A Dream?

A girl in the middle of a big bed of a large room slowly opened her eyes and looked around her. She sat down and smiled.

            “Why do I feel like a something really really good happened? Hmm. What did I dream about anyway?”

            She slowly closed her eyes, trying to remember about her dream.

            “Aish… I can’t remember it! But I still feel happy though.”

            She looked at the only painting adorning her wall. It was a painting of a girl standing beside a big tree, her hair being blown by the wind. The girl was facing the horizon giving anyone who decides to look, only a view of her back.

            “And you, who are you and why did I paint you? Geez… I feel elated but confused.”

            Her eyes wandered at the clock on her bedside table.

            “I guess I better get going, or I’ll be late.”

The End

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