A Dream? Again?

             Jessica  slowly opened her eyes and looked around her. The sun rays are seeping through he window’a curtains. She sat down and frowned.

            “What now? Why do I feel really sad? Like something sad happened? Like I’m missing somebody?!”

            “Maybe it’s because of a dream… or maybe because I suddenly woke up...”

            She slowly closed her eyes, trying to remember her dream. She strained harder and tried to concentrate.

            “Aish… I can’t remember it! This is frustrating!” She plopped down her bed and stared at her blue ceiling.

            “I feel like crying without knowing why…”

            She looked at her left and stared at the clock on her bedside table.


            She blinked a few times before the thought sank to her brain.

             “7:30! Omo! I’m late!” She jumped out of her bed and willed her body to move faster. This is the first time that she’s going to be late…

The End

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