Interesting Girl?

Jessica sighed. She looked around and saw that everyone else went back to what they were doing before. She bit her lower lip.

            Aish. That was embarrassing. But… what happened to me a while ago? What was that feeling? And who was that girl?

            She looked up again, her eyes looking for the girl that took her order a while ago.

            Why is it that something’s telling me to look for her? Why is it that my eyes want to see her?

            She found the girl serving the table at the far end of the café. She can’t take her eyes off the girl.

            She’s new here. I haven’t seen her before but… do I… do I know her?

            The girl saw her looking and smiled. Jessica looked down, embarrassed at having been caught looking.

            Aish. Stop embarrassing yourself Jessica Jung!

            Jessica turned her attention to her assignment but failed to concentrate on it. Her mind kept wondering from time to time to the girl named “Yuri”. She was now really baffled by her emotions.

            “Here’s your café latte Miss.”

            “Ow…” Jessica cleared some of her things so that the girl could put the latte on the table.

            “Thank you…”


            The girl turned around but stopped and faced her again.

            “And ow Miss…”

            Jessica looked up at the now grinning girl.

            “If you’re going to check me out all afternoon, I suggest you be discreet about it. It’s a bit distracting.”

            Jessica’s eyebrow shot up upon hearing the statement. “I’m not…”

            “You’re too obvious.” The girl cut her out. “Anyway, I’m flattered.” Saying that, the girl turned around and walked to the counter.

            Jessica glared at the girl, trying to burn holes on her back.

            “That arrogant…”

            The girl suddenly turned around, caught her looking and winked at her. Jessica immediately looked down, angry and embarrassed at the same time.

The End

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