Chapter 3Mature

We sat at my kitchen counter only twenty minutes later. Dakota was fidgeting her fingers nervously as she scanned my home. I felt stupid as we entered because I forgot to clean it, but in my defense, I wasn't expecting company. Now I realize that my housing condition didn't really matter, Dakota was the only thing on my mind. 

My apartment wasn't as small compared to the others that were around the district. After walking up the three flights of stairs to the front door, you're greeted with a rectangular sized room that holds the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The bedroom and bathroom were in the hallway just behind the rear kitchen door. The rectangle shaped room was more long than wide and everything was a huge mess. I hadn't cleaned the place in a while. Dakota and I sat down on the kitchen counter on bar stools. We were both still dripping wet, I offered her a drink of a random bottle of booze I found in one of the cabinets. She declined so I poured myself one. For a while, we sat in silence, until I decided to speak up, "You can go dry yourself off if you'd like. You shouldn't be in damp clothes, you'll get sick." 

She blushed, "Thanks, but I don't have any spare clothes." 

"Say no more." I hopped of my stool and left the kitchen; coming back later with a pair of sweat pants and a white button up dress shirt. I handed them to her and pointed towards the kitchen door. "Down the hall, door on the left." 

"Thank you" she nodded before disappearing behind the door. As Dakota changed I walked around the kitchen counter, drink in hand, and went to the window in the living room. I leaned up against it; looking out into the city. The storm had already passed, but the rain still continued to fall, just not as hard. It was only a light drizzle, but from what I could tell and feel from the draft seeping through the glass, it was still chilly out. I took a long sip of the alcohol, feeling it's high amounts of the drug burning my throat. Somehow, the burning felt good. Just as I let out a small rumbling groan from the burning in my throat, I heard the kitchen door snap shut and Dakota emerged. 

The End

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