Chapter SixMature

I worked the night shift, and for the most part it had been quite. Sneaky Peeks had only two customers so far, and even though tips would suck, it was nice to have some time alone to think. Thirty minutes later my manager made the call around ten to close up; no one was going to face coming out in this storm. At least not for our food. I dropped my keys when I got home, and struggled for a moment. The storm had blocked out the moon, and most of the stars making it difficult to see anything past you hand. When I finally found them I reached for the door but, was sideswiped as soon as the door was unlocked. “Let me help. “ Logan’s voice called out, startling me to death, his hand already reaching around behind me, and opened the door. I jump back, and grab at my chest, my heart racing. 

                “You’re a jerk!” I yell across the room at him as I try to find the lights. “You scared me half to death.”

“Sorry, I thought you would have heard me.” He is quick to say. Shrugging out of my rain coat, I move to sit next to him on the couch.

                “What are you doing here anyways?” I ask, I hadn’t remembered us having any plans. Did we?

“Mila told me about your parent’s trip, and I figured you might want some company?”

                Narrowing my eyes at him, he doesn’t blink, making me wonder if that was really the reason he had come but, instead of pushing I simply stand up. “Whatever. Just choose us a movie, and I’ll grab some popcorn.” I say, and hurry into the kitchen. When I return Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is playing, and I have to admit he chose well. Before long we are laughing, and having a good time. I only partially notice the way he has been watching me in the moments he reaches for more popcorn. His eyes trailing from my arm vicariously holding the bowl, to my shoulder, from my shoulder to my neck, and so on to the point I think he is gearing up to kiss me. After a beat I hand him the bowl hoping to further discourage anymore thoughts he may have. But as we reach the halfway point in the movies, the doorbell rings, and the mood immediately drops. “Hold on,” I call from my spot on the couch, and slide in my socks as careful as can be as not to slip along our hardwood floors.

                Brushing up on my tiptoes, I peer through the peep hole to find a short girl with pale features standing on the other side. She had jet black hair, and purple highlights, and she was wearing a leathered outfit like something fashioned right out of the Underworld.  I wave Logan from the couch, feeling braver with him close, and then reach for the knob. “Um, hello?” I hear the soft pitch to her words as I inch the door open.

                “Hi?” I say, plastering on a smile that doesn’t make me seem like I’m being cautious. “Lost?” I offer for my own benefit.

                “Oh, no I . . . well, you see my car broke down, and my phone died.” She paused briefly mid-thought, and shifted her eyes to Logan, who come to think of it was being oddly quiet. “Anyways, that’s beside the point. Would you mind too terribly if I borrowed your landline to call for a ride. My boyfriend Jimmy doesn’t live all that far away?”

                Turning back as if to weigh Logan’s thoughts, I could tell something wasn’t right. His expression seemed hollow and bare. Almost as if he were in some kind of trance. I snap my finger in attempt to bring him out of it but, it had little effect. Seriously? I scold him silently in my head. What is going on with you today? I roll my eyes in defeat, and then turn back to the door. Only, when I did she wasn’t there.  In her place was the guy from the theatre, his electric blue eyes boring into me with an intensity I couldn’t place. My stomach rolled per usual, and suddenly the space between us felt too distant, and I took a step in his direction seamlessly.

                He was wearing an outfit much like the day we first met but, in replace of his black shirt he wore a dark gray one. Only in the light can I now see just how the muscles in his arms pull it its sleeves, and the definite raise in his collarbones. I remember to breathe after minutes pass, and then I find his eyes, again. My cheeks suddenly on fire as I’m sure he can more than tell what effect he has over me. “Hello.” His voice is ragged, and I find myself questioning it.


The End

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