I walked in. As usual, no one was home. Mom was off to work. Jason was not at home, meeting friends as usual. If only he got Riley along! Just for today!

I lazed around in the house for a while. I felt too lazy today as it was a Friday. Weekends were up. But in a way I hated weekends. I would have nothing to do. Nothing at all. I called up Natalie but she wasn’t at home, was out for a party. I decided to write in my diary. I filled in with all what happened, from the bad news I’d got till no one at home.

The next thing I did was sitting online on the pc. I checked my online list; no one was online, except Tyler and Rachael. I decided to chat with Rachael and obviously not with Tyler.


Sweetsixteen_Lil: Hey Rach.


Never_alone_Rachael: Hey, Lillian. What’s up?


Sweetsixteen_Lil: What do you think? 


Never_alone_Rachael: I’m not going to say anything. We’ve all tried to make you forget him but you’re never ready to put in your own efforts.

Sweetsixteen_Lil: Uh, What do I say…

Never_alone_Rachael: Anyways, I don’t want to fight with you. Let's not talk about him.

Sweetsixteen_Lil: Okay. What’s up at your end?

Never_alone_Rachael: Nothing much.

The bell rang. I went to get it, putting Rachael on hold.

I opened the door and there he was, in his hot white shirt and his favorite jeans (his favorite jeans had ‘R’ printed on it). He had his damn cool guitar in hand. I stood still, staring at him. He had his million dollar smile which could light up the whole town. I couldn’t say anything.

“Uhm, Lils, get out of the way.” Jason said. “Oh, sorry.” “Hi, Lils.” Oh. My. Gawd! He called me Lils! He called me Lils! “Hey, what’s up?” “Nothing much, working on my guitar. You say how are you? How’s life?” “Yeah, right. My life, it sucks. I don’t know why it’s happening to me.” “Too bad,” he winked. “yeah,” “Riley, we’ve got to catch up on our guitar.” Jason shouted from upstairs. “yeah, coming. So, I’ll catch you later. Bye, Lils.” He patted on my right hand and went upstairs. I went numb and was about to faint! He touched me! I texted Aaron right away.

Hey. Guess what? Riley has come over and I spoke to him. How cool is that! Aaron you were right. I’m getting the Riley craze back!

He replied in a second.

I told you. So you’ve gotten over Tyler now atleast?

No not so soon. I still like Tyler but Whatever, Aaron. Atleast I'm happy now.

Yeah. Sure you are. Hey. Lils I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you later okay. Bye.


Mom dad came in a while. They saw me happy and asked me for the reason. “You and Tyler patched up?” I frowned at that. “No, mom. Can't I be happy? And I'm not going to patch up with him.” I tossed the bell pepper on the table. Mom came closer and rubbed my shoulders. “Its okay, honey. It happens. You learn from your experiences. Let me tell you a story…” “Mom, I'm not in mood to listen to your story neither am I interested in spoiling my good mood.” “Okay,” she whispered and went to make noodles.


The End

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