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About a teacher and student . The teacher, Andrew, sees that one of his students, Gavin, is being abused at home. Evidently , the parent gets arrested and the student is stuck in foster care. 10 years later the kid needs to get adopted or booted out onto the streets. The teacher noticed the kid's predicament and offers to adopt him, feeling guilty. The kid declines at first but then realizes that he can get back at him. They start living together and the kid tries to get him beat up by hoodlums

Chapter 1:

It has been a few months since Professor Andrew Davidson became the second grade teacher at Huckle Berry Elementary school. He was an English teacher and was very young looking. Most of the female teachers we struck by his looks. He had short, dark brown slicked back hair that made him look like a businessman. The thing that caught all the ladies eyes were his own. His right eye was a cold, icy blue while his left was a mysterious grey. All of his students loved him as well, and they enjoyed his lessons. The best student in his class would have to be Gavin J. Hartley. He was doing so well that he didn’t even need to study. Even so, Gavin would stay after class sometimes. Much like this week. Professor Davidson noticed that Gavin stayed after class for the whole week this week. But he wouldn’t do any class work this time. Gavin would just sit in the back of the classroom and read a book.

“Hello Gavin,” Professor Davidson said. Gavin jumped, obviously startled by his sudden presence.

“He-Hello Professor Davidson,” the boy stuttered. Andrew smiled.

“How are you doing? Do you need any help with today’s lesson?” he asked. Gavin just looked down into his big, hard cover book and said no. Andrew looked questioningly at Gavin and noticed a big bruise on his left shoulder creeping out from under his sleeve. His first instinct made him want to touch the bruise, but he stopped.

“Gavin, are you feeling okay?” He paused a moment.

“… Yes” he mumbled; bringing the book closer to him.

“Are you sure? I noticed a pretty big bruise on your shoulder and arm. And it looks almost fresh.” Shocked, Gavin fumbled. Desperatly trying to cover the bruise with his jacket.

“I’m fine,” he said. Andrew looks at him with extreme concern, and then sat down in the desk in front of Gavin's.

“Do you want to talk to me?” Andrew asked. Gaviin just sat there in silence for a while, then his book came up to his face and he mumbled.

“… too much…”

“What?” Andrew asked, only making out a little bit. Gavin started to cry now.

“I didn’t mean to…” He shut his eyes closed tight, trying to stop the tears. “She drank too much… I was just trying to get the ball!” Gavin kept pausing, trying to breathe. Andrew looked at him sternly, his heart wrenching. He wasn’t completely sure on what was going on, but he had a pretty good idea. Or a bad one considering the situation.

“Was your mother drinking again?” Professor Davidson knew that Gavin’s mom had a habit of drinking, and was very violent when she did. Gavin nodded with hesitation.

“Did she make those bruises on you?” Gavin looked up to say something, then shut his mouth and looked back down.

“It was an accident,” he nodded. Andrew let out a long sigh, putting one hand on his knee and the other to the bridge of his nose. He knew what Gavin’s reaction would be to his next question but still had to ask.

“Do you want me to take you to the hospital to make sure you’re okay?”

“No!” Gavin shouted quickly, “… No, I’m okay.”

“Well, how about we got to the infirmary, just in case?” Gavin started a moment.

“You won’t tell anyone right, about my mom? She’s all I have left,” he asked, making sure nothing bad will occur.

“… I won’t tell the police, you can trust me,” he replied. Gavin was going to start again, but then nodded, happy to hear that he can trust someone. “Okay then,” Andrew sighed, “Let me carry your bag.” Gavin handed his bag over to him but kept his book close to his chest.

The two of them walked down the corridors in a long awkward silence. Andrew then glanced down at Gavin, still holding his book tightly to his chest. “What book is that? I don’t believe I’ve seen it on the reading list for class.” Gavin stared up at him, his face becoming less tense.

“It’s not; it’s a book my dad gave to me. It’s about how to be smarter by using your mind. A book by Albert Einstein.” Andrew was surprised. Gavin was reading a complex book at his age. “My father wanted me to be smart so I could go to a good college someday…”

“What happened to your father?” Gavin stopped in his tracks.

“… He died,” he answered quietly, “We’re here.”

Andrew looked up and noticed that they were, indeed, at the infirmary. Gavin went ahead and walked in. Andrew felt like he did something wrong by bringing up his father. He wanted to punch himself in the gut. He knows what Gavin must feel. Andrew followed in after Gavin and explained to the nurse what happened and she felt apologetic. After fixing up Gavin’s bruises and newly found cuts, she pulled Andrew to the side.

