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Yes, it did feel good to win one over Ivan especially with him stood right there as Ava excepted my moon proposal. She was very appealing in human form with that long blonde hair.  Her caramel skin was luxurious and all on show. It had been excruciatingly painful to keep to my rule of look not touch.

When the night came I felt... excited which was odd. Looking up to check the moon was out I hesitated by Ava's door. Everything was on the line here for me to be the perfect gentleman. Not the ladies man my pack new me for. Sneaking out of the forest to seduce human women every now and then. Eventually when I was sure the moon was out I knocked. "Come in" Ava called to me.

I wandered into the hut finding the normal rug bed and lack of furniture. "The moon has risen" I informed her.

"I noticed" she smiled "Well, then you take the lead as I have no idea where you're taking me!"

Her laugh was wonderful and made me stop for a moment. "I know a place to the east where we can talk for a while before we hunt"

"Talk. I've not heard that one before! Come on them, lets go." She said as she cocked her head.

"You may not know how much being beta means to me, Ava, but it means I will take this seriously"

"Beta, huh. Maybe that's your downfall." she says giving me a smile with a hint of pity in. It was concerning.

"My downfall how?" I ask her with a smile that I knew to be quite heart stopping according to the females I knew.

"You'll realise it yourself soon enough" she smiled back, equally heartbreaking. The smile made me want to seduce her like other females. I couldn't do that though. This was something I couldn't screw up and risking it like that wouldn't help me courting her.

I hummed to myself pondering over it as I led her towards the river to an opening by it. The view you got was wonderful and I'd picked this place for a reason. I had picked it with the hope she would like it. "I hope you like it. I found it a few weeks back" I said to Ava.

"It's... pretty.' She smiled awkwardly, 'I like the flowers.'

I frowned sensing that her hesitation was for a reason. "Please be honest with me. You seem unsure. If you wish you go somewhere else we can"

"I'm more of a race and brawl person over flowers and meadows." she smiled and I was glad she was honest.

I thought for a moment about where I could take her. I broke out in a grin and captured her hand in mine. "Come with me" I said feeling excited as I pulled her along through the forest to a cave. "Lets set ourselves a challenge"

"A challenge?" she grinned. A girl who liked to fight I was starting to discover was my type of girl. I'd never thought of it.

"First one to take down the bear" I say gesturing to the cave. She pursed her lips before breaking out in a smile.

"Don't be too disappointed when you loose!"

I watch her race in before me with a loud bear raw going out as she woke the bear. I grinned racing in after her. It was a long fight and I got a few hits into me but it was me that took the bear down. I watch her shift back pouting as she wrinkled her nose. Cheeky I bowed down low in submission with a cheeky glint to my eyes. "Ah, you got lucky!" she teased. I shifted back to. "I'm joking" she said softly. "You know you don't have to pretend around me, feel free to be yourself."

I couldn't help look her up and down now with her lack of clothes from the change. Her caramel skin so alluring. "I know" I smirked looking back up at him.

She laughed before teasing me by saying, "But don't forget I hold the power here mister!"

"Never but you've surprise me. I like a women who happily attacks a bear"

"What do you think I eat! I don't aim for rabbits anymore."

"Some female wolves don't test the limits" I shrug to her. "You do. Its quite.... appealing"

She raised her eyebrow at me. "Oh - I know. Now when are we going to do some real hunting?"

"When the lady requests it?" I says a bit sarcastic making a joke out of the deal.

"I request to do some real hunting"

"Then that is what we shall do" I say glad she wanted to. I shifted back enjoying the fur returning to me. I let out a howl loud feeling the thrum of it through the air. As I looked at Ava I saw her shift and my howl touch her before she joined in.

I stopped racing off ahead. Ava followed catching up. Gosh watching her run was beautiful. Watching her distracted me from my hunt. Soon enough we'd filled ourselves and were both exhausted. We collapsed down and I felt Ava's head rest on my chest. I looked down at her as we curled together our scents mingling into one. The scent we would have if we became mates.

It was like wet wood and the fresh taste of dew. I swallowed. It was a beautiful scent. I lay my head down and closed my eyes. 

The End

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