hopefuls. They ran a camp the lasted about 3 months for anyone going in the first time and then continued for however next years they are in college, but only for one and a half months those times. However, I would have to report by 0630 hours on October 19 which would give me barely anytime to do everything that I would need to do. I had to go talk to the University and they said that under circumstances they would make exception and allow to clear my transcript as to not make it look like I failed or dropped classes. Then I would start over next semester and make up stuff over summer and winter classes. I had to say goodbye to a lot of my close friends and then tell Kaitlyn. That would not be fun. I asked Kaitlyn to meet me for dinner on October 17 two nights before I leave. She agreed. I had started taking care of all the stuff I had to do get out of the University until the spring semester. I was even shocked when several of my friends at the Susquehanna dorm building through a party for me. They had a going away cake that said "Good luck SEAL!" soda and everything. They did it in the common room and I really felt touched that people thought of me enough to do that. Then came the dinner with Kaitlyn. Picked her up from Johns Hopkins and she looked gorgeous as always. She was wearing that little black dress that did her body justice. I took her to a place called "Fleming's Prime Steak & Wine Bar" in Baltimore. We had a wonderful dinner and she told me all about her experiences in college. I knew that she and her sister were probably up to their eyeballs in new friends. I did the same with my college experience. Then I had to break the news to her that I was leaving for the next 3 months. She did not take it very well. She put on a fake smile and told me she was proud of me. I knew she was hurt. I eventually got through the fake smiles and happiness and got her to tell me that she was not happy about my leaving. She started to tear up. She told she felt like she was losing me forever and that I didn't want to be with her. I had to tell her that things are not easy for me right now. I did want to be with her, but not like this. However, I had a service I had to pay to my country and I knew that even more important, I had to pay it to my father. I took Kaitlyn out to the lobby, found our waitress and paid her since we were making a scene. I drove her back to her dorm and we went up to her room to finish talking. She kept telling me how much she loved me and she didn't want me to go. I could only respond with "I know" and phrases along those lines. Before I knew it, I was in bed with her and we were passionately locked in a tongue battle. Our clothes just came off quickly and there was nothing slow or sexy about it like there was in the past. I "prepped" myself, we locked eyes and just started. We didn't giggle or anything like we did in the past. I was just sliding in and out of her. Afterwards, lay there hugging and she whispered in my ear to never let go of her. I just started crying as I buried my face in the crook of the neck. I didn't want to, but I had to let go. 

The day had arrived for me to depart from college and head to the Naval Base in Little Creek, VA. I had very good friend on my floor named Jason. He and I had bonded throughout my freshman year and his sophomore year of college. He wanted to be a Navy SEAL as well and it was amazing to meet another SEAL/SWCC hopeful. I was up dark and early as I said since I was up at 2:30 to go downstairs and meet my uncle. The man brought me a nice egg sandwich he made and I truly blessed him for that. I talked with him on the way to Little Creek about Kaitlyn and I. He told me that I am making a mistake leaving her and breaking it off with for the reasons that I have. He was right of course, but I was still standing by my decision. Kaitlyn did not have what it takes to be a military wife. She just isn't tough enough. I knew her better than I knew myself. I knew in the pit of my heart that it was wrong, but it had to be done. I was still kicking myself for sleeping with her the previous night. I knew I would message her or e-mail her when I got to base and they let us use our computers. The welcome was not fun at all. We were let in by 6:30 am on the dot and they immediately started their normally screaming and yelling. They were getting as physical as the law allowed them to get. We went to registration and they tried mess with our heads by just causing chaos and panic. However, after we got to our sleeping quarters and started getting settled, they cooled off and started actually giving us clear orders. We had PT around 1000 hours and then lunch at 1200 hours. We had training at 1230 hours and then dinner at 1730 hours until it was time for ASVAB practice at 1800 hours. At 1900 hours it was time for more some combat introductory and then 2100 hours we had free time up to 2200 hours when it was lights out. The next morning we had time from 900 to 930 hours at which the instructors would allow us to use computers. I used the time to e-mail my uncle and let him know things were going okay. I e-mailed Liv, Jason and some other friends of mine. Then I e-mailed Kaitlyn and told her again how sorry I was that this was happening to her. I love her and I want her to be happy. I told her to take these next 3 months to think about what it is she really wants and then I when I return we'll talk. I wanted her to also practice and see if she can be away from me for extended periods with only one e-mail per week. She responded back and told me she was happy for me and wanted me to attain my dream which she knew was becoming a US Navy SEAL. I knew she was lying through her teeth, but it was nice of her to not try to worry me when I needed to concentrate on the task at hand. I went to sleep that night with a clearer conscious. 

I am still training with other SEAL/SWCC cadet hopefuls from around the East Coast of the United States. The training gets harder and easier sometimes. We have already gone through brief periods of sleep deprivation and starvation. They keep telling us how BUD/S will ten times worse and some point they will starve us for two to three days and then give us garbage to eat. I'm sure everyone here can't wait for that if we all even make it to BUD/S. I have had a lot of time to think though. I have had moments of loving Kaitlyn and just wanting to go back and ask for her hand. Then I have days of just wanting to stick the knife in my heart and break it off with her for good and end the pain before it starts. I had talked to Liv via e-mail as well as some other friends. However, what Liv says is much more important to me since she has been through what I'm going through. I finally decided that when I go back I need to tell Kaitlyn that we are over for good. I want her to move on a find love with someone who doesn't have dreams in the military especially in one of the most dangerous areas of the military. I want to tell her that I love her and always will, but our time is over. Liv said she does not support my decision, but she said she will be here for me if I do that. That's very important to me at this point. I need her. If I break it off with Kaitlyn for good and cleanse myself of her forever, I will be a wreck and I will need her to just be there for me. I only wish my father had a say in this. He would tell me what I should do and it would make perfect sense. My life is inspired by that mans actions in life and in death. I love him more than anything in the world and everything I do is for him. I need to start crossing things off my to do list. My story is not over yet. This my perspective on one of the most epic father and son relationships ever. Please, readers of Protagonize.com, my life with Kaitlyn is not over yet, but it might be soon. Am I doing the right thing? Will history regard me as a good man for what I did for this girl? Give me some adivce on how I need to handle the situation I'm in with Kaitlyn right now. 

The End

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