Ivan's fur bristled as Ty sauntered off with a sort of cocky swagger. I breathed out heavily through my nose, this second beta would be hard to shake off. But, still, he was kind of attractive in an irritating way. 

The black-furred beta next to me let out a frustrated growl and he slouched off in the same direction, toward the huts. I followed awkwardly, I knew Ivan was going to be painfully hard to handle when we got back. His moods often consisted of guilt-inducing puppy eyes and crocodile tears. 

I trotted toward my hut, which was located next to Lerissa's. I wrinkled my nose, all these new scents were messing with my head. Upon entering, I flipped my hair as I shook off my wolf skin and welcomed the fresh feeling of human flesh on my bones.

I grabbed my rugged, but still-soft hide set and tied them around my body. Deer hides were traditional of Larissa's pack, but they were worn however the wearer felt comfortable. Some of the men only wore deer-skin bracelets, but it's the thought that counts. 

'Ava?' Ivan's soft voice mumbled from outside my door, 'can I come in?' 

'Go ahead.' I said dismissively, turning to face him as he entered. His face scrunched up when he caught a whiff of the second beta on my skin.

'You stink,' he gagged, stifling his breathing with his hand. I laughed, pushing my hair out of my face.

'Gee, thanks, Ivan.' I chuckled, 'always a charmer.' He shot me a whithering look and sighed loudly.

'I meant you stink of him.' 

'I know I do - he was rubbing himself all over me. You know he's just trying to make you angry, you are his rival to become beta, after all.' I heaved a breath, pushing on my bangles over my wrists. Ivan looked at me with his brows furrowed, a pained expression on his face.

'Wont you even consider me? I'd make you so happy,' he whispered in a raspy voice, his eyes glistened with unshed tears. 

I rubbed the bridge of my nose, pursing my lips, 'Ivan, please lets not go into this now.' 

'Why?' He demanded, his voice pressing but still soft. 

'Because, I'm not ready to go ahead and make such a big decision like this. I need time.' I grumbled, 'now please just let it be. I'm going out.'

He followed me out silently, and as soon as we left my hut we were greeted with the other beta's smirking face.

'Hello again.' He purred. 

'Hi.' I said blankly, he was different from what I imagined he would look like. My eyes glided over his well built chest and tall frame. It was completely different from Ivan's body which I had grown accustomed to.

Ivan put an arm around my shoulder, cringing slightly at the strong scent which covered my skin like a thick mud. his eyes lit up and his teeth flashes menacingly as a rumble erupted from deep in chest.

My brows shot up in surprise, he growled? I wasn't even his mate, 'don't get cocky. I'm not your mate.' I laughed. 

'He's not playing fair either.' His eyes glared in the direction of Ivan's protective arm. I shrugged off Ivan's over familiar arm. 

'It's hardly comparable to your act of offensiveness earlier!' I snarled, 'you dare compare the act of defence to an act of defilation! I am not your mate! Do not act so rash or else I could easily choose Ivan for beta!'

He bowed his head. 'Sorry,' he said smoothly with no remorse. He shot a dirty look at Ivan before returning his eyes to mine, 'I don't think when I'm provoked. My name is Ty. Ty Rowen.'

I stared at him sleepily, no trace of recognition on my face, 'I'm Ava.'

'And I am Ivan Whitlock,' Ivan added, stepping forward, 'I'll be in competition with you for Ava's hand.' 

Ty raised his eyebrows, 'competition?' He breathed, 'you make it sound heartless.' 

Ivan bristled at it, throwing me a pained look in the hope that I'd defend him. I didn't meet his heart-melting gaze.

'It was nice to meet you, Ava. May I see you tonight for the moon?' He asked me innocently. I chuckled.

'Sure. But if you bore me I'll be leaving quicker than you can slip into your wolfy hide.' I said nonchalantly. 

I turned on my heel and headed toward the spring, ready to wash up after a long day running around in the forest.

The End

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