Chapter 1.3Mature

Scarlett ran her fingers along the bars that fit in between the piping that made little railing that were all around the school. She made her way quietly to her first period class, Folklore 1.

She had come to the concision that this school had the oddest classes. A lot of them had to deal with Myths, Greek Mythtogly, Roman Myths, Russian Fairytales, The Brothers Grimm, (WTH was up with that she thought) Ballroom dancing, and a language class.

She figured that the people who ran the school thought the students knew enough not to take any normal classes. She looked over and saw a tiny puddle.

She looked down, and saw herself. Only, it wasn’t her. It looked like her, mirrored her, but the girl in the water, she had something.

The girl in the water turned around so you could see her back. Her long, blonde hair was in curls. She had on a long, pink ball gown. Her blue eyes twinkled as she laughed at Scarlett. Scarlett bent down, when in the picture a boy came into view.

The boy smiled, he was dressed in a white suit with a red sash like thing going from his shoulder to his belt. He smiled at the girl, his ash white hair bringing out the color in his eyes, which where a almost white blue.

He was very handsome, but Scarlett was confused.How am I seeing this?She asked her self, putting her hand in the water, a tiny bit of ripples appearing, taking the picture away.

She gasp when a old hag appeared in her image. The thing smiled and looked Scarlett right in the eye.

“My dear, do you know what I am?” The hag asked. To shocked to speak, she shook her head no.

“Why, I’m the thing your parents told you stay away from. The women who takes little girls, just like you. What they didn’t tell you is, I make them pretty. I give them everything they can’t.” The thing smiled.

“Do you want to be perfect, Scarlett? Like Katie?” Scarlett gasp.

“Katie, is far from that. As am I. Perfection is not real, it’s a myth.” She said, sitting down, causing a few eyes to stare at the girl talking to the muddy water.

‘You know that is a lie. You are ugly, and you know it. Katie is beautiful, know matter what you say.”

“You bitch!” She screamed loud enough to cause a few girls to shot her looks. She blushed. “You lie! YOU LIE!”

“I only speak the truth. Do you want to be like Katie?”

“I do..I think..”

“Good, now, make me a deal. Let me out. And I will do just as you want.” Scarlett looked around.

“How do I do that?” She asked.

“Take that mirror, she said as a pretty, golden hand held mirror papered. And call me. Tell me, do you speck German.” Scarlett frowned.

“Only a bit.” The hag smiled.

“Good, say this tonight. At midnight. Patin, komm zu mir. Ich lasse Sie entstehen, unknowing was zu eider Welt des Chaos." She nodded.

“Do you know what that means?” The hag asked.


“Good, and, from now on, call me Godmother.”

“Thanks you Godmother,” She said with a smile.

“Off you go my dear, well the day is young.”And while it is yours to liveGodmother thought in her head.

“Goodbye Godmother.” Scarlett said, unknowly giving away her life, her virtue and jus about every thing else.

The End

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