Fate is all you need...Mature


I walked along my going-house-from-school friend on the aisle. We walked quietly for the first time. We always spoke about how life was at each other’s ends. In a real sense, we were best friends about whom no one knew. In school, we were only up to hi’s and bye’s. But otherwise, secretly, we were best friends. The reason for secretly being best friends was that I had once had a crush on him and he stopped talking to me. And people always paired us together. No one knew that he had apologized to me and we were now best friends.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just came to know he’s dating her again.”


“Yeah,” I stopped to explain him everything. “I came to know from Natalie today.”

“How does she know?”

“C’mon, they’re good friends; Tyler and Natalie know each other very well. They’re just like you and me.”

“Listen; get him off your mind. You need to set your mind away from him. He doesn’t even know what you’re going through. Does he? No, right? Then why do you like him although he hurt you to such an extent?”

“You don’t understand! It’s not that easy. I know he hurt me a lot but it’s difficult to get him off my mind. The things he’s said and done, thinking of it is difficult to digest the fact that he actually double dated me.”

“Lillian, I know how it feels. But try to get over him. Riley deserves you more. You’re doing the same thing to Tyler, aren’t you?”

I stopped and looked at Aaron. “C’mon, I just have a crush on Riley. That’s not double dating. In fact, I tried my level best to forget Riley and I did forget him. I don’t even have a crush on him now.”

“I can just tell you to stop thinking of him. Distract yourself from thinking about him. Think about someone else. Try to get your mind back on Riley. I bet you that when you’ll look at Riley again, you’ll get your crush back on him.”

“I guess,” I concluded as I reached home. “Bye, Aaron.” I turned back.

“Bye, take care of yourself.”

“Sure I will.”

The End

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