The FeastMature


Heading back into the camp was interesting and when I went to my hut Eliza was waiting. "Well?" he smiled. Something was different about him. Oh yeah, he was stood like a man who had just had some very good fun.

I shrugged. "I don't know what you expect me to say" I laughed heading into my hut hearing my alpha follow.

"You didn't come back last night"

"We fell asleep in the woods" I said looking to my alpha who raised an eyebrow. A laugh spilled forth. "As wolves. No funny business happened"

"I should hope not" my alpha warned approaching me. He put a hand on my shoulder. "I believe in you as a beta, Ty, but you have a disadvantage her with Ava being from the other pack"

"I know" I sighed thinking back to her going away for a week with Ivan and her brother. Her brother. I must try speak with him. Surely getting into his good books would help me with getting into Ava's. 

Thinking about Ava made me zone off and remember how serious I had become. 'Oh pulchritudinem luna tenetis' I had said that to her and completely meant it. As wolf and as human she held the beauty of the moon. It had been a serious remark. "Ty?" 

"Huh?" I said coming out of thought.

Eliza laughed. "I'll leave you to prepare for the feast. You're sat with me" he said then left. Thinking about the feast made me grumpy. I had just missed out on sitting with her. Knowing she'd be sat with Ivan made me bristle with anger. 

I dressed into some different trousers taking my others to Penelope. She was the youngest of the pack at eleven. I felt sorry for the kid being given the minor chores having done so since she was eight. "Ty" she smiled lighting up with a smile. I knew she had a childish crush on me. We all did. 

For the sake of her being crushed I chose not to make fun of it like some of the others. "Hello, Penelope" I smiled watching her sway on her feet. "Just these"

I handed her watching her add it to the basket she put the washing. "There is so much!" she complained. "I've got a wolf from the other pack helping me now though"

"I'm glad" I smiled then left. It was only a few hours till sun down and then the feast would begin. I decided to go on a hunt. When I did I bumped into Ivan both in our wolf form. He growled low before he was soon joined by another wolf. This wolf barked at him then ran off. Ivan hesitated then followed. 

I frowned wondering who that wolf was. Later at the feast I discovered who it was. It was Ava's brother. He sat next to Ivan who closed Ava in next to Lerissa. I sighed annoyed and prodded my food.

"Don't feel glum" Eliza whispered bringing my eyes up. "Look"

I looked over and saw Ivan try to hold Ava's hand who pulled away giving him a warning. I couldn't help but smile. I mean she had slept upon me and had let me touch her cheek yet here she was not allowing Ivan to touch her hand. Although I suppose a public display was worse than a private one. It was inappropriate.

Yawning I wanted to retire but I knew I couldn't. I thought about the next night and how Ava turned me down on the howl. She had had every right to. It was a bit of a cocky request. I smiled to myself. "If you keep making faces I'm gonna wonder if you're sane" Eliza teased me.

I shot him a glare watching him laugh. "Says the guy who chased after a howl for three years" I joked back.

Eliza laughed. "Yes but she was real" he said smiling at Lerissa taking her hand. Lerissa smiled back and they kissed.

Ew. I looked away over at Ava who met my gaze then looked away. It was as if she'd been melting. Okay, I was getting somewhere.

The next morning I was exhausted and woke up late deciding to take a dip at the spring to wash. When I got to the spring I found Ava. Her glorious caramel skin all on show. I wanted to kiss it and see if it really tasted like caramel. Realising I was staring I quickly turned my back. "I didn't think anyone was here sorry" I said to her.

"It's fine." she said with a shrug not seeming to care everything was on display to my hungry eyes. I turned to her seeing everything down to the very curve of her figure.

"May I share the spring with you?" I said innocently but couldn't help the cheeky grin. She shrugged her back stretching beautifully as she did. Every move of hers was so elegant.

"It's not mine, go ahead"

I slipped off my trousers sliding into the water. I knew I should have washed with my back turned but the sight of her with the water drizzling down her skin made me hot. When I realised how hot I was finding it not wanting to embarrass her and myself. Lucky she didn't see and left before me. I took a glance and grinned watching as she pulled on her fur towel before walking off.

What was she doing to me that women? She was all caramel and blonde with this fiesty streak that made me want to be fiesty back. It was a crazy wirl of attraction and seduction. Man, was I really starting to want this girl as a mate?

The End

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