Chapter EightMature

“You should be more careful.” The soft sounds of Gray’s voice register within me. At the same time, he lifts his hand, motioning to a thick weathered book I had yet to notice until now. “Theo is not one for sharing.”

“What do you want?” I say, surprised by how much stronger I sound now that Theo is far enough away I can think straight. “I’m not assuming you came all this way just to warn me about a teen’s personal concerns. I get the feeling you couldn’t care less either way.”

                I expected him to yell, or at least roll his eyes in annoyance as he did when Logan was here. Yet, instead he burst out laughing as if I had just told the most hilarious joke he had ever heard. Holy crap, this guy is crazy. “What’s so funny?” I make it a point to ask; curiosity getting the better of me.

                “Nothing, just that . . . Theo is far from being classified as a teen, and the mere thought of it makes me laugh.” Pausing, he wipes the water from his eyes, and then continues. “Besides, I think you know why we are here, or at least you have an idea.”

                I press my hands into my lap to keep from fidgeting. He was right; I did have an idea. “You’re here because Theo and I are connected somehow?” I offer, the words coming from a voice in my head telling me to trust my gut.

                “You are correct.” Gray smiled, and then reached to remove his hat tossing in on the table in a huff. I watch him for a moment before he catches me.

“What do you want from me?”

                “Personally?” Gray asks although it wasn’t a question. “Nothing. I’m only here to make sure that Theo doesn’t kill anyone, and because it was my job to find you.”

“Your job?”

                “Pretty much.”

“But, why was your job to find me?” I ask utterly confused. I’m nobody important. “Who am I to you?”

                Its then, all sense of humor slips from his face, and I can see just how old he really was. “You are the final piece to puzzle that will save thousands of lives.” . . . Umm, what?

                I swallow hard fighting off the urge to not break out in a series of laughter just like he had moments ago. Okay, now I know he is crazy. “Yeah. Okay.” I say, and pull my legs up underneath me. “And Theo and I are betrothed.”

                But, Gray doesn’t seem fazed at all. “Not entirely but, close enough.” Narrowing my eyes at him, I can tell by the look on his face he wasn’t joking. In whatever world  he is living in, he actual believes what he is saying. “Emery your existence predates back centuries ago, and whether you believe what I’m telling you or not, it’s the truth. Theo and you are destined, and I was sent here to bring you home. You were never meant to live here forever; the Divinities need you.”

                “The who’s?” Destined? Bring me home?

“The Divinities; it’s how we separate our people. Here, the Mundanes, they are only one out of five, and you are their protector.”

                “Me?” I ask, not out of truth but, just to hear him confirm what I was hearing.

“Yes, you Emery.”

                “Okay, well this was fun.” I say, and hop up from the couch. “I think it’s time for you to leave now.”

                “I can’t leave without you.” He says rising from his seat. “We need you to come with us; you have to believe me. You and Theo need to stop Kane before it’s too late!”

“I don’t know a Kane.” I say the second my fingers grip the front door’s knob. “But, if I find one I’ll let you know.” Opening it, I motion for him to leave. Theo said I had a choice, he said they would leave. I remind myself in an attempt to stay strong. I glance behind me into the kitchen completely unaware that the time has crept past six am. “It’s time for you to leave. I heard what you had to say, and now I’m asking you to go.”

                Standing, he grabs his hat and returns it atop his head.  “Of course.” He says in compliance, and moves to pick up the book; his fingers trailing the ridges of its spine. Leaving it, he moves to the door and holds out his hand to me. “Even though you are weary of what I’ve told you, I know you will figure it out when you’re ready.” Pausing he looks back to the book, and then back at me. “Keep it, and when you’re ready, you can come find us.”

                “Thanks,” Was all I said, my hand slipping from his, as he exited my house, and vanished somewhere in the distance. What a freaking night.

The End

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