The Ties that Bind UsMature

I woke up to the smell of fresh water and cinnamon. I breathed in the heavenly scent before coming to the realisation I was still in my wolf skin and that I was laying shamelessly on top of Ty's thick coat. 

He whined in confusion as I rolled over and I gave him a short bark in return. 

Shifting back into his human form, he dragged a tired hand through his dishiveled hair, 'you're the one that fell asleep on me.' I looked down, dragging my eyes away from his flawless form. 

I barked at him, before shifting my own form to it's two-legged mirror. I grumbled unrecognisable words before dragging my hands through my tangled mane in an attempt to brush out the knots, 'go find my clothes.' I ordered, 'and your own while you're at it.'

He grinned widely at me before his chocolate brown fur shrouded his body, and left for around ten minutes. He returned with my clothes, and he was wearing his own loose trousers.  I took them from him with a nod. 

I stood there for a second, meeting his sultry, ever-steady gaze before I threw on my clothes.  For some reason I had no problem standing there, stark naked in front of him - it just didn't bother me in the slightest. I'm probably getting cocky.

Once my body was once again protected from his roaming eyes he asked me a unreasonable request, 'tomorrow... tomorrow is the feast the celebrate the two packs being united.' He began, 'would you sit by me?' 

I smiled apologetically, 'I'm afraid Ivan beat you to it, I appear to be trapped between him and Lerissa.' 

His energetic aura evaporated into the morning air and he sighed, scuffing the dewy forest floor with his toes. I rolled my eyes.

'Oh don't give me that!' I laughed, 'I get enough of it from Mr Puppy Eyes.' 

Ivan was a complete child at heart, a kindred spirit like myself. But at the best of times when things didn't go his way he was the master of emotional manipulation via the means of guilting me into troublesome situations. 

Ty threw me a smile which could send anyone to the spirit world, 'sorry. I guess I can't help but feel annoyed! He beat me to it,' he paused and pursed his lips, 'how about the full moon tomorrow? Will you howl with me?'

I cringed. 'No.' I replied, 'don't get ahead of yourself - I'm not going to howl with anyone until I feel ready to make a decision.' 

'Well; I tried,' he smirked, 'when can I next see you?' 

'Whenever I feel like seeing you.' I chuckled, 'I'm away after tomorrow with Ivan and Merloch, my brother. We're going to the coast for a week.'

'Oh...' Ty looked down, crestfallen, 'he really isn't playing fair is he.'

I rolled my eyes again, 'since when was this a game? Look, Ivan and Merloch are really close, the three of us have been together since cubs. If it bothers you that much I can see if they would be comfortable with you coming?' 

'It isn't a game, Ava.' He said, his face radiating seriousness. His face was all hard lines and sharp edges which made him all the more appealing. He really was the complete opposite of Ivan, who was all softness and femininity. 

'But I'm guessing your brother and Ivan are close,' he continued, 'he would happily see you with him. Being away for a week gives me less chance to know you; meaning we can't really get any where with whatever is to occur between us.' 

I was surprised by this sudden, serene nature of his. He was acting like a man rather than a cocky teenage boy. I smiled gently, 'all in good time, Ty. Your chances will come as mother nature intends them to. I am unsure of both you and Ivan. One week on top of seventeen years with him wont do anything to your chances.' 

His face softened in a way which weakened my usually steady knees, 'may I touch your cheek, Ava?' He murmured with all the purity of a child.

I continued to meet his melted blue eyes and inclined my head just a fraction, my breath caught in my throat. 

His warm fingers lingered on the apple of my cheek, resting on my steadily reddening face, his expression was one of wonder, his eyes so gentle I felt that if I, myself, uttered I word I would brake this man, so innocent on the inside, into thousands of tiny pieces. 

'Oh, pulchritudinem luna tenetis,' he breathed, and I felt the air leave me as his compliment washed over my entire being pleasantly. Though, it didn't quite feel like a compliment when the words escaped his sculpted lips, it felt like a fact. The single truth in this world which bound us together like the ties which bound Mother Earth and the wolves. 

'The beauty of the moon is not mine to hold,' I all but whimpered, centering my gravity so that I did not fall to my knees in front of this divine creature. 

He smiled, his lips trembled as he broke the moment the God's had given us by saying, 'we best get back before people start to assume things.' 

I coughed, the strength returning to each part of my soul and body, 'yeah. Lets go by foot today, though. I like the feeling of leaves between my mortal toes.' 

He pulled away from the invisible ropes which had us both caught together and began to walk away, a little ahead of me. I quickened my pace to catch up with him and we returned to the village. 

Even if it was only small, I was glad to see his honesty shine through his cruel demur. 

The End

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