In shock he opened his eyes but the small shop was gone, only blue rushed before him. As the blue came into focus he realized he was peeking through a thick rain. After a minute the rain gently lifted away like a curtain to reveal a face. She hair melted in the rain and matted against her forehead while small rivers of mascara drizzled down her rosy cheeks. She sang to herself a little French tune he had never heard before. Her voice often cracked, she had trouble meeting a single note. She danced to the music that drifted from her headphones. Watching her was like an old film for some reason everything around him would go black. After watching her for a minute his temper sparked and he was now frustrated with the old woman for duping him into some cliché romance. In no way did not buy into this alleged love he was meant to feel for her. As far as he was concerned his businesses was done here and he attempted to remove his hands from each other but it was as if they were cemented together. No matter how hard he struggled his hands would not move, suddenly with a suction cup smack they fell apart and he was sitting on the red velvet stool in the small shop. He looked at his hands and saw that the old woman had removed them with ease. Now that he was in reality his brow furrowed "what the hell kind of scam was that? What’s your endgame?" he accused. 

"No scam"

"Then what?!" 

She did not speak. 

"No excuse? that’s fine, I’m leaving." he pushed his hands off his legs and shot up "by the way your connection was no good, it kept blacking out" as he was walking out she said.

"She opened her eyes"

"What?" he barked.

"I only have the power to see into one's life when their guard is down, had I been more talented..." she trailed off. 

He paused, raised his hand as if he was going to say something then dropped it to his side confused. "Is this voodoo?"

She cackled "Did you see me make a potion with the head of a bat?" 

He shook his head. 

"Then no it is not 'Voodoo'"

The End

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