A Bit Of History

Perhaps I can begin by telling you the history of how the human race came to be. Our race is a superior race. We have unbelievable powers that have never been known to mankind. Throughout history, we have been known as the Greek gods and goddesses of Olympus, the Nephilim in the Holy Bible, the Aryan race Hitler believed to be the highest most superior race, and we have been known as angels and demons. We certainly were like gods and goddesses. We couldn't have wished for anything better. We roamed around Earth, growing and cultivating wildlife. Back then, the world was fresh and beautiful with its vegetation and animals. Though we were known as two separate groups of Light and Dark, we certainly weren't separated. Relationships formed between the Light and the Dark; we were a mixed group. Our powers differed, that was the only difference between us. We all had wings. Wonderful glorious wings. Once you had come of age and understood your power, your wings sprouted and showed what side you were on. Typically, black was the Dark side's color, and white was the Light side's color. Dark side reveled in black magic, which consisted of shape-shifting, bringing death upon things, and separating objects. Light side worked in a different type of magic: Bringing life to animals and plants, bringing things together, and of course, the Light side could also shape-shift, but much less. Thousands, millions, trillions of us stayed on Earth. And then, the Great War happened. One of the Dark side, Lucifer, proclaimed to us all that he wanted to go further than Earth. Why not take over more than one planet, and be rulers of the universe? He persuaded many people. But some of us, mostly the Light side, shook our heads. “Too much power can lead to greed and hurt,” they said. Our people knew that Lucifer had a temper though. He kept quiet for several millennium, but finally, one fateful day, he rounded up his people, which consisted of more than half of the Dark side, and raged war on us. Lucifer had gone mad. He now took it further, and believed that our mixed people should now become separate into just the Dark side and the Light side. No more group activities, no more relationships among us. And we listened. We listened because we had no other choice. Lucifer took aside anyone who was willing and personally taught them black magic. He abused his powers. And when he thought his army was too little, he forced some from the Light side to come onto his side. He truly turned us into demons and angels. Then we fought back . The Light side had been building weapons quietly, secretly. In the night, we rampaged among the Dark, killing whoever opposed us. Lucifer disappeared sometime during the night, and we never found him again. And this was when the humans were made. The Dark certainly put up a huge fight. They tore us apart, took our powers, and slit our throats. Those who'd had their powers taken were nicknamed, “The Fallen Angels”. There was no way that they could receive their powers again. And so, they became humans. They separated themselves from us, away from our protection. The rest of us went underground. We decided there was to be no more simple freedom, no more ways for criminals to get away with anything they wanted. We made what we had never thought of before: a government. The oldest of us, the wisest, became the Council of Elders. They were to decide rules, make a foundation for us. We worshiped them because we were grasping that one sliver of hope that we could still be a superior race. They made rules. We kept the Light and Dark side because it was our culture, the foundation of our race. But we were never the same. Light and Dark, friends and foes.

The End

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