The Last Dance

            The prince grinned from ear to ear and stood up, brushing the patches of grass on her pants before running after her princess. The two ran down laughing and chasing each other around the field of flowers. The prince caught her princess after some time and they rolled on the middle of the flower meadow still laughing. They sat up side by side and rested for a while. Then suddenly, the prince stood up, brushed the grasses on her clothed and looked around before giving her princess her sweetest smile. She then offered her hand to the princess who took it gladly. She helped her princess get up and fix herself. 

             After brushing the grasses on her clothes the princess excitedly faced her prince.

            "My prince? What do you want to do next?"

            The prince just smiled at her princess, suddenly they heard a soft music playing. It sounded like it was being focused on a certain spot, on the spot where they are currently standing. The princess confusedly looked up at her prince who was now offering her hand to her.

             “Can I have this dance?”

              The princess slowly took her prince’s hand and smiled. Her heart started thumping harder as she stared deep into her prince’s eyes. They felt like time stopped as they danced slowly, each one savoring the feeling of being in each other’s arms. They got lost in each other’s gazes, the warmth of their love enveloping them. Their feet danced in rhythm with each other as their faces inched closer. The wind blew softly and the flowers around down swayed with wind. The moon and the stars sparkled like diamonds on the dark sky as they happily gazed at the lovely couple below. The prince’s and the princess’ lips touched, their love exploding like fireworks in the sky, radiating a magical feeling around them. They unknowingly closed their eyes, savoring the feeling of their first real kiss. Both their hearts are threatening to explode with all the unknown emotions wanting to get out. It was a truly magical time as one heart forgets her anguish and be lost in the magnificent moment and as the other fills her heart with pure joy.

The End

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