Jessica lifted her head upon hearing the voice. She was surprised to see the girl on the counter now on her side. The girl seemed to have been stopped from her track by Jessica’s shout.

            Looks like I said that out loud.

            Jessica looked around and saw everyone looking at her. She turned red from embarrassment and looked down.

            “Aish. This is embarrassing.”

            “Miss? Are you ok? Do we know each other?”

            Jessica forced herself to look up at the girl questioning her.


            She stared at the puzzled girl. Long jet black straight hair, dark eyes, cute nose, pink lips, tanned skin, red shirt, name pin…”

            “Wait. Name pin.”     


Jessica pointed at the girl’s pin with printed letters saying “Yuri”.

“I… Uhm… I saw your name on the pin.”

“Ow...” The girl sounded disappointed.

Why does she sound like...

“Well, can I help you with something then?”

“Ow... Ahm… I want to order a café latte.”

 “Alright, nothing else Miss?”

“Ye… Yes. Nothing else.”

The girl flashed a smile.

“I’ll be back shortly.”

The End

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