I was not dreaming I couldn't be It did happen if it didn't and I woke up I would probably through something at the wall or someone maybe but it was twelve I would have to hurry up or I was going to be late and I couldn't  risk not seeing her.I quickly  got changed into the uniform and jumped into the car.It was a good idea most of the teachers weren't even in yet and the principal praised me as I walked in. I ran into the locker room and she was standing there it was Quite a a small room but it was an Irish public school so nothing special the building was practically falling apart. She was opening her locker and listening to what sounded like the kinks but I wasn't sure she was tapping her feet on the floor I imagined them bare but i was losing concentration.I walked up to her and whispered into her

'Hello honey nice to see you so early but not in the right place I would prefer my place but you know this is ok'

'Since when did you start acting like a schoolboy? she said

When I started seeing you in a school uniform I replied

hahaha she said sarcasticly If you keep acting like that we are going to get in trouble

All the better to want to see you my dear I said

'hahahahhaha yeah right what will I say to ruby and the many girls who will ask me? I came here to be invisible where i couldn't stand out but of course the nenphomanic husband I have wants to pretty much ruin that and flaunt his sex life to his vampire friend eventhough you told me the truth.I still have a life and other things to do' she said

I punched the locker 'I am going to kill you if you don't shut ok!' I replied

You can't got magic remember I'm no mere human.oh yeah have to add that one to the list violent.' she said

'Hazel shut up' and I kissed only to be interupted by Ruby.

Well nice to see you get some action I thought you were turning into a nun she said with a smile.

Ruby shut up but she was laughing she asked did you do English Ruby raised her eyebrows and laughed 'Do I ever '    

she laughed I see why they are friends. Iwonder did Hazel tell her about me.

The End

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