That's Sick !Mature

Hazel ............

" What happened Jade ? ".

" If I tell you he will find out ".

I sat on the floor beside her, she was crying. From what I could make out she had just told her boyfriend kissing Claire. He got so angry that he hit her.

" Promise me you won't tell ? ".

" I promise ".

Tristan could tell that there was something wrong the minute I returned from the bathroom with Jade and her black eye, he jumped up and began to question her about it . I told him to shut it, or he wasn't getting any tonight. Jade giggled .Ruby declared that she didn't care as long as I never got pregnant.

Later that night..................................................................

We arrived at the apartment and I told my aunt that I was at Ruby's, technically I didn't need an excuse because I was two hundred years older than her.

I just didn't see the need for her to be suspicous. He opened the bottle of wine , offered me some but I declined. I wasn't in the mood to regret my mistakes. He then picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. Threw me into the bed and starting taking his shirt off slowly. His six packed in full view, I had a impulse to touch him. He put his hand to my chest , they were cold as usual. He pushed down on me beginning to pulling my skirt up. I asked for protection. He groaned and began to walk to the bathroom. He turned, winked and then asked.

" Why don't we continue this in the bathroom ".

I was hesitant, but gave into my need to have him inside me. I grabbed me and pulled my shirt open , yanked my skirt and we both got into the shower.

We finally found a rhythm, but he lifted me when he got sick and tired of the water. Kissing my neck we slowly made our way to the bed. That's when I realised we hadn't used any protection. I pushed him away.

" You idiot, you forgot the protection ".

" It's okay, we don't need it ".

" Why wouldn't we need it ".

" Because witches can't get pregnant ".

" How do you know for sure ".

" Experience ".

" I guessed , but don't think I'm that innocent ".

" What's that meant to mean ".

" Your not the only guy I've done it with ".

" Who else ? ".

" Your brother ".

" You slept with my fucking brother ? ".

" I thought that you were after killing my brother, I know different now. Can we forget this ? ".

" Hell yes ".

He put the condom on and pushed me under the sheets I whispered.

" You better not get me pregnant ".

The End

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