Chapter SevenMature

“It’s nice to see you again.” He says, the corners of his mouth pulling into another heart stopping smile. I swallow hard, and try to focus. “You’re probably wondering why I’m here?”

                “Don’t tell me you’re Jimmy?” I say without thinking, instantly regretting it as I do.

                “Afraid not.” He laughs, taking a step towards the doorway, his feet skimming the rubber just inches away from my own. “Do you want to invite me in?” his words drift through the air around me, and settle somewhere I hadn’t known existed until recently. I blush once more, already well aware of what I wanted to do.

                “Yes.” I answer in earnest but, refuse to elaborate.

“But, you won’t?” He asks, although, it wasn’t meant as a question. I shake my head, and will myself to stay strong. Something about him showing up, feelings or not, just didn’t seem right. I force myself to step back, my body physically hating me as I do. What the hell is going on?

                Seconds later, the girl with the purple highlights, and pale features returns, only this time she wasn’t alone. Standing beside her, another man, almost as gorgeous as the one before me, offers me a wave. Unlike the other two, he looked the most normal. He was tall, with salt and peppered colored hair, and old eyes; dressed in jeans and a brown jacket with a cowboy hat on his head. “Precious, wait here.” His tone was flat, and unamused, as he gracefully walked up to the door. The girl with the highlights, Precious, staying where she was told. “Good evening.” He smiled his teeth perfectly straight. I sucked in another breath, an uneasy feeling finding me again. Taking another step back, I bumped into Logan who had yet to snap out of whatever trance his was in. “Oh, he will be alright.” The man in the hat said after seeing my reaction to him standing there like that. “Just a little magic trick.” And then he stepped inside, and went into the family room.

                “Wait a minute.” I say after he takes a seat. “I didn’t invite you into my house, you need to leave!”

“I’m sorry but, that is not an option.” He smiles sweetly, and reaches for a handful of popcorn. “Mmm Theo, you should try this.” He adds after a mouthful.

                “Theo?” I say the name aloud, and taste the way it sounds on my lips. My eyes immediately turn to him, and I smile. “You’re Theo?”

“Yes,” he smiles, his voice like silk, and I watch his eyes move past me to the man with the hat. “I’m fine where I’m at Gray, thanks.” 

                “Suit yourself.” I hear Gray call out behind me. Brushing the salt form the popcorn off on his jeans. After a beat he clears his throat, and then continues. “Yes, he is Theo, and you’re Emery, and we are here to because we are in need of your assistance.”

                I had been stuck in a moment with the guy I now know as Theo, when the sound of my name rips my attention away. “How did you know my name?” I say aloud, suddenly all too aware of the voice in my head telling me to run. I glance back to Theo before my nerves get the best of me, and I break into a dead sprint towards my room.

Just as I’m about to reach for the knob, a wild gust of wind spins me around, and I’m instantly pinned against it. Only it wasn’t wind at all, it was. . . “Theo?” I say his name between shallow breaths. Pressed against me, he held my hands pinned above my head with one hand, while the other rested against the small of my back; steadying me. I took a breath in trying to calm my nerves, although nothing was going to help until we put some distance between us. The closeness of his lips to mine is making my head spin, and it’s taking everything I have not to give in and close what little distance that separates us.

                As if sensing me struggling within myself, he drops my hands, and takes a step to the side. His head leaning against the wall, his breathing as staggered as my own. If I wasn’t too dizzy to focus, I would think he can feel this too. This strange, unnatural, attraction between us making each moment harder and harder to resist its pull. “Just hear him out.” His voice pulls me from my inner babbling. “I promise, if after you hear what he has to say; if you still want us to leave, we will.” Tilting my head to look at his face, I know he is telling the truth. I can’t explain how I know, I just do.

                “Fine.” I say, and kick off the wall, and head into the family room. Theo a step or two behind me. “If you want to talk, alright but, then I’ll need you to fix Logan.” I exclaim. It had been some time, and I was starting to worry about brain damage.

                “Fine.” Gray sat up in his seat. His expression impassive as he called for Precious to come into the room. “Precious, please wake up Emery’s friend here.”

                “Of course,” she smiled, and walked over to stand in front of him; her hands moving to hold the sides of his face, as she pulled his lips to hers, and kissed him. What the hell? It took a minute but, when it worked, I watched him stumble back, and fall to the floor. “There.” Was all she said as she moved back into the living room, and settled herself along the couch.

                “Logan,” I called out, and quickly ran to where he lay on the floor. He was sweating, and shaking uncontrollably. With my left hand, I move to push some of the hair from his eyes but, he intercepted it. “Ouch.” I wince in pain as his grip tightens like the vice of a snake along my arm. What is this? “Logan, stop. You’re hurting me.” I barely have time to notice anything happening behind me, until I see Gray throwing himself between Theo, and the spot where Logan and I sit. At the same time, Logan’s grip loosens, and his eyes blink open.

                “Emery,” His voice is barely audible, I almost miss it.

“I’m here.” I say, and help him sit up, his hands still holding onto me for support.

                “Take a break, and scan the perimeter.” I hear Gray’s voice in background as a warning. Only second later do I see a blur of Theo’s shadow exiting the front door. “Emery, I think it’s time your friend leaves. We need to talk.” Its then I realize the seriousness in his words, and fear begins to settle in. If not for myself but, for my friend. I nod in understanding.

                “Who are all the people, Em?” Logan asks, and I hear the exhaustion in his voice.

                “They are friends of the family, my dad asked to come, and check in on me.” I lie, and motion for someone to hand me Logan’s key’s from the coffee table. It took a second but, Gray finally figured out what I was pointing to. “Are you going to be okay to drive?”

                “What? No!” he suddenly pulls from my grip just before we’re out the door. “No, I’m not leaving you alone with them.” His tone is definite. “I’m staying.”

                Rolling his eyes out of what I can only think of as annoyance, Gray looks over to Precious who is currently reading one of my mother’s People Magazines. “Ahem.” He clears his throat, earning an impassive glance from her. The two exchange another glance, and as if hearing his thoughts aloud, she leaned across the back of the couch, and did something I’d never thought I’d see. “Hey, lover boy.” She called out to Logan, who surprisingly looked up on cue. She smiled devilishly. Two seconds later he was back in another trance.

“Really? Did you have to do that?” I yelled at the both of them. “Now what are we going to do?”

                “You and I are going to do nothing.” Gray calmly stated, and reclaimed his spot on the chair. “We are going to have our little talk while the others escort your play thing home.”

                “He’s not my play thing, he is my friend!” I yell out into the room. “I don’t even know what you mean by that.” I lie, I had an idea but, either way it wasn’t the point.

                Gray looks past me, into the kitchen as if someone were there, and decided better than to push any further. “Precious, take Theo, and escort this young man home.” He pauses, and after watching her roll off my families couch and onto her feet, a little too excitedly, he feels the need to add. “I want no harm to come to him. You are to escort him home and nothing else, understood?”

“Whatever.” He tone apparently drops, and she barrels out the front door. I head over to the couch, and sit opposite to the side the chair is closet to.

                Theo enters a moment later, and recovers Logan’s body. Our eyes connect briefly, and with a smile he hauls Logan over his shoulder, and shuts the front door behind them. The silence from neither Gray nor I having said a word, engulfing the room with an awkward stillness, and in it my mind wanders off as I say a little pray that Logan will be okay. 

The End

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