Part One- Chapter 1.0Mature

Scarlett stood facing the bay window. The title of the school was right, these rolling hills where very pretty. She tugged the warm blue blanket against her shoulders, feeling \the wrath rush though her skin.

A soft knock came from the old oak door. Scarlett turned and faced the door.

“Come in.” She said coolly, waiting to see her visitor. It was Mary, the

“Miss, you know it is breakfast time, correct? You haven’t come down from this room before noon all week. And, today, classes begin. And your not dressed.” She said with a motherly tone to her voice.

Scarlett closed her yes. She did not really want to leave. The night that she had seen the wolf had scared the shit out of her, and she did care to see people at that moment. Or, any time soon.

“I’m not up for school. Thank you Mary.” She said, singling for Mary to leave.

“If your sick, I must call your parents for there advice on what to do. Besides, you don’t look sick.” Mary reached over and felt her head. Even though the women was at least 3 good inches shorter then Scarlett.

“You don’t feel warm. Get dressed, and we will see how you feel during which period. You will find your class schedule in the dinning hall, you rember where that is, correct?” Scarlett nodded.

Mary turned and left her room, with Scarlett cursing silently under her breath. She sighed and walked over to her vanity, which was neatly packed with all of her clothes, mince her dress coats and dresses, which she owned a lot of.

She picked a pair of skinny jeans and a black and gray shirt, she figured that was what most of the girls would be wearing something simairl since uniforms where not required expect on holidays. Which she found odd.

She slipped on a pair of high-tops that matched the outfit and left the softly of her room to face her new life.


Evan sat at a table surrender by his friends. Or, the people who thought they where his friends. He didn’t really care that much for any of them, even Emmaline, who was convinced that he loved her. Maybe he did, but it was in a way that he would love to kill her.

“So, Evan, what is schedule like this year?” Emmaline asked in her high pitched annoying voice. He reached into his jeans pocket and handed it to her.

“OOO! We have, like four classes together. You have ballroom dancing too? I thought you where going to play Lacrosse this year? Your soo good.” She cooed.

“The Lacrosse season is in the spring, Emma.” Said his best friend, Max. He looked at his friend and gave him a wink. They shared a common hatred of Emmaline.

“Oh. Well, I guess you all know by now that I’m no longer a blond. Though my roots would care to differ.” She said with a quick shot at her lap dog, Gwen who was picking at her grape fruit, which Emma made her eat every morning. “Gwen told me my hair looked lovely, after she died in Midnight Black. But my roots look terrible. Guess when we go into town that’s what I’ll be doing, right Gwen?” The tiny brow headed girl nodded like a robot. Evan felt bad for her, she never wanted to be popular. The poor thing was shy and timed, not bold and loud like Emmaline.

He looked up at the sound of the oak doors being opened. A fair headed girl with big blue eyes entered the hall, a shy look on her face. She looked around, fear written all over her face. She made her way to the buffet line, and chose a tiny fruit salad. She looked over the room for a seat, and found on in the conor. His heart gave a little leap, which confused him.

“Whoever that chick is,” Emma started, “has issues. Look at that braid. So 1800’s.” The trio sitting around Evan all shot her a look.

“Shut up.” Evan said, and looked at the girl again. Tracing her face meant lay.

He felt his face getting hot.I think I may have found my project.He thought with a smile.

The End

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