Got it all over againMature

On Monday,  at school, I told Aaron everything all over again. After I was done, he gave me the typical you-are-unbelievable look. “What? Stop looking at me like that,” “Yeah, anyone would look at you like that.” “C’mon Aaron, be happy for me at least.” “Like how?” “Like… oh forget it.” He smiled and looked at me like before again. “Stop it Aaron!” I nudged him. “Okay, fine. Hey, there’s my class. I’ll catch up with you later.” “Okay, bye.”

I walked into class and Natalie was already in her place, writing something in her diary. “Hey, what are you doing?” I asked. “Nothing,” she closed her diary and looked up at me. “You say, you seem to be very happy.” I got all the more excited and rose on my toes. She waited for me to start. “Okay,” I sat down and faced towards her. “Yesterday, Riley came over. I spoke to him after two months! He even patted me on my hand!” “That’s awesome!” “Isn’t it?” Mr. Reed came in and everyone got into place. I smiled and though of Riley again and again. He lit up my life like before. This was such a good feeling!

“Okay, class, now, today-” “Sorry, Sir, may I come in?” the voice was recognizable. It was familiar on the phone, in my mind. It was the voice of that guy, who used me to make sure his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend or present girlfriend liked him. I managed to not look at him, but after a few seconds, my brain disagreed to do so. I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes, not willingly though. How could he do it to me? With all the stuffs he’s said, it’s so difficult to actually believe that he was using me. I used to feel that I was hurting him. How could he hurt me like this? Doesn’t he even care? He never even tried to check out whether I was fine. He never cared. All he cared is for himself, he got his 9 month old girlfriend back, what else? And this girlfriend of his, when she came to know he was double dating me and her, she still patched up with him. Desperate young bitch.

After school, I had to get these things out of my mind. I managed to do this with Natalie, as Aaron was not the right person.

“C’mon, Lillian, he does care for you. Did you know he told me not to tell you that he was going to breakup with you? He was going to come and tell you. But still I told you because I cared for you. He still cares for you sweetheart. He feels really sorry. He always tells me so, honey.”

“I trust you, Natalie, but after all what happened, I can't get that in my mind. My views for him have changed. From a sweet boyfriend, he’s become a user, backstabber…” my list seemed to never end.

“You know what? That’s it. You ought to talk to him.”

“What? NO!”

Natalie him called up. “Hello? Tyler, Hey what’s up? I just wanted to know, could you talk to Lillian… here.” she handed the phone to me. I could hear the hello from the other side. He was on line. After so many days, again, I was to speak to him. All the flashback returned in my mind. I felt dizzy and thought I was to break down again. But I controlled the tears and gathered myself up. I stared at Natalie’s cell phone.

“Talk to him!” the other part of me said. “Talk to him! Abuse that guy! Get everything out of your mind!”

My hands agreed with the other part of me and moved towards the phone. I heard his voice and my mouth was open, pleading to say, ‘hello’. I stood like that and stared into Natalie’s eyes.

“I can't do it.” I mouthed.

Natalie grabbed the phone from me and hung up. “I’m going to set this right.” She said and walked away. She was not happy, at least not happy with Tyler.

The End

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