What if fate has prepared your road for you? Would you follow it? Or would make your own path endangering everything? Everything... even the world.

The wind was blowing a gentle breeze swaying the branches of the big tree atop a hill. A girl clad in a beautiful white robe sat under the big tree, waiting for someone. She looked up at the sky and marveled at the multitude of stars adorning it then looked down the hill and smiled at the field of flowers below. She touched her necklace, murmuring the name of someone she loves not knowing that that someone has already arrived.

“Good evening my princess…”

The girl in the white robe looked up and saw the person she’s been waiting for.

“Good evening my prince!”

With a smile on her lips, she abruptly stood up and hugged her grinning prince. The prince chuckled.

“Did you miss me?”

The princess let go of her prince and nodded.

“But you’re late today…”

She placed her hands on her hips and pouted.

“I think you have to be punished.”

The prince laughed heartily at her pouting princess then acting like she’s dejected, she went down on her knees and bowed before the princess.

“Then I am willing to take any punishment for what I’ve done your highness…”

The princess giggled at her dorky prince then looked up at the stars.

“I’ll think about it…”

She then looked at the still kneeling prince.

“But first… I want to make some flower necklaces!”

The prince grinned from ear to ear and stood up, brushing the patches of grass on her pants. She then offered her hand to the princess.

“Shall we go your highness?”

The princess gladly took the prince’s hand and dragged her down the hill. The two ran down laughing and chasing each other as the stars and the moon light their way. Then reaching the field of flowers, they jumped on the middle of the meadow and started a wrestling match where magically, the princess won. They laughed, chased each other and played like little children all night long. They made colorful flower necklaces from all the different flowers on the field and placed them on each other’s neck. When they got tired from acting all children like, they went up the hill and sat under the big tree. They enjoyed the chilly breeze as they held hands sitting beside each other. The princess started talking, telling the prince about her day and about all the people she met. Then as if remembering something, she faced the attentive prince beside her.

“Why am I the only one sharing things? How was your day? And why are you late to…”

The prince gestured the princes to be quiet. She then pointed at the horizon and at the rising sun. She leaned her head on the princess’ shoulder and hugged her.

“The only thing I can say right now is that I love you so much and that the one thing that gives me strength to go on trough the day is the thought that I will spend the whole night with you and that I will watch the beautiful sunrise while hugging you…”

The princess smiled, touched by her prince’s words.

“Hmm... since you feel that way... Can I stay then? Even for just a bit longer?”

The prince chuckled and faced her princess.

“No. We’ve talked about this right? You can’t stay, even for only a bit longer. You’ll be late for school.”

The princess pouted at the statement causing the prince to laugh. She then leaned and lightly kissed her pouting princess.

“I’ll see you tonight…”

The End

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