A young boy struggles under the control of a Gypsy woman who toys with his desires.

The cold breeze rushed in from the ocean and swept him down the pier. He walked with a sense of insouciance. He spent his time drifting around town avoiding parties and overall interaction. He attempted to ignore the brightly lit odd shops, and preferred to look out at the cold ocean that glittered under the light of the moon. A lovely young woman attempted to hand him a coupon for the quaint Chinese restaurant she worked at but he wasn’t interested. Instead he looked out at the ocean, wondering what was beneath the surface, with a thud his head hit a small wooden sign that swung back in fourth in response. The sign read "Fortune teller" carved into the old wood. He rubbed his forehead and took a step back bumped into something and fell to the ground. He looked up to see a short round woman with long wrinkles that wrapped around her face.

“Come in” she said casually as she hobbled back toward the door, “don’t keep me waiting” she said over her shoulder.

He pushed himself off the ground and rubbed his boney hands together, he looked around wondering what the fuck he should do. In the spirit of being polite he ducked into the shop.

 She gestured towards the dusty red velvet seat near the cracked old table, “first time is free”.

He sat uncomfortably in the small chair, his grasshopper legs bent higher than the seat and he couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands. 

She expertly shuffled a deck of large tarot cards and handed them to him, "choose one".

He sighed and grabbed one of the cards from the middle of the deck and placed it face down on the table. The woman flipped it over and examined it for approximately half a second. 

“So you’re wondering who could love you” she stated, as if she had known already. 

He expressed his confusion and surprise by shifting uncomfortably in his seat and dropping several cards to the floor.

As he picked up the cards and set them back on the desk she grabbed his large hands in her small old ones and smiled “young men are so concerned” she touched her old hand to his chin "smile and she will see you."

This irritated him “Who is this 'she'?”

She laughed to herself and turned to a small drawer where she plucked two odd stickers from a sheet of about 24. Each pair was different, one was a burning apple, another was a bleeding eye but she had chosen the white human heart surrounded by the starry night sky. She stuck the stickers to the palm of his hands and he could feel a bulb like seed in the center of it.

“Now when I say you close your hands together, like prayer" 

She slapped down cards on the table in a pyramid formation faster than he could fathom then she pointed at him "Go!"

Her urgency startled him so he smacked his hands together and the seed like center to the sticker popped and burned his palm, smoke spewed out from it and a wind surrounded him. 


The End

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