The President stepped upto the podium to face the sea of troubled faces. Never before had such a sepulchral silence hung over  the Capitol. The sun was just beginning to sink below the turbulent dark expanse of the ocean which rumbled faintly in the background. The summer sun hadnt quite managed to penetrate through the clouds and a sharp chill ran though the air like a knife, chilling the silent spectators to the bone.

     A bead of sweat began its descent down the Presidents brow as he nervously adjusted the mic in front of him. Never before had he ever imagined that a day would come when he wished he had never been elected President. He had always been well known and loved for his eloquent speeches but today, he would be detested. All those hearts that he had won would all turn against him once he made the announcement but he had no choice. This time, he wasnt the one holding the strings. He was a mere puppet-a scapegoat- completely helpless. Soon, his face would be plastered across every T.V. set in the world.... and the news would be out.

     He cleared his throat and plastered a smile across his face. " My dear countrymen, it is with great angst that i stand here before you today. ", he said, the confidence in his voice completely camouflaging the battle that waged within his heart. "Dark times have descended upon our country and we can do nothing but be thankful for the lives we have lived so far and accept what is in our fate. I would not have normally asked you to stop fighting, but we have lost much and have much more to lose. It is with absolute grief that i bring to you this abysmal truth. I am not.." The Presidents words were drowned by a ear-splitting blast. Things happened so quickly that the audience could barely react. The podium had been blown to pieces. 

     The audience had been spared the wrath of the blast. Strangely , everyone present had been spared.... everyone but the President. 



The End

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