Fate Intervens

This is a short story that i wrote one day when i wasn't too happy

She walked until she got to Westfield mall. She was upset at what her mum said. All she did was her best but it was never enough. People always expect more from her as if she was more than she was. She wished people would underestimate her instead of over estimating her.  She wished she had the courage to speak out about it, but she was too shy. She remembers the days when her brothers and sisters were the ones in trouble. She always disapproved, but now it was as if her parents expected her to mess up like her siblings did. Being the youngest of five is a lot harder than it looks. She watches a movie and turns off her phone.

With thoughts circling her mind she returns home. Her mother didn’t know she had been gone. She crawls under blankets and cries herself to sleep, again not wanting to show the pain she feels but unable to stop. Her family was out for the day, each doing different things. She slowly makes sure every door is locked as she once again resorts to her last hope of happiness. Chatting to a guy she doesn’t know but understands her more than anyone else.

After five hours of steady I.M.ing Steve she turns off the computer. He put things into perspective for her. Life is short and people don’t always notice what’s right in front of them. She slowly leaves the house, all her special belongings with her and searches out some place knew. She needed to stay away from the house that has caused her heartache.

She never saw the truck, it was over before she realised what had happened.  She was a Jane Doe for three days because it took her parent two days to realise she wasn’t at home. She was in a coma for two weeks before she finally gave up.

The End

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