In the Rain...Mature


After getting home, too, I was gloomy. I couldn’t think about the thing that had happened. Mom was bothered and she knew right that I was not fine. “Honey, what’s wrong?” she rubbed my hand up and down. “Nothing, mom.” I hugged her. My eyes started watering and my mascara spread all over. Mom’s shirt got black with mascara and got spoilt. “Something with Tyler?” she asked.  I nodded.

“I need to be alone.” I walked upstairs, without looking at concerned mom. I washed my face and got into my track pants and shirt. I wore my running shoes and got out of home. It was a little chilly and was drizzling a bit. Good, now no one would know I was crying. The showers got heavier and it started raining heavily. I kept walking in the rain, listening to songs on my iPod. The streets were empty, just like I wanted. I didn’t think till sometime. I just looked ahead and kept walking, looking deep into the other side of the road. Everyone had shut their windows because of the heavy rain. I looked like a fool walking on the streets in the heavy rain. The clouds thundered but I still continued to walk. My walk turned into a jog.  

Suddenly, I felt Aaron near me. “Are you following me?” I asked, still looking ahead.

“Yes. What are you doing, Lillian?”

“Can't you see? Enjoying the rain.”

“C’mon, I know you’re not enjoying the rain.”

“Then you should know what I am doing, if you know I'm not enjoying the rain.”

“What’s wrong with you? Have you lost it?”

I said nothing.

“Lillian!” He stood in front of me, irritated, blocking me and not letting me jog. He caught hold of my shoulders and grabbed me closer. “Stop doing this. Why are you hurting yourself? Does he even care that you’re thinking so much about him? He ought to know what you are going through, but does he even bother to see what you’re suffering? He’s a user, Lil, and that slut, she’s not worth him, nor is he worth you. Why don’t you understand? Stop crying over a guy who used you. You deserve someone more better...” Aaron’s talks were fading away, as I examined his fretful face, his forehead wrinkled with worry, his eyes sparkling with concern, his mouth still moving.

All of a sudden, I clung to him. He seemed to stop; I only heard the pitter-patter of the rain. His hands moved to my head. I embraced him, tighter. I broke out. He quickly pushed away and watched me cry. “Lillian,” I shook my head with disapproval, disapproval to crying over a guy who used me. “It’s okay,” he wiped my tears carefully. “It’s not, Aaron, why does this happen to me? Why me all the time for all the nightmares of life?” I sobbed. “I understand, dear, but you can't do anything. You’ve only got to learn from your experiences. C’mon, stop crying, I can't see you cry, you know that. At least don’t cry for me?” “I looked into his eyes. He meant it. He really couldn’t see me cry like this. I had never cried like this in front of him. This time it was horrible and he couldn’t watch it, I knew this.

I nodded to him. A small smile rose up, unwillingly. “That’s like my girl.” He said, wiping my tears again, embracing me into a bear hug this time. I hugged him back willingly, but more happier. Aaron was right in a way. Why was I thinking so much about him? I had to get over him someday and if I continued to cry like this, it would never happen.  

The End

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