Chapter 2Mature

After that tragic day, life went on, along with time. Gavin got put into many different foster homes. At first, he just had to keep moving because of poor management and health code violations of the facilities. But as Gavin grew older, he started to act out. He wouldn't get along with the other foster kids, nor the kids at school. Then he got into a fight in school. People mad fun of him for having a dunkard for a mom and that caused him to become violent. Gavin also missed a lot of school from skipping almost everyday. The only time he came to school was when he had to take tests. Even with him aceing his tests, his grades went down, along with foster parent meetings. Potential parents didn't not only like his attitude, but also his appearence. He styled his raven black  hair so its spikey, sagged his pants, and pierced his ears. The piercing on his right eyebrow made his green eyes look intimidating and fierce. None of the homes' caretakers he's been to knew what to do with him.

"Gavin, may I come in?" knocked Diane, caretaker at the foster home. She was a nice, caring woman. She may have been 62, but she had a body of a 30 year old. Her hair was a red bush of curls and had real big glasses. When she walked in, Gavin notices that she was wear tan khaki's, white blouse, and of course, her famous green vest she wore when she was a girl scout leader.

Diane walked into his room with clothes all over the place, posters plastered on the wall, and a strange aroma that smelled like rotting pizza. Gavin was has his eyes glued to the computer screen, playing the game Reload. It was a game where you beat up people and steal cars. Diane looked at him, completly exhausted.

"Did you finish your homework before you got on?"

He looked at her sheepishly.

"Uh ... no" Diane sighed and shut off the computer. Normally if someone did that, he would've broken their hand. But he likes Diane. She was the only caretaker that had cared for him, unlike the others that just said he didn't have a chance.

"We need to talk," Diane stated. Gavin leaned back in his chair and rubbed his face. He knew what she was about to tell him. "Your birthday is coming up in a week. Do you know what that means?" Gavin groaned, she has been giving this talk to him for almost 4 months now.  

"Yea, it means that I'm turning 18," he answered, "which means that I have to get packing if no one adopts me by then." Gavin was now starinng blankly at a Symptoms of Sorrow poster on the wall. He didn't want to get adopted though. This place was the first foster home he's been to for over a year, which was a big deal. The foster mother, Diane, was even kind to him and tried to find a good family for him. Gavin loved her like a grandmother. He didn't want to lose her like everybody else.

"How about you just adopt me?" Gavin questioned.

"You know that child services won't allow me to do that since I own a foster home." Gavin new this but it never hurt to try. "I would rather get you adopted, so then I wouldn't have to put you out on the streets," she explained, solemnly.

"But those other foster parents wont love me like you do, let alone my father," he exclaimed. Diane grabbed his hand.

"You won't know if you don't give them a try, hon." Gavin looked away from her. "I have someone who has been checking up on you since you got here. He said he didn't know if he was ready to adopt a teen but, he thinks he's ready now," her hands now touching his face. "Will you at least go have an interview with him."

A guy has been watching me? Why didn't he just make a meeting with me before. It seems a little creepy. Gavin looked into Diane's deep brown eyes and sighed. He was a big softy when it came to her. And she always used that to her advantage too.

"Okay, I'll meet this guy. But since he's seen me before, I'm wearing whatever I want," he grunted. Diane clapped her hands together and had gave him a bone  crushing hug.

"Oh thank you sweet pea!"

"Um, your crushing me..."

"Oops, I guess I don't know my own strentgh," she giggled. Gavin rubbed his arms.

"But on one condition: if I go with this guy, you have to let me visot you whenever I want," he added.

"Of course you can. You just made me the happiest woman alive." Gavin chuckled as they both head to the interview room.

The room was just a tan walled, one windowed room with a table and 4 chairs. Two for the parents, one for the caretaker, and the other for the adoptee kid. Gavin remembered every parent that tried to adopt him. One of his favorites was Lucia Roberts. She was a complete neat freak that loved teenagers. She didn't even care about is looks. Lucia thought that it was okay for kids to have rebelious stages. She seemed very kind but immediatly said no after finding out that I had skipped classes. He didn't even have a chance to show her his grades, although she might have fainted at the bad marks.

Diane opened the door and sat Gavin down.

"Let me go fetch the young man, Andrew," she chirped, leaving the room, "oh, and he suggested that I not be in on the interview until the end." Andrew? Something about that name lit a spark in his head. He thought and thought. Digging into his brain to find something, anything; but couldn't find a single thing. Where have I heard that name before?

Gavin heard the door open and a shock went throughout his entire body. He couldn't say a word, not even move a finger. So it's him. Why is he, of all people, trying to adopt him?

The tall business looking man closed the door, walked into the room, and sat down cautiously in the chair across from Gavin. He had a solemn look on his face.

"Hello, my name is Andrew Davidson. Do you remember me?" he asked. Gavin gritted his teeth. How could I not forget you? He's the one that took away his mother after saying he wouldn't. After Gavin got put in foster care, he had to go to a different school, and was lucky that he didn't have to see his face again. Anger shot through every single nerve of his body. As this happened, Gavin charged over the table and slammed Andrew up against the wall, pinning him with his right arm on his throat. "I guess you do-," Andrew choked.

"Give me one reason why i shouldn't break your neck right now," Gavin grunted.

"To be honest-, I haven't got one-," Andrew tried to get out. Gavin was taken aback. "I wanted to tell you... I'm sorry. There was... nothing I could do." Gavin started to push harder against his throat, then gradually released. Andrew choked and gasped for air while Gavin backed away.

Gavin paced rapidly the room. He always dreamed of the day when he would meet Professor Davidson again. He's killed him, ruined his life, and took away his loved ones in my dreams. But now that he is actually here, in front of him, he cant do it. Why? He glanced over at Professor Davidson, slowly getting back into his chair, massaging his throat. All he needed to do was just push a little harder. Gavin slumped back into his chair and sighed.

"Look, I know that you don't want to be adobted by me. Hell, you probably wanna kill me! But I know what your situation is. I don't want you to be put out on the streets. So, if you live with me at my condo, you won't have to," Andrew explained, "I'll give you an allowance and no curfew..." Gavin glared at him.

"Why are you doing this," he question.

"I'm doing this because I basically ruined your life. I've been thinking about ways to make it up to you and, well, this is the only way I can think of." Gavin continued to glare.

'Wait a minute!' Gavin thought to himself, 'I could use this to my advantage. I would get full access to his house, and make his life a living hell.' Gavin smiled malicously to himself.

"What about computer and tv privileges?" Andrew was taken aback by Gavin actually considering his proposition.

"Uh, yes. You can go on any of them for how long you like," Andrew smiled. Gavin almost laughed out loud. 'This is goin to be a piece of cake," he thought to himself. Gavin was just about to stand up to finish the deal when a thought struck him.

"What about Diane?" he asked seriously, "I want to be able come and visit her. You know, make sure she's okay." Andrew looked at him in awe. He was so happy to see that Gavin was caring and trusting another person again.

"Yes, Of course you can. Anytime you want," He said smiling. Gavin stood up and stretched out his hand.

"Then i guess we have a deal, but I'm telling you now that I'm not easy to take care of," Gavin smirked, as Andrew stood up.

"Haha, we'll see about that," he laughed. They shook hands and left the room tofill outthe adoption paperwork. From that day onward, they would be father and son.

The End

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