What's wrong?

“…Mrs. Park wanted to send us again to… Jessi? Jessi!” Tiffany waved her hand in front of her inattentive friend and pouted.

“Ow… Fany. What were you saying?”

“You weren’t listening! What are you looking at anyway?!” Jessica’s eyes widened as Tiffany looked around; trying to have a glimpse of what Jessica was looking at.

“No one!”

 Jessica pulled her hand, forcing her to face their table again.

“Ouch! Jessi! That hurts! What’s gotten into you?!” Tiffany cried out while rubbing the hand Jessica pulled.

“She’s been checking that girl out since we got here. She wasn’t paying attention to you even a bit.”

“I wasn’t checking her out!”

“We’ll you’re always looking at her every time that we are here. And you are definitely checking her out a while ago.” Taeyeon nonchalantly said while writing something on her notebook.

Tiffany pouted.

“You weren’t listening.”

“No. No Fany. I was listening! Really!”

Jessica glared at Taeyeon who choked on her drink.


“Yes. Really…”

Tiffany put her hands above the table and stared at Jessica.

“Then… What was I talking about?”

Taeyeon snickered upon hearing the question, thus earning her another glare from Jessica.

“You were talking about… about…”

“Hello! What can I get you today?”

Jessica sighed upon hearing that voice. For the first time, she was glad at the girl’s interruption. She looked up and smiled at the girl. “Yuri” stepped back a bit, obviously surprised.

Jessica’s eyebrow perked up. “What’s up with this girl?”

“Uhm…I’d like a caffé latte.”

The girl was still staring at Jessica. She seemed to have been in some kind of trance.

“Hello? I said I’d like a caffé latte.”

The girl snapped out of her reverie and looked down.

“Ow… ok.” The girl lifted her head and smiled, trying to regain her composure. She then faced Tiffany and Taeyeon for their order.

“Strawberry & Crème Frappuccino for me!” Tiffany excitedly said before flashing her trademark smile. This seemed to have put the tanned girl at ease. She returned the smile before turning to Taeyeon.

“Caramel Brulée Latte.” Taeyeon put down the menu and smiled timidly at the girl before adding, “That would be all.”

The tanned girl nodded and smiled.

“I’ll be back shortly.”

She turned around and walked to the counter to give their orders. 

The End

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