Chapter TwoMature


My car jerked in disapproval the second my tires hit the gravel path of Bobby’s drive way. Volkswagen Beetle’s weren’t meant to go off-roading, and mine was no exception but, we were running late. By the time we parked Logan had already been here for twenty minutes. We hurried inside, and after a lot of greeting people we’ve known for years, we met him out by the pool. It was already dark outside but, the air still held a humid ninety six degrees. We found him in the pool, an arm draped over Sara Lane, a beer in hand. I rolled my eyes silently scolding him in my head. I should have known this was where he would be. But the instance he saw us, he jumped out, and enveloped us into one big huge. The tips of my left sleeve, and back now completely soaked.

Mila, being her usual self-conscious self, kicks out of the hug, and makes a dramatic effect of brushing him off. Logan’s eyes meet mine, and for a second I feel exposed. His eyes immediately shift to my outfit, and then proceed to examine the rest of me. My cheeks flush hot with embarrassment, and I have to look away. He had never looked at me in that way before, and I wasn’t sure how to react. Logan and I have been best friends since fifth grade. Our dads both serve on the town’s board of education together and we met at one of their quarterly family events. Sure at one time I thought we might get together but, it just never happened. We were always too good of friends, and neither one of us wanted to risk compromising that.

Although with the way he was looking at me it definitely did not feel like a friendly gesture.  I’ve seen it before. He does the same thing to Sara every time he sees her; he has been seriously chasing this girl for the past year. So what changed? “It’s about time you two got here!”  He says once Mila finishes her de-Loganing herself. I smile at her, and he continues; the concrete below him beginning to pool from all the water he had on him. “I’ll go grab ya’ll a drink just wait here for me.”

                He was gone before either of us could say a word. Seconds passed before someone called Mila over to their group to talk about how her summer had been. I sit down on the edge of the pool, and let my legs sink into the refreshing coolness of the water. My white flip flops sit to the right of me, Sara floating somewhere in the water to my left. “Emery?” A voice bellows from the distance, and I quickly find Bobby waving across the pool at me. I smile, and return the gesture. Immediately he dives under water, heading in my direction. The wake from him resurfacing brought a chilling rush of water to brush across my legs. I shiver, and shift uncomfortably.

“Hey, Bobby. How has your summer been?”

“Oh you know, my parents and I flew to New York like usual for vacation, and then we stopped in Miami before racing back here for my party.” He said, his words dripping with allure. He swims up to the side, and crosses his arms along the concrete by my flip flops. I almost go to move then but, decide against it. I almost liked having the small distance between us. Not like Bobby was at all the kind of guy to try anything; he maybe annoyingly rich, and boastful but, he wasn’t a player.

“That sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to travel but, never seem to make it out of state.” I say in earnest. It wasn’t as if I was embarrassed. My parents just aren’t big on traveling; my dad works all the time, and would rather sleep on his free time or read, and mom just gets home sick too easily. If I ever wanted to travel it would have to be later in life when I’m out on my own.

“Well, maybe you, Mila and Logan can all tag along sometime.” He smiles up at me, his fingers busy placing tiny wet fingerprints along the ground. It’s then I catch Logan walking slowly towards us, balancing three cups amongst his hands. In the distance I can hear Mila saying her goodbyes to whomever it was she was talking to. They arrive at the same time. I reach for my cup, and see Bobby glancing up to Mila, his eyes drinking her as if he were dying of thirst. Ever since freshmen year Bobby has made it clear that he was into her. Yet, she hasn’t seemed to notice. “Hey Mila.” He adds after she joins me sitting in the water.

“Hey Bobby, awesome party this year.” She says without missing a beat. I roll my eyes annoyed with how blind she was. How could she not know? Ever since the moment she walked over, he went from finger painting water marks, to full on hypnosis. I don’t think he has blinked once.

Suddenly water engulfs my lap, and soaks my shirt, and I look over to find Logan cowering behind Sara. “Did you just. . .” I let my words trail off as the realization that he had done that on purpose trying to get me wet, rings loud and clear in the back of my mind. I set my drink down, and stand up. Ignoring the on-looking glances from people around us, as I quickly shrug out of my wet clothes and jump in, almost losing my swimsuit top as I came up out of the water. “You’re going down.” I laugh, at the same time splashing a huge wave of water directly at him. Unfortunately I miss, and instead of hitting him, it completely soaked Sara. Her eyes were like daggers but, I didn’t have any time to apologize before Logan grabbed me and threw me deeper into the pool. The rest of the night passing by in a blur of drunken fun, as we kick off the ten short days before school starts with a bang. 

The End

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