Annoying peopleMature


God he made me happy and he made me laugh ruby was even  happy and usually she doesn't like guys  that I date I wasn't innocent but he didn't know that well I hoped Mattie wasn't gonna come up to me because since my boyfriend/husband was a vampire wasn't a good idea at all.But of course he did and ruby couldn't even stop this one thankfully he was at the bathroom.

Mattie whats up?

Nothing much Hazel hey listen I feel bad about what happened last time you know we shouldn't have left it that way he said

Well I wasn't the one who got into a fight about his ex girlfriend so I really think maybe you have feelings for someone else you should not go out with someone else

He stood there awkwardly.Look Mattie what do you want

I want you he said but of course the vampire appeared

tristan said babe thid guy bothering you?

Mattie looked tristan up and down and said you know what never mind Hazel I see you already have someone.Call me when you get away from your cradle snatcher.

Tristans eyes went dark He stepped up to mattie Y ou do not insult me and insult my girlfriend next time you come near her i break your legs count yourself lucky its not this time

Mattie nearly wet himself yeah got to go Hazel see you in class bye! he ran off

Ruby was shocked and I was laughing

Ruby he wasn't serious i practically shouting she burstout laughing of course this caught everyones attention and a moment later girls ahd gathered around are groupe but the best thing was he didn't even look at them.

Jade ran into the bathroom she was sitting alone today away from her usual groupe I heard some girl claire had gone off  with her boyfriend.I whispered to tristan that I would be back  in a minute.I walked into the bathroom and called her name her aurora was gray not the usual colour it was usually pink.I called her name again.

Then i heard a sniifle and the door opened she had a black eye and she was crying.I ran over to her 'what happened ?I asked her

The End

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