The Beginning of Visions

An auburn haired girl sat on the table beside one of the glass walls of a café. She kept on looking at her watch and looking outside. It was already 3 pm. Her phone suddenly rang.

*ajiktto meon mirae-ui irigetjjiman geu ttaen kkumi anigil*

She hurriedly picked it up and answered it.

            “Yah! Where are you?!”

            “Jessi I’m sorry. Taeng and I are in detention and we also have to clean our classroom for today. Sorry if we can’t come. Promise we’ll treat you tomorrow! Sorry.”

            “Aish! What trouble did you get yourself into today?”

            “I’ll call you later. Mrs. Park’s coming. Bye.”

            “Fany? Fany? Geez.”

            She put down her phone and dropped it in her school bag. She sighed and looked around. She then took out her books and her notebooks from her bag and placed them on the table.

            “I guess I’ll be studying alone today.  At least not as alone as in my house…”

            She opened one of her books and started doing her assignments. She was slowly being absorbed into doing her work when a certain voice caught her attention.

            “Mr. Choi, has Sooyoung arrived yet?”

            “That voice… Why do I feel like I’ve heard that voice somewhere?”

            Compelled by a force, Jessica lifted her head, searching for the owner of the voice. Her eyes landed on a certain girl with jet black hair, talking to someone on the counter. Without notice, a sharp pain engulfed her senses. She felt like her mind was being sucked into some vacuum and into another time. She then saw a girl on her lap, covered in blood. Suddenly, overwhelming sadness and pain shot through her senses. Her tattered heart shouted the girl’s name.


            As swiftly as it had started, the pain had gone away, leaving Jessica utterly baffled.

            “How did you know my name?”

The End

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