Chapter FourMature

I rode the entire way home in silence, my mind running rapid trying to make sense of what just happened. Never in my life have I felt even an inch of how he made me feel tonight toward anyone, ever. Maybe it was the movie? I offer myself. It could have been but, I don’t know. That didn’t feel like simple succumbing of flirtation brought on by a movie, it felt raw, and real. Almost old, in the matter of sense, like it had been present my whole life, only just now revealing itself the moment we touched. Rolling my eyes at how stupid that had all just sounded, I raise my hands and rub my temple in opposite directions. With each rotation, I beg my mind to forget about it already.

                “Headache?” Mila asks as the three of us head up towards my room to hang out a few more minutes before Logan had to leave. The second we’re all inside, I shut the door, and head for the window seat.

                “Yeah, it just started.”

“Well maybe it was brought on by the freakishly hot guy you were gabbing with not too long ago.” Her tone was serious, yet playful. Across the room I see Logan shift inside himself, and then carry on texting into his phone. I shoot her a look while he isn’t paying attention.

                “I don’t think so.” I finally answer her after a minute or two. “This feels sinus related.” I lie, although, it felt like the right thing to do.

                “I’ll go.” Logan’s voice drawls, as he slides off the bed unwillingly, and heads for the door. “That way you can get whatever boy talk out of the way, and then maybe we can watch some sports center on TV. I fear I’ve reached my limit in about all the sappy girls’ stuff I can take for one night.” And with that Logan vanished down the hall. Mila didn’t miss a beat.

                “So?” She whipped towards me, and inched closer along the floor.


                “Emery Clave, you cut the bull this instance, and tell me.” Her words falling out in a sharp jumbled mess.

                “Okay, okay.” I cave, and then lean back against the window seal. “Umm he was just. . .”

“Hotter than hell itself!” She finished for me. I smile when that seemed for the most part, to sum it all up, and then together we break into a laugh. My subconscious working hard at trying to block out the image of the two of us standing along the stairs: his eyes holding me, and something much bigger than the two of us. By the time we calm down Logan has returned; a bottle of Advil, and a glass of water balanced uncoordinatedly as he works at shutting the door behind him. Within the hour, we are watching a movie, and Mila has drifted off uninterested in Logan’s choice.

                “It’s late.” Logan yawns as the credits begin to play. “I guess, I should head out.”

                I nod, and stand to join him but, before we head to the front door, he carries Mila to the other side of my bed. Opposite where I sleep. “Thank you for coming tonight.” I say once the front door is shut, just in case our voices wake my parents. My mom wouldn’t care one bit that Logan was still here but, if Mila was asleep, meaning it had basically been the two of us alone in my room. . . Well, that would be a different story my dad may not find funny. “Drive safe and text me when you get home.” I say out of habit. It was just something polite to say to those you cared about, and I did. I care about Logan no matter if it’s in a romantic way, or a brotherly sense, I care.

                “I will.” He said his voice barely audible as he envelops me in a tight hug. But as I move to hug him back, my eyes immediately shift to Mrs. Robert’s house across the street, and the person standing amidst her yard. Once again, I’m crushed under a massive wave of emotions, and I stumble back. “Em! Are you okay?” Logan’s voice drips with concern as his arms move to steady me. I brush the back of my left hand across my forehead as if I had been sweating.

                “Yeah, it’s just. . . my headache.” I lie, and for the second time tonight I knew it was the right thing to do. Only this time I wasn’t sure why.

                “Well, get inside.” Logan commands, and opens the front door to help me in. “Do you need me to help you into bed?” He added. The question itself, coming across more like an invitation to something more although I knew him better than for it to be. I shake my head, and we part at the door. My mind racing, I stumble back to my room, and fall into bed. A heavy veil of sleep consuming me almost before I had time to question what his presence here had meant, or the fact that, even that far away, and through the shrill of darkness, how I knew it was him. Morning came as a breath of relief. 

The End

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