Not so lucky ...........Mature


God she was hot really in her school uniform my oh my I was lucky but I had to watch out I wasn't the only one interested.I decided to steal her ipod to see what she listened to constantly at the moment I was listening to a band called Paramore a girl singing ignorance and from as far as I gathered she was going to see them with Ruby on December twelfth.She wasn't coming over tonight but we were going to her house to watch a dvd and dinner her aunt was not there she was at a spa somewhere in kerry you could tell she was pissed off that she had gone but at the same time relieved that she didn't have to make up excuses.

When are you going to tell your aunt about us or are you? I said

I can't keep it a secret forever but when I tell her boy she is gonna be pissed  she will probably want to serve our heads on platters your death

Somehow I doubt that and I flashed her a smile.

She raised her eyebrows remember who your talking to.

We gott into my car but before I started the engine she jumped out she was on the floor in agony a fire sterted around the car I started to burn I couldn't reach her.But before I could reach her it all went black.I felt a coolness in my veins.I knew I was in a trance but I liked it we were walking in a meadow she held my hand and we ran to an old chesnut tree.She whispered something a look of worry in her eyes and she started screamin in latin but before I could ask what was wrong.

A flash of light came and I woke up with an angel crying on me she was beautiful with brown hair and the bluest eyes.I remembered she was the one I loved her her red cheeks full of tears.She was talking but not to me I remembered Hazel oh my she really was beautiful I wish I could lean over and say something to her to make her feel better  but I was so huungry I needed blood I really  needed to hunt and she may be a witch but she had blood in her veins.

I started to get up but she pushed me down in a weak voice I said I need to go hunt she nooded stepped back.I kissed her head I would ask her how i was in her room and what ahd happened?

I went to the phoenix park only animals this time.

The End

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