“What’s the problem Nurse Stevens? Does he have any broken bones?” She gave him a stern look.

“No, he’s fine. But you know that we have to call this in right?” Andrew looked over at Gavin, who was reading his book on the chair near the window. He noticed a slight happiness emanating from his body. He looked up, and smiled at Andrew then went back to reading. Gavin felt like he was safe and had someone to trust, and Andrew didn’t want to take away his mom, leaving him in a foster home.

“I can’t do that, Anna. He’s already lost one parent, and I’m not going to be the one to take the only one he’s got left,” he replied with conviction. Nurse Stevens sighed.

“Look, Andrew, I know you’re new here but, you should know that this isn’t the right type of environment for an eight year old, or any kid at that!” She paused, noticing that Andrew's conviction was still fierce. “If you don’t report this I will. And you will
lose your job for not reporting this yourself.” Andrew looked at her, astonished. He could tell that she wasn’t joking because he could see the determination in her face. He knew the rules: you see a student in a dangerous environment, you must report it. If not, you risk suspension, or worse, expulsion.

“Well, are you going to report this or not?” she asked, losing her patience.

Gavin mouthed ‘thanks’ to Professor Davidson and smiled again. Andrew’s heart was starting to break. He smiled back a reassuring smile. With tears welling up in his eyes, he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *    

Red, white, and blue were flashing on the home of Gavin Hartley. Neighbors were standing outside their houses, watching to see what was going on. Police officers were dragging Ms. Hartley out of her home in hand cuffs. She was completely drunk, not resisting the officers. As they got her into the car, they hear a young boy yell.


Gavin ran out of the house and slammed himself against the cop car that his mother was hoisted into. “Please, let her go. She didn’t mean too!” he cried. His mother only looked at him, dazed. “Mom, tell them it was an accident. Tell them it was my fault!” He turned and grabbed at the police officers leg. “It was my fault! Please let her go.” Tears and snot was running down his face.

“He’s right,” Ms. Hartley said, “this is all your fault, you little piece of shit. None of this would have happened if you weren’t so stupid!” Gavin looked at her in shock.

“You don’t mean that, you’re just feeling sick,” Gavin said with hesitation and shock.

The officer winced, saying nothing, and dragged Gavin away from the car. “No, stop. Mom!” Panic aroused in Lucas. The boy hit the officer between the legs and ran back for the car. Two more officers stopped him and put him in the back of a different car.

The neighbors all watched in awe and looked at the boy, pitying him. They whispered and pointed, all saying what a shame for the boy. None of them knew what was happening in that household until tonight. Most felt some guilt, others just felt pity. Professor Davidson stood outside his car a house down, watching Gavin yelling and kicking. Then he spotted him. “You…” whispered Gavin, voice becoming hoarse. “This is all your fault! You promised me you wouldn’t tell!” Andrew grimaced. “I hate you. I’ll get you for this-“The officers shut the door and rolled up the windows. Gavin banged on the windows and spat with anger.

Professor Davidson watched as the cop cars fleeted off, one after another. Neighbors were now whispering and glaring at him. As they were slowly retreating into their houses, Andrew notices that the Principal and Nurse were right across the street, speaking nonchalantly to each other. A burst of anger shot through him. How could they be so calm at a time like this? Do the feel no remorse or guilt? Subconsciously, he stomped over to them. The Principal stops talking and looks at Andrew gauntly.

“Andrew-. “ He grabs him by the collar of his coat and glares at him sternly.

“I quit,” he says with anguish. He glanced at Anna and shoved him into her. She catches him and glares at him walking back to his car.

“This was going to happen one way or another. You were just avoiding the inevitable!” she yelled. Andrew stopped and turned around.

“Piss off, you heartless bitch!” He quickly climbed into his car and drove off in rage.

While driving down the road, he sighed deeply. She was right, he thought to himself. Gavin was going to get stuck in a foster home no matter what. And there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The image of Gavin's angry face appeared into his mind. He felt the huge weight of guilt, crushing him until there was nothing left of him. All he could do now was hope that Gavin finds a new home that will love him. He laughed slightly and ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah, he’s going to be just fine,” he whispered, reassuring himself. He was going to find people who will love him with all their heart. With that, he drove off, down the dark road.

The End

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