Her Happiness

             The princess clad in a beautiful white robe was again, atop the hill where the big tree was. But this time, unlike the night before, her prince was already there, waiting for her.

            “You’re early today.”

            The prince faced her, smiling.

            “I missed you..”

            The princess looked at her prince, baffled at the tone of the latter’s voice.

            “Is there something wrong?”

            She walked to her prince faster, and held the other’s hands. Worry etched her face.

            The prince chuckled at her princess and kissed the latter lightly.

            “No. Nothing’s wrong. Is it forbidden now to miss you?”

            “No. It’s not that. It’s just that…”

            “Shush.” The prince placed her finger on her princess’ lips to silence her. “Stop worrying ok? I just missed you. That’s all. Now, can I see the smile that I’ve been waiting for the whole day?”

            The princess bit her lower lip. She was not yet convinced with what the prince has said. The prince, sensing her princess’ apprehension, kissed the latter’s nose.

            “My princess… Trust me ok?”

            The princess, though still a bit hesitant, nodded and forced a smile.

            The prince sensing the hesitancy of her lover, thought for a moment then suddenly went down on her knees.

            “I am willing to take any punishment for making thee worry thy highness…” She said in an extremely low voice.

            “You dork…”

            The princess giggled at her dorky prince then looked up the sky.

            “I’ll forgive you… only if... If you can catch me!”

            The princess suddenly ran down the hill laughing.


The End

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