Part One- Chapter 1.2Mature

“Katie was the rebel of Melanie children. She was by far, the one she expected to live at home till she was thirty. Thourgh Katie was beautiful, as was Scarlett, but not in the way the other girl was.”

“Katie had long, soft black hair that stopped mid-back, no matter what. She had evil violet eyes which gave her the look of being evil. Which she was. She had been since she was little.”

“It was small things at first, like breaking a vase which she knew she wasn’t suppose to touch. Or, pulling the cats tail. But, when she found her holding a toy bat over her little sisters head, she had enough. She relied from then on that her child was pure evil.”

“Katie liked to hurt things. Play mad scantest with lizards and mice, cutting of body parts, trying to sew them to other animals. Melanie was always happy that Scarlett never saw these things, or she feared for her younger daughters wellness.”

“By the time Katie was thirteen, Scarlett eleven, she found out that her daughter was sneaking off into town. She was so angry, she begin to lock Katie in her room.”

The Man telling the story smiled to the creature in the shadows.

“Does that help?” The creature let a out a laugh. It moved toward him, making the man move backwards.

“It does. About the elder of the two, tell me about Scarlett.” The thing said.

“All I know is she is at Rolling Hills.” The man said quickly.

“Good. You are a good father, betraying your wife and daughters aren’t you?” The thing said as it toward and raced into the shadows, off to find the young girl.

The End

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