The Joining of the PacksMature

A story between CrystalRose and Riptearton.
When two packs collide which of the two betas will get the girl.

Ty Rowen

As we all approached there was a silence in the woods apart from the sound of our paws on the ground. Eliza's wolves followed him and I just saw, his soon to be mate, Lerissa approaching with her pack. Eliza gave off a howl which I followed then the rest of the pack. Lerissa and her pack joined in. The howl stirred the life in the forest letting them all know of what was about to occur. 

Each of the alpha's left there pack stalking over to one another. I watched with jealousy as Eliza pressed against the female. I glanced past the mating couple to Lerissa's pack. Her beta stood there with his midnight black fur then next to him was the beta female.

Her fur was a beautiful summer blonde. I found himself a little in awe but shook it out of me. I looked back to my alpha watching as they started to mark one another with their scent. Did I really want this? Nah, that would mean I'd have to dedicate myself. Although... I looked over at the beta female. With the uniting of the one packs there was one thing Eliza had informed me off. 

Only one beta from the packs would be staying on. There could only be one beta and the choice was going to be left to Lerissa's beta female. She had only just become available this year as a mate with the passing of her seventeenth birthday.

I found her appealing and being a beta was something that seriously mattered to me so I was going to take on the challenge. Eliza and Lerissa let out their mating howl which we eventually all joined in. The mated ones stopped running off as we kept the howl up for a few more moments. Once the howl faded off the packs looked at each other. I moved first wandering over to the beta female.

The other beta male got in the way giving me a low growl. The beta female inched away from him making it clear it wasn't his duty to protect her. I wish I could smirk cause the annoyed look that appeared on his face of being rejected was priceless. I inched over to the female watching the beta tense his muscles but not interfering. 

I looked to the female and barked. She bowed her head a little in respect before looking back up at me. I moved to her rubbing my side along hers in a sign that I was offering to take her as a mate. 

I heard the other beta growl as I pulled away from the female. I really wish I could smirk at him but I think the amusement came across in my eyes. He stared back angrily with his teeth slightly bared in challenge. Unimpressed I looked back at the female who seemed embarrassed.

Cheekily I pressed my nose to hers in a kiss watching the beta wolf bark. I snapped back before leading the pack off to where Eliza had told me to take them leaving Lerissa's pack behind.

As we raced through the forest I thought about the females scent how it was very soft. It was appealing and I knew the beta male I was against wouldn't be able to stand her scent for a while since mine was mixed with hers from my offer of mating. I remembered her embarrassment and found it cute. She was a new wolf to the mating scene. Then being a female wolf she probably hadn't been around like male wolves could.

I grinned. I was going to win he knew that but what worried him was the dedication. Would I be able to handle that?

I brought the pack to the stop and shifted. I looked at the new camp happy. The huts had been built by Lerissa's pack seeing as she was now lower under Eliza it was her gift to him. A new home. A place for the pack to live and raise their young before the young split off to make their own pack.

As I looked for my hut I found myself thinking back to when Eliza had turned 17. When he'd called the howl to the rest of the young of the pack. How he had bitten me to signal me his beta. How Felicity had tried to be his mate and he'd turned her down hearing the other howl through the forest. Being only sixteen at the time I had found his obsession with the howl odd.

He never let it go though and eventually found his wolf three years later. Lerissa had been looking for him to. It was said that all alpha's all have a destined mate. I wished it was that easy for the rest of us.

The End

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