Chapter TenMature

I searched the house but, found no sign of Theo. Frustrated, I escaped to my room, and shut the door behind me. The second my feet brushed more than a foot inside, my stomach did another nervous flip, and I knew he was close. Going to my window I listened to the tiny voice in my head that told me to follow my gut, and pushed the double door set open, and leaned out; my eyes searching the rooftop. “Looking for someone?” He voice startled me, and I hit my head along the seal.  At that, he jumps down, and comes through the window, and takes in every inch of my room. Wincing, I rub the throbbing spot on my forehead until it subsides. This wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been hiding. I silently scold him in my mind.

                When he’s finished examining my room, he quickly closes the space between us, his hand moving to the spot on my forehead, I can only assume must be turning purple with a bruise. “I think I’ll live.” I say, breathing him; he smells like my favorite detergent, and for a second I wonder if he uses it too.

“I apologize for scaring you.” His words are ragged, and earnest. “I just wanted to make sure you we okay after last night?”

                For a moment our eyes lock, and we hold each other in a moment. I stare helplessly entrance into his electric blue eyes. But, then Logan, and the moment the two of us had just shared came to mind, and I had to look away. I felt guilty, and embarrassed although I hadn’t wanted him to kiss me. I didn’t even kiss back but, I was scared to tell him, and until I did I wasn’t sure how to get past keeping something like that. Moving to my bed, I took a seat on the right side; my side. Theo joined me soon after, finding a place at the foot of the left. Seeing the look in his eyes, I could tell he knew I was keeping something. I wanted to tell him but, I was scared. Scared he would move on after hearing that I hadn’t told him I didn’t feel the same. That I chickened out and instead probably made things worse by kissing the palm of his hand.

                Instead of pushing for information, he let out a sigh, and changed the subject. “So Gray told you?” He said in a matter of fact way.

“That the two of us are destined?” I began. “That I was the last puzzle piece to saving more lives than people I know.” I paused. “That I don’t belong here . . . yeah, he told me.”

                Throwing my body back, I lay sideways across my bed. I lay there for a beat before Theo joins me. The feeling of his body so close to mine, like this, ignited something I fought to resist. That was when the words from the book suddenly came to mind, and it all began to make sense.

It wasn’t that they were going to fall in love but, the inescapable fact that they would. There is no error, no room for doubt. They were meant for each other whether they liked it or not.

Without warning Theo rolls along his side, as if hearing my thoughts, and pushes a lock of hair behind my ear. In reaction to his touch, my attention is severed from my line of thought, and I willingly give in to him. “What he told you last night is only scratching the surface to who we are. We are destined, yes but, there is so much more to us than that.” He pauses briefly, and runs a finger down my arm, and I feel it awakening me in a place I’m too shy to admit. Instantly my cheeks flush with a burning heat, and I shift uncomfortably against him. Seeing that, he continues. “He told you that we predate back centuries, correct?” I nod my head, and he continues, his finger still moving over my skin. “That’s because we were created to love one another, it’s in our blood. But that isn’t the only thing we were create for, that we share. Separate, the two of us are strong. You, although are unconvinced, have abilities the world has not seen, and I am your match; your guardian per say. Together we are unstoppable, not just because of what I’m telling you but, because I know you feel the connection we have anytime we’re close.”

“I don’t understand.” I say, taking advantage of the break in his words to say what I’ve been thinking. I expect him to become annoyed, or aggravated that I just can’t believe that what he is saying is true. When in reality, he simply pulls me up on my side to face him, and I’m suddenly consumed by whatever it is we share.

“That’s okay,” He smiles, his fingers moving to the spot just behind my ear, his thumb brushing against my cheek. “It scared me at first, too. But, I promise; give me a few days, and you’ll see.”

“And if I say no?” the words tumble out of my mouth before I even realize it.

                He drops his hand, and sits up, my pull to him bringing me with him. “I don’t know.” He says as if pained. I watch his eyes search the length of the carpet in my room, and I long to ease him mind. “I guess I never got that far.”

              He left shortly after that, and with him I felt a part of me go too. I can’t explain why it’s so hard for me to accept everything their saying as a possibility. I guess I just take after my mother more so in the sense that I only see the truth of reality vs my father who reads books, in which would easily fall short to this twist of a tale. If you change your mind, you know how to find me. The lure of his words call out to me as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. My dreams full of possibilities.

The End

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