Scarlett was raised on an old, Southern plantation . When she is sent to boarding in a small Pennsyina town, she starts to see things. Not normal things, things that shouldn't be there. She soon starts to see these things in her mind. When she meets with a group at the school, a group who see things like her, she learns what she is. And that she has a very willful power with a mind of its own


Scarlett sat in the back of the town car, her platen blonde hair falling to her right shoulder in a neat braid. She studied the gas staion though the tinted window. She studied the way the people moved, almost magically, no care in the steps they take or the place the are going.

She slipped her hand into her purse and pulled out the paper stating the information at the school. Rolling Hills. She sighed and read the information, thought she had memorized it to heart when she had first seen the papers sitting on the table, awaiting her parentets singture. She had grabbed the peppers that day and read them, the words sinking into her soul. It was her sister’s fault. Katie had to go elope when she was just seventeen, leaving her fourteen year old sister to deal with the wrath of her very Libral parents.

She looked up, realizing her driver had been gone for quite a while. She looked out the window again, with no sing of him. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move. And that something did not look human.

Scarlett moved with inhumanly like reflexes. The thing, she was seeing it. Itt was about the size of a woof, with large, purple eyes, and it was moving, at a slower pace, toward her. Inside it’s eyes, the color turned from purple to a fiery red. She pushed herself up against the opposing car window, her hand searching though her bag for her phone.

The wolf was now inches from the glass. It’s beaty eyes looking into Scarlett. She closed her eyes, and begin to pray. She knew the thing was going to kill her.

But it didn’t.

The End

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